About the Sound Effects Library

Studer A80 Master recorder tape machine, analog legend , hi-end professional analog tape recorder/reproducer FX sound library.
Including recordings of: tape transport, loading tape, machine commands-mechanics, electronics, powering etc.

This library contains: stereo (A), structure born/contact mic – mono (B), mono (C) recordings

They are all in sinc, recorded multichannel. You can combine those A, B, C channels to get richer sound or just use any of these recordings separately.
Here you can find many working situations included like: powering machine, loading tape on deck, play, stop, FFWD short, REW short, FFWD full tape length, REW full tape length, different editing situations with slow/fast speed tape running, lock mode/tape counter or automatisation (finding specific spot on tape by resetting/locking the counter), 7 IPS and 15 IPS speed operation and many others. Room tone of deck operation are included too. Machine is recorded in studio, quiet environment. Machine hum and droning of motors and transport mechanism inside deck are recorded via contact microphone as well with cardioid condenser placed inside machine.

3 ch recordings are in sinc:
01 MS stereo/ Sennheiser MKH40/30 A ch/mic
02 mono / JRF contact mic – B ch/mic
03 mono mic /AKG C391B – C ch/mic

Number of Files: 63 High Quality WAVS (43 min 10 sec)
Size Unpacked: 1.66 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH 40/30, AKG C391B, JRF contact mic; Rycote suspension, blimp, Sennheiser suspension; Manfrotto, K&M tripod; Sound Devices 744T, Mogami cables;
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