About the Sound Effects Library

This Sound Effect Library features a hundred recordings of Kramer KL(11) Oldtimer Tractor. The tractor was built in 1955 in Germany. It is a four stroke single-cylinder engine. No cabine and the Diesel motor delivers 11HP. On two bonus recordings a Lanz LK30 potato spinner was attached to the tractor.

Recording positions include Exterior (AB, M/S & mono), On Board (At the fan-belt [sch-sch], at the cylinder-head [tok-tok], at the exhaust [pop-pop] and in a little distance to the side – also stereo-mixdowns of all mic-positions for quick editing) as well as some SFX recordings with a contact mic. The tractor performed start, stop, on, off, idle, driving and various constant speeds / rpms as well as ramps, accelerating & gear shifts. All edited and mastered for quick browsing and easy matching of the different events.

This tractor is still being used, so if you are looking for authentic farming machinery sounds from today or from the past or want to create a unique sounding fantasy vehicle – this one is for you.

Number of Files: 100 High Quality WAVS (34 min)
Size Unpacked: 1.31 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: 2x QTC50 Earthworks , Neumann KMR 81i, Ambient Emesser 208, 2x DPA 4061, JrF C Series Contact Mic, Sound Devices 744t, Kortwich VCP3.
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