About the Sound Effects Library

steampunk-300x270-bwRetro-Futuristic, The essence of Steampunk. The science fiction of a Victorian era stemming from the post-industrial revolution. But you knew that.

Here before you now are pistons, steam and gears that will take your brass balloon to the moon and beyond, your boring machine to the center of the Earth, or your tracked warhorse into battle. Also sounds bespeaking more delicate contrivances for the mundane of the times and other futuristic household feats.

Here are recordings of the actual machinery that was at that time-the future. Plus an assortment of contrived sounds as well.

Number of Files: 115 High Quality WAVS (57 minutes 52 seconds)
Size Unpacked: 2.52 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24-32bit
Gear Used: Rode NTG3, Juicedlink BMC388, Zoom H6
Other Info: Meta-Tagged, 66 loopable clips

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