About the Sound Effects Library


13 stereo files at 96KHz 24bit HD quality
250+ individual sounds
Embedded BWF Metadata
Recorded with Sony PCM-D50


Are you trying to find high quality snowball impact sounds for your project and there seems to be none? ‘Snowball Impacts’ library is here to fulfill that need. The idea for this library started when I noticed a lack of snowball sounds in the general libraries that I was using so I decided to correct that.

In the winter of 2014 in Northern Finland I threw over 250 snowballs into thirteen different surfaces with a lot of variations. This collection has everything you need to recreate that snowball fight scene in your project or if you are just looking for some nice textures to enrich your impact sounds.

Included surfaces: Boilersuit, Snow Ground, Metal Door, Metal Rack, Metal Wheelbarrow, Padded Cotton, Snowpusher, Tarp, Waterproof Jacket, Windbreaker Jacket, Wooden Door, Wooden Wall.

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