About the Sound Effects Library

Lukas Tvrdon presents the Dive Deep library! This release brings all you need to „play“ the depth and heaviness of the underwater world.

The bundle consists of more than 50 diverse tracks, which are divided into the following categories:

Water Flow – the feel of water-stream rushing, often complemented with distant bubbles, and various noises.
Bubbles / Small Bubbles – deep bubbling of all sizes and perspectives.
Distant – rather static, yet still decently evolving ambients of diverse characters.
Near Machine – bonus tracks, water flow with eerie engine resonation tones.

All the sounds, having fully organic origin, were post-designed to be ready for both realistic and aesthetics-demanding applications.

The library has been already used in the documentary movie Choose Your Wave.

Number of Files: 57 High Quality WAVS (40:33)
Size Unpacked: 6.14 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Aquarian H2a-XLR-3, Sanken CO100K, Zoom F8
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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