About the Sound Effects Library


LAUGHS is a toolset of 380 laughs containing a large laughing audience with more than 200 persons, having a really good time, cheering and applauding, including multiple smaller groups of people laughing, specifically designed to be varied in age, style and gender and featuring individual laughing performances by 25 unique voices.

laughs-albumcover-inlay-sfxAll recordings were made indoors and intend to serve either those who are heading for sitcoms and comedy shows, or those who need a unique collection for their audiovisual projects, apps & games, ads & commercials.

The sounds were minimally processed, with enough variations of similar laughs, in order to give you all the freedom and possibilities you need to design your own unique sound frames.

All sounds are delivered at HQ (24bit/96kHz) in an easily downloadable .zip file and include PDF and XLS files with metadata

Technical Specifications: 4 main groups and 10 subfolders of 380 total files, royalty-free. 24bit/96kHz mono and stereo Wav format. Library size is 1,58 GB PDF, XLS and metadata included.

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