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Analog Days contains 390 sounds extracted from old portable cassette players, Retro WW tube radios, vintage turntable vinyl record players and retro tape machines. This is really a sound time capsule ready to send your projects back to the good old analog days and give that sense of analog imperfection that makes the sound really interesting.

Here you can find a wide range of radio static and motor hum noises, manual tuning and radio transmissions, spring clunk buttons and knobs, vinyl record scratches, tape transitions (rewind, fast forward, play, stop) as well as the tape sounding through the little labyrinth of rollers and pins – all analog.

Creative Freedom

The sounds were recorded at 96/24 (HQ) and minimally processed, with enough variations in each category, in order to give you all the freedom and possibilities you need to design your own unique sound frames – Delivered in an easily downloadable .zip file.

Number of Files: 390 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 2 GB
Sample Rate:  96k/24-bit
Gear Used: Grinding Tape Machine, Philips FM AM Deluxe, Wega WWRadio, Lucky All Transistor – Radio & Phonograph, INGELE WWRadio, Akai AJ-485 (Cassette & Radio), SABA Tape Machine, Lenco turntable, Radio Loewe Opta Luna Stereo, Sony Walkman WM – FX315.
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