About the Sound Effects Library

This library was conceived as a universal high definition sample kit for various audio events involving metallic elements. The idea was to achieve sound both powerful, larger than life but at the same time retain its natural transients, transparency and dynamics.

For this purpose a pair of Sanken CO-100k microphones known for their unique ultrasonic frequency capability was used for the entirety of 3-week field recording sessions. Multiple locations included workshops, junkyards, railway structures, huge abandoned boyscout camp deep in the woods, with most of its ultilities and equipment still in place, such as 30 cubic meters water reservoirs, water towers, electric equipment, scrap metal yard, staircases, abandoned van and 2 buses, outdoor swimming pool, kitchen, steel furniture, refrigerators and so on.
Resulting 192 kHz audio files were played at slower speeds and mastered carefully with analogue outboard, such as Dolby 740 spectral processor, BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer and Aphex 204 Aural Exciter.

A lot of source files were included in their original state, to give user an opportunity to use them for more usual, everyday situations and for further experimentation.


Designed Version

Number of Files: 538 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 1.42 GB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged
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Source Recording Version (Includes Designed)

Number of Files: 55 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 4.57 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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