About the Sound Effects Library


22 stereo files at 96KHz 24bit HD quality
500+ individual sounds
Embedded BWF Metadata
Recorded with Sound Devices 702 and and a stereo pair of Line Audio CM3’s


Looking for that high quality glass clink sound or texture to enrich the audio of your project? ‘Glassware Resonance’ library has that and even more.

The main part of the library consists of glass clink and ring sounds. I recorded 16 different glasses with a lot of variations. I have used these sounds to add some high frequency impact to user interface elements in video games.

The second part of the library consists of bowed effects that I performed with wine and whisky glasses. These sounds are more experimental and have that almost creature like moans and groans feel to them. Very useful sounds for example if you want to add some unique layers to your creature sounds.

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