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Recorded (mostly) in a remote Swedish forest miles away from traffic and civilization, this high-quality collection of ‘Footsteps on snow’ contains 45 royalty-free tracks of premium easy-to-edit source material.


‘Footsteps – Snow’ was recorded over the duration of 3 years between the winters of 2009 and 2011, using a Sennheiser Mkh416 Microphone and a Sounddevices 702 Recorder. – Contains 25 minutes of walking in 45 mono tracks at 96K 24 bit. Uncompressed 490MB .wav audio, delivered as a Zip file download.

Whether you are constructing a romantic walk through a snow-engulfed wonderland, or recreating a high-action adventure movie set high up in the Himalayas, these high-definition audio files are exactly what you need to speed up your workflow.

Contained within this royalty-free sound library are a number of different footsteps on a variety of snow-types (in various shoes and boots for alternative effects). From jumping around on well-packed hard-snow that is rough on the feet, to walking gently on freshly-fallen soft-snow that is easy-on-the-ears, this library has everything you need to audibly construct just about any type of winter scene imaginable.

Each track is easy to edit into multiple single footsteps for sweetening your tracks with real snow. – Contains: Hard / Deep. Soft / Thin. Crusty / Frozen. Stairs, Porches, Stomps & Scuffs – in both Sneakers, Kamiks & Leather boots.

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  • High-definition zero-loss audio-files ready to be downloaded instantly to your computer at the touch of a few buttons. Whether you need high-quality sound effects for radio, film, games or T.V shows, these are the files for you.

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