About the Sound Effects Library

The gondolas lifts of Whistler are one of the most wonderful machinery pieces made by man to move them around the mountains.

This Sound Effects Library recorded the unique sounds of this unique vehicles during wintertime. The library shows multiple gondola perspectives, from its interiors to many Pass bys, and P.O.Vā€™s of the cables that suspend this huge lifts. You will find different sizes and kinds of gondolas. Enjoy them and enjoy the experience of sound.


The gondolas:

This library its the very first of its kind to record gondola sounds. This is such a hard task to accomplish due to the difficulty to place properly stereo mics outside the vehicle to record the details of the machinery. Furthermore, due to the number of tourist people that visit these gondolas every weekend and the noise they do. Rz Post spent many days to accomplish 25 sound with the most quality and detail possible. Now you can enjoy the hard work and use these amazing sounds in your own productions.

Number of Files: 25 High Quality WAVS (17:23)
Size Unpacked: 607.9 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Zoom devises F8 Field Multi-recorder, Zoom devises H6 Handy Multi-recorder, Rode NT4 Stereo Mic, H6 Zoom Stereo Mic
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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