The #SFXMysteryBOX

 What’s Inside? Nobody Knows…

Curious to find out? Keep reading…

(Starting: August 25th, Ending; September 24th)

Every day for the next 30 days, 1 person will be randomly selected to receive a mystery collection of premium sound fx libraries. We can’t tell you exactly what you will receive because if we did, it wouldn’t be a mystery. But what we can tell you is this…

  • Every prize will be different. Nobody will ever receive the same prize.
  • Every prize will be a random product from our catalog (sometimes multiple products).
  • Every prize will be instantly available to download.
  • Every prize will have a monetary value of anywhere between $25 to $500.
  • Every prize comes with a royalty-free commercial-usage license (no attribution required).

Participation is free and open to everyone of all ages from all over the world.

How to Enter

Simply enter your details in the boxes below. Winners will be selected at random and contacted via email. If you have any questions, please email for more information. Good luck!

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1: Enos Desjardins
Prize: Gorification [HD] by Timothy McHugh, Whooshes & Impacts by SoundBits, and European Sirens by SoundFuse.
Total Value: $279

2: Adrian Talens
Prize: Retro Games by Sound Holder and Sci Fi Zone Construction Kit By MatiasMac Sd
Total Value: $45

3: Jeremy Bloom
Prize: The Sci-fi Pack by Heiko Lohmann and 3D Printer by Pasi Pitkänen.
Total Value: $109

4: Zak Forsman
Prize: Transitions [HD] by Alexander Kopeikin
Total Value: $40

5: Nathan Hoffman
Prize: Projector by Noise Creations and Attack of the Bumblebee by Alexey Sinitsyn
Total Value: $66.50

6: Lee Kinney
Prize: Barefoot on Metal by Timothy McHugh and Moscow Ambience by Alexander Kopeikin
Total Value: $130

7: Gwen Guo
Prize: Dark Materials by Game Audio Factory, Rock, Brick and Dirt by Mechanical Wave, Frostbite by SkewSound
Total Value: $88

8: Kristian Rømer
Prize: Digital Sounds, General Ambiences and European Small Car by SoniK Sound Library
Total Value: $61

9: Alessio Mellina
Prize: Creatures by Russell Gorsky and Ilmarinen by Eiravaein Works 
Total Value: $50

10: Josh Baker
Prize: Kyma Ambiences by Unidentified Sound Object
Total Value: $49

11: Yannis Brown
Prize: Cloth Foley and 365 Various Sound FX by The Soundcatcher, plus Frostbite and The Fool by SkewSound 
Total Value: $146

12: Michael Ling
Prize: Cafe Ambiences by Timothy McHugh, Foley Sessions by Mechanical Wave and Bunretsu by Eiravaein Works
Total Value: $65

13: Luke Smiles
Prize: Dronos by The Library / Empty Sea
Total Value: $60

14: Jay Rose
Prize: Industrial Warehouse by Russell Gorsky and Buttons, Switches & Levers by SoundBits
Total Value: $52

15: David Nazario
Prize: THE ZONE DRONES by MatiasMacSD, Unseen Noises by Unidentified Sound Object, Crowd Laughter [HD] by Timothy McHugh and Summer Nature Ambients by Soundholder
Total Value: $105

16: David Canela
Prize: Atmospheres of India by The AudioVille
Total Value: $55

17: Alex Kerr
Prize: Russian Suburban Atmos by Alexey Sinitsyn and RIPS AND TEARS by Russell Gorsky
Total Value: $45

18: Stephen Lucas
Prize: Sci-Fi Invaders by Mechanical Wave
Total Value: $30

19: Omar Reyes
Prize: Screams & Shouts by SoundBits, Dronos by The Library by Empty Sea and Tuk Tuks by The AudioVille
Total Value: $127

20: Stephen Murdoch
Prize: Lethal Energies by DRL, 2000 Game Sound FX by GameBurp, Malfunction by Bryce Sound, and Intensity by Design by Beautiful Noise.
Total Value: $160.99

21: Craig Friday
Prize: Sounds of Hong Kong by Resonant, Gun Mechanics by Graham Donnelly and Dressing Foley by Dilex
Total Value: $60

22: Matt Cavanaugh
Prize: Metal Groans and Slams by Mattia Cellotto and Race Cars Essential by Carlo Ascrizzi
Total Value: $49

23: Jonathan Corona
Prize: Cinematic Gore by The Sound Keeper, Spaceship Interface Sound Pack 01 by DebSound, Urban Russia by Sergey Eybog and Interesting Interiors by Chris Sweetman.
Total Value: $204.90

24: Jeff Vance
Prize: INTERACT by Noise Creations and Alarms & Noises by Sonic Salute
Total Value: $46

25: Jamie Finlay
Prize: Mansion Doors by Stereo Chemistry, Gift of Junk by Matt R. Sherman and Machine Emanation by Collected Transients
Total Value: $60

26: Peter Williams
Prize: Dogs by SoundFuse and Cyborg Collection by Bottle Rocket Fx
Total Value: $110.00

27: Malcolm Davies
Prize: Hong Kong Action Pack – Hit Kit #1 & #2 by Scott Koue Sound
Total Value: $80

28: Andrew McArthur
Prize: Sci-fi Whooshes & Sounds from Nature by Dizzy Duck
Total Value: $30

29: William Edmisten
Prize: Just Gore by SoundBits
Total Value: $42

30: Sam Hughes
Prize: 12 PLANES PASSBY OVERHEAD, Mitsubishi IMIEV – Electric Car and 75 CAR PASS BYS ON MOIST Asphalt by Jakob Thiesen. Impact Collection, The Drone Collection and Scream by Bottle Rocket Fx. Boats, Docks, Seaside and Tokyo City by Original Sounds. Doors, Horrorshow, War & Weapons and Human by SFXsource
Total Value: $390.90

New winners and prizes announced daily! Keep checking back to see if you have won.




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