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Rain in the CityRain in the City is a sound effects library which included 70 files with more than 3 hours of recordings, from light rain to the real storm. All sounds were recorded in the city and the collection includes both indoor and outdoor ambience recordings and also objects with flowing rain water, including drain pipes and storm drains. Ambiences have recordings with a diffuse sound of the city (recorded from 9th floor) and also perspectives where being on the street with a lot of single rain drops. There are many recordings with rain drops: roof, umbrella hits, metal surfaces, drip cap, etc.. Some of them have rare recordings of a hail shower. Also special are recordings of rain hitting a car with different positions inside the vehicle.

Unique recordings of a storm in the city of Minsk from the beginning to the end. A lot of thunder, heavy rain, over 100 fallen trees in the city (24 liters of rainfall per square meter).
Ambience rain recordings with light, moderate and heavy storm intensity:
taken from 9th floor with diffuse sound of rain, far city sounds like cars, including rolling thunder. It’s great to use as a background when you don’t need to focus to the rain
taken from the street with a lot of rain drops. Makes you feel like rain is around you.
recordings also near the train station.
Indoor recordings with opened and closed window for scenes in the buildings:
including rain drops.
including hail.
flowing water in the gutter inside the building.
Rain drops on umbrella for scenes where person uses an umbrella.
Car fly-by swooshes on wet asphalt.
“Under the roof” recordings.
Raindrops on different metal surfaces with different intensity.
Car indoor recordings with drops hitting the windows and the car’s roof including positions:
windshield (front window)
driver’s seat
rear window
Flowing water from drain pipes.
Flowing water to the storm drains.
Designed short loops of diffuse rain sound with 3 levels: heavy, moderate and light.

Number of Files: 70 High Quality WAVS (3 hours 10 minutes+)
Size Unpacked: 12.2 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Neumann 185 MT stereo matched microphone pair with Sound Devices 702 recorder
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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