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They might look cute, but these little critters are WILD and FEROCIOUS!

This high-quality library of ‘Tasmanian Devils’ contains 11 royalty-free tracks of premium easy-to-edit source material. From Tasmanian huffs, puffs and weird screams, to sniffs, growls, barks, bites and all sorts of crazy chewing sounds.


‘Tasmanian Devils’ was recorded using a Sennheiser Mkh416 and a Sounddevices 702 Recorder. – Contains 11 mono files all at 192K/24bit. Delivered as a single Zip file download. All metadata tagged and ready to go! Uncompressed 490MB .wav audio

This library was initially recorded in Copenhagen Zoo for use in a coming movie. Peter Albrecthsen was looking for a weird, different and yet scary sounding animal. The Tasmanian devil is all that and more. These critters bark is worse than their bite (at least the ones we recorded). Unfortunately we were not allowed inside the cage, and was forced to boom the devils.

A big chunk of dead kangaroo was tied to a tree, and the Tasmanian devils were let out in the open.
Their screaming and fighting is purely to find out who will eat first. The scarier, and louder, the bigger the chance to eat first.

Please note, that since Tasmanian Devils Mini SFX library is recorded outside in a zoo, it has some background birds atmosphere sounds, which has been de-noise processed, as much as possible.

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  • For media industry professionals that need more sample data to work with. High-quality audio that is perfect for time-stretching, granular manipulation and precision sound design.

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