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Recorded over 2 days of summer at Esrumgaard pig-farm, this high-quality collection of “Pig” sound effects contains over 300 royalty-free tracks of premium easy-to-edit source material. From oinks, grunts & terrifying squeals, to barks, sneezes & ambiance from the stables.


‘Pigs FX’ was recorded using a Sounddevices 702 Recorder, a Sennheiser Mkh 416 Microphone and an Ambient Ate208 Emesser. – Contains 360 individual mono/stereo tracks at 96K 24 bit. 2GB .wav audio, delivered as multiple .Zip files. All tracks named and Metadata tagged.

This royalty-free pig sound effects library has everything you need to bring your project to life and speed up your workflow. Perfect for media industry professionals.

Contents: Squeals, grunts, barks and sneezes from large adult pigs (weighing up to 400 lbs), alongside plenty of stable ambiance. The Second part of the recordings are of smaller pigs (80 lbs) shortly before their journey to the slaughter house.

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  • High-definition zero-loss audio-files ready to be downloaded instantly to your computer at the touch of a few buttons. Whether you need high-quality sound effects for radio, film, games or T.V shows, these are the files for you.

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