About the Sound Effects Library

Abstract Aqua sound effects library is a result of different field recording sessions with more experimental approach.

It features 208 192kHz WAV files, 92 designed sound effects and 116 RAW recordings. It was recorded with Sound Devices 702 and Sony PCM-D100, Sennheiser MKH 8040 microphones, Rode NTG3 and Aquarian Audio hydrophone.

Total length of the files is 334 minutes. Designed files have more abstract feel to it, so you’ll find aqua whooshes, different underwater sounds and big sounding waves.

RAW files includes different wave recordings from Baltic Sea, water foley sounds and effects recorded with hydrophones. You can find more information in the library sound list.

Number of Files: 208 High Quality WAVS (334 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 17.54 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sound Devices 702, Aquarian Audio Hydrophone
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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