About the Sound Effects Library

High Desert Chainsaw contains the many sounds of a STIHL chainsaw as it chews through live oak tree trunks and branches.

Recorded outdoors in a high desert valley, these resonant and detailed samples capture every crunch and whine of this powerful machine, from engine ignitions, to purring idles, to splintering roars. Whether you’re designing the sound of a deadly weapon for a horror film or a spaceship engine in a video game, watch out for this small pack of dangerously sharp chainsaw sounds!

Key Features:
• 25 chainsaw audio clips from a STIHL 029 chainsaw
• Engine cranks, ignitions, and shutoffs
• Rumbling idles
• Small, medium, and large log cuts


Mastered Stereo

• All 25 sounds included as decoded LR stereo files
• Specs: 1.25 GB – 192 kHz / 24-bit WAV – 25 files, 100+ sounds, approx. 18 min total

Bundle: Mastered Stereo + RAW Mid/Side
• All 25 sounds included as decoded LR stereo files
• All 25 sounds included as RAW Mid/Side files
• The RAW MS audio files are the same sounds as the mastered stereo, just in their original uncut/unmastered/undecoded form.
• Specs: 2.5 GB – 192 kHz / 24-bit WAV – 50 files, 100+ sounds, approx. 36 min total

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