About the Sound Effects Library

A collection of interior and exterior ambience recordings made in New York, spanning streets and museums, subways and the Staten Island Ferry. Over three hours of urban ambiences recorded using a stereo pair of DPA 4060 omni mics.

NY AMB 400x300The library contains different perspectives of the city including crowded and empty subway trains, distinctively dynamic New York traffic and the quiet and loud sides of New York’s museums. The library will help you build exciting and bold backgrounds for any project, whether it be film, TV, radio or games.

The recordings capture the full dynamic range of the city and the characteristic acoustic signature that it imparts to sounds, as well as containing a lot of low end power and mid to high range detail.

  • 38 files
  • Over 3 hours of audio
  • Stereo Broadcast WAVs recorded at 24 bit 48 kHz
  • Embedded metadata using Soundminer
  • 2.18 GB RAR / 3.29 GB uncompressed

Technical Notes:

The recording setup used for this library was a stereo pair of DPA 4060s into a Sound Devices 302 mixer then into an Edirol R-09 recorder. The DPA 4060s have an incredible low end response and we have left the low end in the recordings intact so that the choice of how to shape it in post is up to the user.

The Canal Street recordings labelled A1 to A14 and B1 to B8 are longer recordings split without fades so that placed end to end they will play seamlessly. We use the UK system for numbering floor numbers, i.e. ground, first, second etc. Therefore files labelled as having been recorded on the second floor are recorded on a US third floor.

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For more information about our sound libraries please visit Tone Manufacture.

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