About the Sound Effects Library

Sick-6Sick 6 is the latest edition in Soundiron’s ongoing horror collection. This edition focuses completely on cinematic and trailer sound effects library for professional composers, sound designers, re-recording mixers, animators, film makers and game developers. It includes over 4GB of sound designed content, with over 1000 stingers, boomers, impacts, stabs, hits, swells, falls, risers, playable pads, drones and ambiences and more.

We carefully crafted each sound with a variety of tools and techniques, using organic instrument, sound effect and environmental field recordings as our raw source material to create uniquely nuanced, dynamic and vivid scoring elements that are perfect for any horror, sci-fi, drama, suspense or action scene or project.

In the stinger collections, you’ll find 67 sound banks and a total of 1009 cinematic effects, each with a variety of distinct sonic variations included. The sound banks are divided into 8 main categories: Chaos, Electro, Gore, Impact, Reveal, Rising, Strings and Suspense. There are also 8 sustaining tonal ambience and atmospheric soundscape banks as well, each with a unique range of different complimentary flavors for underscoring, tension-building, environmental sound design and melodic scoring.

We have also added virtual instrument presets built especially for Kontakt, with a custom UI that provides a powerful range. These dynamic tools to give you total playability and automation control to make mixing a breeze. Every Kontakt nki preset offers total sound-shaping controls, Key-switch and automation support, DSP FX Rack and Convolution reverb.

You can also use the wavs in any audio or video application that supports common PCM wav data. Each audio is a standard 24bit/48kHz stereo wav file, categorized for simple browsing and embedded with detailed Soundminer and BWF metadata for easy search and integration outside of Kontakt.

Cinematic Effect Categories (1009 sounds):

Chaos (Disturbing and Disorienting Cacophonies)
Electro (Sci-Fi and Electronic)
Gore (Blood, Guts and Monsters)
Impact (Boomers, Pounders, Crashes, Bangs, Thuds and Blasts)
Reveal (Dramatic Transitions)
Rising (Swells, Crescendos, Hairpins, Risers and Build-Ups
Strings (Violins and other string-like stingers, trembles and stabs)
Suspense (Tension beds, uneasy miasmas, looming presences and fearful passages)

Ambience and Soundscape Categories (89 sounds):

Abrasions (grainy, shrill, metallic tones and dissonances)
Glatched (glitchy, undulating and heavily modulated electronic pads with organic elements)
Gruwzum (Dark, woody and stringy violin and sinew plucks and deep ominous underworld drones)
Kruxin (raw, grainy, hard, electronic tones with bass-heavy modulation and fat distorted tones)
Trance (low, bassy, warm oscillating textures and droning pads)


Number of Files: 1098 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 4.7 GB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sound Devices 722, Neumann TLM 103, Sony PCM D50, Sanken CSS-5.
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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