About the Sound Effects Library

Welcome to Sonnis first ever Singapore Sound Effects library!

Explore Singapore as you’ve never heard it before! This massive library includes ambisonic sounds recorded with the new Zoom H3 VR, binaural recordings with the Soundman OKM II Rock Studio and stereo soundscapes recorded with the Zoom F8n, DPA 4060 and several LOM microphones.

The diversity of Singapore makes this library unique with lush sounds from busy highways, crowded food markets/hawker centers in many different languages, neighborhood basketball games at night, skateparks, horse races, city rain sounds, the countries super efficient underground train station (MRT), and even loud military fighter jets and helicopters.

Perhaps you’re wanting nature sounds? No problem! This library features sounds from a variety of cicadas recorded at night and birds from the famous Javan Mynah near Mount Faber.

With nearly six hours of recordings throughout Singapore, we suggest reviewing the metadata and discovering sounds you may not have expected!

Number of Files: 69 High Quality WAVS (5hour 45mins)
Size Unpacked: 23 GB
Sample Rate: 96-192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Zoom F8n, Zoom H3 VR, Zoom H6, DPA 4060, Usi Pro & Usi Pro Micro, Soundman OKM II Rock Studio
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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