About the Sound Effects Library


This high-quality library of ‘Stone, Concrete & Metal Impacts’ contains 377 royalty-free tracks of premium easy-to-edit source material. From Dirt/pebble/bark debris impacts on rocks/wood/ground, to rolling rocks down the hill and concrete smashes. – Pretty much everything you need to speed up your workflow without having to leave the studio!


‘Rock & Roll’ was recorded with Sounddevices 744 and 702 recorders, using Sennheiser Mkh416, Mkh8040(s), Mkh8020 Ambient Emesser microphones. – Contains More than 300 LCR files. All 192K 24 bit. 2.1 Gb unzipped. Delivered as a single Zip file download. All metadata tagged and ready to go!

Back in January 2014, when scouting around for new sound locations, I discovered a big hole in the ground on a field . Having trees and bushes all around it, the actual place was not visible until you got really close to it. Neither were the thousands of rocks laying all around the edge and in the hole itself. This was the perfect excuse for me to start recording a new sfx library.

The library consists of:

  • 84 files: Rocks rolling down hill
  • 55 files: Concrete impacts on rock
  • 37 files: Rock impacts on iron/metal
  • 96 files: Rock impacts on wood (48 mono files Mkh416, and 48 mono files of Mkh8020)
  • 103 files: Dirt/pebbles/bark debris impacts on Rock/wood/ground. Long rains, and short impacts.


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  • For media industry professionals that need more sample data to work with. High-quality audio that is perfect for time-stretching, granular manipulation and precision sound design.

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