About the Sound Effects Library

1.92GB / 92 WAV files. Buttons, catches, shunts & clunks. 96kHz / 24bitFrom modern digital projection bleeps and extraction fan sounds to the iconic intermittent sprocket ticks from classic film projectors, this collection captures a huge variety of sounds in stunning quality to enhance your next project.

NC_PROJECTOR_3D-BOX_00000As with all our collections we designed the library to be as versatile and as resourceful as possible to be available for use across a broad range of applications such as film, television, games, theatre and so on. We recorded every sound that we could squeeze out of these machines!

This collection contains sounds such as: power switches and breakers, buttons and catches, shunts and clunks from many sources including 35mm lens turrets, powering up and down processes, threading up 35mm and 16mm film projectors by experienced projectionists, extraction fans, intermittent sprocket clicks and errors, film handling and splicing, operational projection room ambiences and many more, Please visit our data sheet for the complete list.

If you are searching for an expansive range of high-quality projector sounds for your project, or projects yet to come, look no further.

Number of Files: 92 High-Quality Stereo WAVS -365 Sounds
Size Unpacked: 1.92GB
Sample Rate: 96k/24-bit
Gear Used: Sound Devices 744T, Sennheiser MKH60, AKG SE300B – CK94 Capsule.
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