About the Sound Effects Library


We couldn’t make it to the game developers conference this year,  but wanted to do something special for the community. In celebration of #GDC2015, we have teamed-up with many of our suppliers to offer all of the #GameAudioGDC attendees and non-attendees a large number of premium sound effects (hand-picked) from each of their libraries.



…Alongside this, we are also running a HUGE GDC2015 #GameAudio sale until April 2nd. (You can save up to 50% off some of the best libraries on the internet). Click here for more information.


10.27GB (646  files) of high-quality sound effects from many of the best sound recordists and designers in the entire industry. It’s worth thousands of dollars and contains pretty much every sound effect you will ever need…And then some! If you like or use any of the files contained in this collection, please consider purchasing the associated libraries.

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 This bundle is limited to 100 downloads per 24-hour period until April 2nd. If at some point during the day this library gets marked as ‘not available’ please drop @sonnissdotcom a message on twitter and ask us for a special download link, or alternatively just add Timothy McHugh to Facebook and drop him a message. 

If you experience any technical difficulties during your download, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (it’s probably because too many people are on the site). The support box at the bottom right hand corner goes directly to all of our devices. We provide instant support no matter what time of the day or night it is.

A special thanks goes out to… Alexander Kopeikin, BeautifulNoise, Carlo Ascrizzi, Coll Anderson, Detunized, Eiravaein Works, Giorgio Riolo, Julian Ray, Kpow Sounds, Mattia Cellotto, Mechanical Wave, Membrans, NoizBoy, Original Sounds, RDGSFX, Resonant, Robert Cordova, Secret Source, Sound Ex Machina, SoundMorph, Soundopolis, TheLibrarybyEmptySea, Varazuvi & Whatisvalis… Without them, this library wouldn’t be possible!

Keep checking back every day.- We are also going to be running a HUGE competition to win 200+ sound libraries worth over $10,000… Pretty awesome, right?

UPDATE: This library is becoming increasingly popular and is getting shared thousands of times with people all over the world. Delivery costs are running into the thousands and hundreds of people are hitting refresh every couple of seconds… This unprecedented amount of traffic has caused quite a few headaches unfortunately. As soon as we open up the download slots – 2 minutes later – they’re gone.

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