About the Sound Effects Library


UI SOUNDS: ORGANIC is a well-organized collection of 425 selections ranging from simple and discreet to catchy and jolly sounds ready to use in any kind of electronic user interface (smartphone, tablet, desktop app, web based app or site), smart tv app, wearable device app, UI demonstration videos, infographics, as well as in your games.

laughs-albumcover-inlay-sfxMeticulously trimmed and calibrated to sound about as loud as each other all sounds created to make developers’ lives easier, intended to serve not only those who need minimalist and discrete elements but also those who search for intriguing bold sounds, sounds with more personality for their projects.

Contains melodic elements from Chinese and Indian woodwinds, harmonica, acoustic guitars and percussion instruments, outlandish vocals as well as elements from metal, concrete, glass and wood parts, kid toys, real switches and buttons, servo sounds, bells, whistles, and various elements such as car keys, coffee mixers and klaxons – all organic.

Files are packaged in .zip format, ready to be reproduced both in mobile and high-end speakers and included is a PDF with metadata.

Technical Specifications:
425 files royalty-free, 24bit/48 kHz in Stereo Wav format, mp3 (320-VBR), Ogg Vorbis (Quality=7), Library size is 174 MB, PDF, XLS files included with metadata

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