About the Sound Effects Library

The architecture of Paris, it’s diversity, and its population’s density, offers an incredible sonic atmosphere and amazing sound effects.

Every place is unique.

The charm of the Quais de Seine, the quietness of its parks, the liveness of its courtyards, the frenzy ballet of its boulevards, and the warmness of its markets, are the colors and shades of the french capital.

We crossed the streets of our capital, on board on our sonic bike, equipped with MS and XY stereo couples, allowing us to stop and record, on the fly, even in the unaccessible places.

The everyday Paris, far from touristic clichés,this is the main theme of this collection.

This is the parisian’s audio frame, at work, living their leasures, and many more activities.

Trolling the streets of Paris, inspired us to build a collection around the everyday life of the french capital, giving a way to deliver tools for most of situations we could encounter in an editing room.

From streets ambiences to transportation, at representative hours of the day and the year, we enjoyed this journey throughout our city, hearing it now with a friendly ear

Peter Albrechtsen: “I really wanted the sounds of Paris to be a character in the film, The Model, which takes place mostly in the French capital. The only way to achieve that was getting some local assistance and Cedric and Frédéric had amazing enthusiasm from the beginning. They started recording some wonderful sounds even before picture editing began so that we could use the ambiences from the very beginning of the post-production process. The movie was edited by a very experienced Danish picture editor, Pernille Bech Christensen, who’s really into sound and because of Fred and Cedric’s work she could use the proper city sounds immediately.”

Tech description :

  • 744 SoundDevices – SQN4S Mixer
  • 2 KM 184 Neuman
  • Schoeps CMC MS Couple
  • 96 kHz/24bits, 118 .WAV stereo files (14.7 GB)
  • 18 Zip files
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