About the Sound Effects Library

Included in our comprehensive collection are all 31 of our individually released SFX libraries.

Encompassing a tremendous amount of content, topics, unique sources, recording techniques, and channel formats, our complete collection provides you with over 2.25 days of professional audio assets.


Included libraries:

48Kilos, Anarchy, BigBlock, Bunretsu, Burst, Crepitus, Dx, Epona, Eulerian, Flourish, Gravitas, Grit, Helinä, Ilmarinen, Jarred, Kieuk, Latchlocker, Meridian, Mouthy, Nocked, Outward Inversion, Parched, Quirboilly, Start Select, Tubular, Unfathomed, Vaeya I, Vaeya II, Vaeya III, Vaeya IV, Wakey Wakey, Yvaine.

Number of Files: 20,738 High Quality WAVS (54:25:41)
Size Unpacked: 77.29 GB
Sample Rate: 48-192kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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