About the Sound Effects Library

91 mono tracks, recorded inside an old retired flight simulator, donated to the Danish Technical Museum.

This machine used to make aspiring pilots, sweat in their seats, putting them through all sorts of mechanical failures, emergency landings, and just plain flying.
There is basically a switch, button, knob or handle to start every single possible emergency situation a pilot and crew may encounter when flying.
When the sound recording started, some were partly broken, and others missing, some did not turn or switch, but most of them were still there and worked beautifully. The variety is surprisingly great and very different from today’s modern switch sounds.

91 tracks, recorded with a Sennheiser 416 on to a Sounddevices 702, at 96/24. 270 Mb when unzipped. All tracks Metadata tagged.

Number of Files: 91 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 282.3 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser 416 on to a Sounddevices 702
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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