About the Sound Effects Library

SummerAmbients_CoverASFX33 files, 52 minutes of audio, 96kHz, 24bit, recorded with Sound Devices 702, Rode NTG3, 2x Oktava MK012 in MS and stereo XY pattern. Nature Ambients library contains location sounds gathered in different and beautiful places like forests, lakes, meadows and swamps. Different birds, different insects, forest during rain, calm and windy days. Perfect tool for designing background sound. Since quality of the recordings is good and there’s not much noise, You can stack all the recordings on the top of each other to create better sounding soundscapes. Everything was recorded in beautiful Masuria in Poland.

All files were tagged in Basehead Ultra. Metadata includes key words describing every file, informations about microphones used during recording, category, subcategory and more.

Number of Files: 33 High Quality WAVS (52 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 1.84 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sound Devices 702, Rode NTG3, MS Oktava Mk012
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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