About the Sound Effects Library

This set of sounds does not only include, weird low double bass bow strokes, stabs, vibrating strings, drones, harsh harmonics, string scrapes,  bow stroke voices, and bright violin tones and screams. It also includes the opportunity to open up a whole new set of sonic adventures. Why is this?
All double bass sounds have been recorded at 192K/24 bit, with an amazing stereo set of close up Sanken CO100K microphones, and a stereo set of Sennheiser Mkh 8020 microphones, capturing low end and room. All violin sounds have been recorded with a single Sanken CO100K microphone.
Common for all Sanken files is, that one is able to either extreme time stretch/time compress, or pitch up and down the files, and by this discover a whole new world of sounds, without adding nasty degenerating artefacts or muffling the sound. The ultra-high frequency range of the Sanken microphones does really make a great difference!


Recordings these sounds was a pure blast. The amount of versatile organic material in the set is great. The bass instrument has been played in a very innovative way, using both regular bows on strings and bass body, but also finger cymbals attached specific places, for a vibrating ring or rattle noise, creating some really other-worldly sound effects, and almost voice like patterns.
While the double bass material produces a massive low end without any further processing, the violin recordings really benefit from being stretched and pitched. This makes all the non-audible bright sounds captured by the Sanken microphones come through.

Number of Files: 179 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: +6 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: 2x Sanken CO100k, 2x Sennheiser Mkh 8020, Sounddevices Mixpre6 running at 192K/24bit, Old Swedish double Bass, Asian finger cymbal, Unknown brand of violin
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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