About the Sound Effects Library


This high-quality scrap metal library contains 194 royalty-free tracks of premium easy-to-edit source material. From LOUD & DESTRUCTIVE shredding and cutting of various types of metallic objects on a BIG rotary GRINDER, to dropping a range of metallic objects off from a HUGE CRANE onto various surface types.


‘Metal Scrap’ was recorded using a Sennheiser Mkh416 Microphone, an Ambient Ate208 Emesser and a Sounddevices 702 Recorder. – Contains 97 decoded M/S to Stereo tracks and 97 interleaved M/S tracks recorded at 96K 24 bit. Uncompressed 3 Gb .wav audio, delivered as Zip file download. All tracks named and Metadata tagged.

This library includes:

  • Large metallic objects and debris being dropped by huge cranes into and onto various surfaces.
  • The end of the Conveyor belt, where the smaller pieces of metal junk fall onto a bigger pile of junk.
  • Lots of metallic destruction and impacts, huge and small.
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  • High-definition zero-loss audio-files ready to be downloaded instantly to your computer at the touch of a few buttons. Whether you need high-quality sound effects for radio, film, games or T.V shows, these are the files for you.

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