About the Sound Effects Library

Sea Monsters from The Library by Empty Sea is a collection containing over 4000 sound effects for creature vocals. This collection weighs in at a whopping 9GB! A must-have for any sound designer looking to level up on creature sound design.

seamonstersStart with four original creatures direct from the voice of our own Mark Camperell. Each sound was recorded at 192k/24bit for maximum design potential. Then, we meticulously edited, mastered and embedded the files with metadata. Next, we have provided a second version of each creature, stretched to 50% (96k) for even more variation and creative potential. The HD sample rates will allow for plenty of manipulative capability through the preservation of high frequencies in processing/stretching. Eight original creature voices in all, Sea Monsters can not be missed!

– Creatures / Monsters / Animals
Type – Creature and Monster Sound Effects Construction Kit
Specs – 4000+ files • 4000+ sounds • 192kHz & 96kHz, 24bit • 9 GB
Sound Designer – Mark Camperell

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