About the Sound Effects Library

PPSFX008_footsteps_two_coverThe second library of the ‘Footsteps’ series brings you even more of those high quality footstep sounds on unique surfaces to enrich the audio of your next project.

‘Footsteps Two’ nicely compliments the ‘Footsteps One’ library by adding 10 new unique surfaces that were recorded in quiet rural locations in Northern Finland with Sony D100 handheld recorder.

This collection features the following surfaces: Dry Swamp, Wet Swamp, Dirt, Grass Short, Grass Long, Forest Plain II, Dry Sand, Wooden Stairs, Water Shallow, Water Deep. Each surface comes at least with walk, scuff and stomp sounds with a lot of variations.

These sounds are very useful in more ways than just using them as footstep sounds. For example the wet swamp sounds are full of gurgles and squishes that will definitely add that special flavour to your gore and horror sounds.

Number of Files: 30+ High Quality WAVS / 2000+ sound effects
Size Unpacked: 1.6 GB
Sample Rate: 96k/24-bit
Gear Used: Sony PCM-D100
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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