About the Sound Effects Library

Crisp and clean recordings of nature, carefully edited and mastered to work perfectly as background sounds in your game!

Each sound is recorded with multiple stereo and mono microphones, giving it a wide 3D effect to help you bring your project’s scene to life.

Included in this SoundPack are:
• Forest_Birds_01  (1:00)
• Forest_Birds_02  (0:30)
• Night_Crickets_01  (0:24)
• Night_Crickets_02  (0:20)
• Swamp_Frogs  (0:29)
• Creek_Birds_Calm (1:00)
• Rainforest_Jungle_Birds_Rain (2:00)

Please note that the audio preview is just a mashup of the included sounds where each sound goes for only 15 seconds. The full length sounds up to 60 seconds are included in this download!

So, if you are looking for Super-High-Quality background SFX of nature, look no further!

Number of Files: 7 High Quality WAVS (5:44)
Size Unpacked: 61 MB
Sample Rate: 44.1kHz/16bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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