About the Sound Effects Library

Computer Noises is based on a wide palette of noises that computers emit when booting, reading from their CD-ROM drives or accessing a hard disk.

computer-noises-gridThe library features complete boot sequences from 10 different laptop and desktop computers ranging from an old ATARI PC-2, going over to Pentium I and III, Celerons and CoreDuo machines.

Each boot sequence was taken several times from different perspectives and starts with the main switch noise and contains the sound of accelerating hard disks, floppy check, CDR access, accelerating CPU fans, idle mode and turn offs.

All recordings were done with contact mics.


As bonus 25 extra sounds from external hard disks, CPU and Power Supply fans are included in this library.

Format: Broadcast WAV files with embedded description
Samples: 104, 24 Bit / 44.1kHz
Length: 10 to 100 seconds
Disk space: 1.1 GB

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