About the Sound Effects Library

These sounds will sweeten and add character to your wind sounds. Lots of whisteling, squeaking, howling and singing wind. From low rumbles, mid honks to harsh high frequency blows, this modular library is the perfect construction kit for creating otherwordly swirls and heavy storms.

The sounds were recorded at the windorgan in Vlissingen(NL) in Zoutelande(NL) and in Essen(GER).
In addition to the original wind sounds creating tones on objects, you will get a few rattling flagpoles, waving flags and singing flag cords. And some bonus windmill sounds.
Also 2/5th of the sounds are delivered in stereo, the focus is on mono sounds. I captured the very sweetspot where the wind created unique tones. To focus on these rare events, I mostly used a single spot mic. In winds up to 48 mph you will have carefully selected mic positions for a broad variety of wind torturing different objects.

Number of Files: 51 High Quality WAVS (75 min)
Size Unpacked: 1.79 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Neumann KMR 81i
Ambient Emesser 208
Ambient ASF-1
JrF Contact Mic C-Series
Sound Devices 744t
Zoom H4n
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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