About the Sound Effects Library

Gateway is a “first-of-its-kind” collection from The Library by Empty Sea. We set out to provide a comprehensive sound pack that includes everything you’ll need for creating awesome and unique door sounds. Tired of those same old door knobs and hinge squeaks that you hear in every single game, film and TV show? Well Gateway aims to remedy that issue while providing you with a brand new palette of sounds.

GatewayDoors, doors and more doors! Low end, high end, slow horror creaks and squeaks, huge slams and impacts, tiny compartment doors. Doors, gates, overhead rollups, cabinets, closets, drawers, garage doors, fireplaces, sheds, you name it! Latches and knobs, wrought iron and chain link! Metal, wood, glass and MORE! All of these doors were acoustically captured in the real world. You won’t find anything synthesized here! Did we mention doors? Yeah, it has those too.

Gateway was recorded exclusively at 96k24bit. We utilized several different recorders and microphones for this project including Sound Devices 702, Sony PCM D50, Zoom H4n, Zoom H6, Audio Technica BP4029, Mercenary KM69, Oktava MK-012 and Sennheiser MKH 416.

Category – General / Household / Office / Industrial / Doors / Production Elements
Type – Doors, Gates, Knobs, Latches, Locks and MORE
Specs – Part 1: 675 files • 1200+ sounds • 96kHz, 24bit • 2.5 GB
Specs – Part 2: 365 files • 600+ sounds • 96kHz, 24bit • 2.3 GB
Sound Designers – Mark Camperell, Ryan Ayers, Corey Eccles, Kristi Knupp, Garrett Montgomery, Eric Wegener

Part 1 – Tracklisting

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Part 2 – Tracklisting

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Part 3 – Tracklisting

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