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The Whooshes and Rumbles library contains a collection of both designed sound and elements suitable for creating whoosh sounds.

Recordings vary from mono elements, to stereo recordings and designed effects.

Sample rate 44.1 & 192
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 72
Size 964 MB
Duration 31:25 min
Type Designed & Source
Format Mono & Stereo
Metadata Yes

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Gear Used: Zoom F4, SQN 4s Mini, sE Electronics 4400a, Rode NTG2, JRF Hydrophone, Audio Technica ATM350cW. Pro Tools, Waves.
Aggressive quick car pass by.wav24192000200:13
Calm car pass by woosh engine.wav24192000200:17
Car pass by buildup and woosh.wav24192000200:14
Double quick car pass by leaves blowing wind.wav24192000200:32
Car pass by light rubble movement.wav24192000200:11
Car pass by gravel leaves.wav24192000200:22
Large vehicle pass by in rain INT.wav2496000200:19
Long car pass by damaged car pulls away.wav24192000200:35
Long car pass by long build up.wav24192000200:11
Long car pass by tyre sound.wav24192000200:13
Loud car pass by leaves birds.wav24192000200:13
Loud quick car pass by.wav24192000200:21
Loud sudden car pass by.wav24192000200:10
Multiple car pass by trailer rattle.wav24192000200:25
Multiple fast car pass by tyre sound.wav24192000200:20
Quick swift car pass by.wav24192000200:17
Quiet calm car pass by birds.wav24192000200:15
Rattling car pass by leaves blowing.wav24192000200:14
Slow build up car pass by sheep leaves.wav24192000200:20
Slow car pass by gravel tarmac.wav24192000200:15
Slow car pass by wind woosh.wav24192000200:17
Slow car pass by with build up.wav24192000200:09
Slow car pass by with engine sound.wav24192000200:20
Slow paced car pass by.wav24192000200:13
Slow steady car pass by tyre noise.wav24192000200:16
Steady passed car pass by warm.wav24192000200:14
Two consecutive calm car pass by.wav24192000200:13
Two quick car pass by whistling.wav24192000200:16
Two quiet distant car pass by.wav24192000200:11
Two slow calm car pass by.wav24192000200:23
Deep Impulse Rumble.wav2444100200:04
Large Iceberg moving creaking cracking 1.wav2496000202:07
Large Iceberg moving creaking cracking 2.wav2496000201:08
Large Iceberg moving creaking cracking 3.wav2496000201:10
Long Low Frequency Rumble.wav2444100200:09
Low frequency rumble loop.wav2444100200:04
Low frequency rumble rattling objects.wav2444100200:10
Low frequency rumble.wav2444100200:04
Low frequency rumblr rattling many objects.wav2444100200:09
Short rumble impulse knocking over objects.wav2444100200:03
Short rumble impulse rattling objects.wav2444100200:04
Short Rumble Impulse.wav2444100200:04
Close pass-by phasing rocket.wav2444100100:10
Close pass-by rocket.wav2444100100:07
Close rocket pass-by long lead.wav2444100100:09
Distorted woosh pass-by.wav2444100100:02
Engine distortion pass-by.wav2444100100:03
Engine loud distorted pass-by.wav2444100100:03
Engine quick pass-by.wav2444100100:03
Haunting scream woosh pass-by.wav2444100100:09
Long rocket distant woosh pass-by.wav2444100100:10
Long rocket jet pass-by.wav2444100100:09
Long rocket woosh pass-by.wav2444100100:10
Loud distorted woosh.wav2444100100:02
Loud rocket passing-by.wav2444100100:09
Loud woosh roar.wav2444100100:02
Loud woosh short tail.wav2444100100:02
Quick distorted woosh.wav2444100100:02
Quick pass-by rocket.wav2444100100:04
Quick rocket pass-by .wav2444100100:02
Quick woosh roar.wav2444100100:02
Roaring rocket engine loop 1.wav2444100205:06
Roaring rocket engine loop 2.wav2444100205:11
Roaring rocket engine loop 3.wav2444100205:07
Rocket pass-by close burning.wav2444100100:09
Rocket pass-by distorted.wav2444100100:09
Rocket pass-by loud distorted.wav2444100100:09
Rocket pass-by short tail decay.wav2444100100:08
Rocket pass-by smooth build.wav2444100100:09
rocket pass-by sudden build up.wav2444100100:09
Rocket pass-by with long focus time.wav2444100100:10
Rocket pass-by woosh.wav2444100100:03

30 designed whooshes of varying lengths suitable for promos and movie effects.
30 mastered recordings of car pass-bys suitable for creating your own whoosh sound effects.
12 designed rumbles ready to be used in promos and movies.

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Sample rate 44.1 & 192
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 72
Size 964 MB
Duration 31:25 min
Type Designed & Source
Format Mono & Stereo
Metadata Yes

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This library comes with a royalty-free single user license. No attribution is required. Once purchased you can use this library on an unlimited number of projects.

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