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The Audio Hero Western collection features 200 professionally recorded sound effects, ready for use in your productions.

Included in this library are guns and pistols, horses, stagecoaches, steam trains, jail cell doors and much more!

Sample rate 44.1
Bitdepth 16
Number of files 200
Size 900 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes
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001 - AirReleaseQuickAir.wavAir Release; Quick Air Blast With Small Metal Creak. Close-up.1644100200:06
002 - AirReleaseQuickSho.wavAir Release; Quick, Short Air Blast, Hiss Of Brakes With Small Creak. Close-up.1644100200:06
003 - AnvilHitSingleMeta.wavAnvil Hit; Single Metal Hit With Small Echo. Medium.1644100200:07
004 - AnvilHitsSteadyMet.wavAnvil Hits; Steady Metal Hits With Slight Echo - Heavy To Light Hits. Close-up To Medium.1644100200:11
005 - AxChoppingWoodHeav.wavAx Chopping Wood; Heavy Hits Of Axe Into Wood With Light Splintering And Slight Echo. Some Wood Chips Falling Onto Ground. Medium, Exterior.1644100200:37
006 - AxWoodSingleChopFa.wavAx Into Wood, Single Chop; Fast Single Axe Swing, Whoosh Through Air Heavy Impact In Wood, Debris Fall, Slight Echo.1644100200:06
007 - AxWoodSingleChopSi.wavAx Into Wood, Single Chop; Single Axe Swing, Whoosh, Light Thud Hit On Wood. Medium.1644100200:06
008 - BeerBottleBreakGla.wavBeer Bottle Break; Glass Impact Only. Full Bottle, No Shatter.1644100200:06
009 - BeerBottleBreakSin.wavBeer Bottle Break; Single Glass Bottle Hits And Breaks, Smashing With Small Pieces Falling.1644100200:06
010 - BeerBottleBreakSin.wavBeer Bottle Break; Single, Heavy Glass Bottle Breaks On Impact With Light Splinters Falling.1644100200:06
011 - BeerBottleBreakSin.wavBeer Bottle Break; Single Small Glass Bottle Breaks, Smashes, With Small Pieces Falling.1644100200:07
012 - BeerBottleBreakSin.wavBeer Bottle Break; Single Small Glass Bottle Hits And Breaks, With Light Glass Splinters Falling.1644100200:06
013 - BeerBottleSlideSin.wavBeer Bottle Slide; Single Glass Bottle Slide And Roll Across Long Surface. Close-up To Away.1644100200:06
014 - BeerMugSlideGlass.wavBeer Mug Slide; Glass Mug Scraping And Sliding Over Surface With Small Ringing Out. Several Mug Put-downs And Pushes.1644100200:31
015 - BellBellRingingSlo.wavBell; Bell Ringing Slower, Multiple Rings Sustain. Echo.1644100200:44
016 - BellHandBellBeingR.wavBell; Hand Bell Being Rung, Clanky Metallic Rings, Close And Away. Reverberant.1644100200:32
017 - BellowsHighPitched.wavBellows; Higher Pitched Air In / Out As Above, Faster Blows And Hissing Air. Close-up.1644100200:17
020 - BugleChargeSingleB.wavBugle Charge; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:07
021 - BugleChargeSingleB.wavBugle Charge; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:07
018 - BellowsSmallRubber.wavBellows; Small Rubber Deflate And Inflate With Air Hiss In / Out steady. Close-up.1644100200:21
019 - BellSmallBellBeing.wavBell; Small Bell Being Struck Various Times And Ringing Out.1644100200:22
022 - BuglePlaysAssembly.wavBugle Plays ‘assembly’; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:08
023 - BuglePlaysFirstCal.wavBugle Plays ‘first Call’; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:09
024 - BuglePlaysMessCall.wavBugle Plays ‘mess Call’; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:11
025 - BuglePlaysReveille.wavBugle Plays ‘reveille’; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:23
026 - BuglePlaysTaps.wavBugle Plays ‘taps’; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:29
027 - BuglePlaysTattoo.wavBugle Plays ‘tattoo’; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:16
028 - BuglePlaysTheUnkn.wavBugle Plays ‘the Unknown’; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:07
029 - BuglePlaysToColor.wavBugle Plays ‘to The Color’; Single Bugle Plays.1644100200:15
030 - BullwhipSwirlCrack.wavBullwhip Swirl And Crack, Multiple; Circular Swishes Around In Air With Sharp Crack Followed By Echo - Birds In Background. Medium, Exterior.1644100200:10
033 - CanoePaddlingSlowS.wavCanoe Paddling; Slow, Steady Paddle Moving Through Water With Heavy Splashes. Close-up.1644100201:49
032 - CannonBlastBigLowE.wavCannon Blast, Big, Low End; Low End Cannon Blast With Long, Big Echo. Medium.1644100200:08
031 - CampfireMediumFire.wavCampfire; Medium Fire With Sizzles, Pops And Crackling, Some Light Birds In Distance. Exterior. Fire Burn.. Fire Burn.1644100200:52
034 - CashRegister.wavCash Register; Cash Register. Button Depressed With Bell Ring, Quicker Drawer-slide Open With Coin Movement, Slide Drawer Closed.1644100200:09
035 - CashRegisterAntiqu.wavCash Register; Antique Cash Register. Key Depressed With Bell Ring And Drawer Open, Pushed Close With Coin Rattle.1644100200:13
036 - CashRegisterAntiqu.wavCash Register; Antique Cash Register. Zkey Pushed Down And Small Bell Ring Out. Drawer Slides Open And Is Pushed Closed.1644100200:11
037 - CellDoorCloseCellD.wavCell Door, close; Cell Door Heavy Metal Clank And Bounce With Scrape. Interior With Echo.1644100200:06
038 - CellDoorCloseMetal.wavCell Door, close; Metal Cell Door, Squeaks And Clanks With Loud Close. Interior, With Echo.1644100200:08
039 - CellDoorCloseMetal.wavCell Door, close; Metal Cell Door—single Loud Slam Close And Impact . Interior, With Echo.1644100200:06
040 - CellDoorCloseMetal.wavCell Door, close; Metal Cell Door Creaks And Clanks With Rolling Metal Movement To Close With Latch Catch. Interior, With Echo.1644100200:08
043 - CoffeePotHeatOnOpe.wavCoffee Pot Heat On Open; Light Metal Taps Of Pot Onto Fire With Small Sizzle And Fire Crackles. Close-up.1644100200:40
042 - CoalFireBoxScoopin.wavCoal Into Fire Box; Scooping Coal Up And Droppin With Steam And Air Release And Hiss. Metal Scrapes, Clanks As Coal Is Scooped, Debris Falling To Floor. Close-up.1644100200:22
041 - CellDoorOpenMetal.wavCell Door, Open; Metal Cell Door Open With High Metal Creak. Interior, With Echo.1644100200:06
044 - CoffeePourLiquidSl.wavCoffee Pour; Liquid Sloshing In Pot, Liquid Hits Cup And Pours Into It—reverberant. Close-up.1644100200:09
047 - CoinsCountSeveralC.wavCoins, Count; Several Coins In Stack Being Lifted And Small Drop Back Into Place. Metal Jingles. Coins Being Dropped Into Hand Falling Against Each Other.1644100200:24
046 - CoinsCountingSever.wavCoins, Counting; Several Coins Being Counted. Quick Slide Over Table And Clank With Other Coins. Slide And Jingle.1644100200:20
048 - CoinsDropCoinMovem.wavCoins, Drop; Coin Movement. Several Coins Drop To Surface With Single Coin Spinning, More Coin Drops, Clanks, Single Coins Falling Out, Hitting Other Coins. Metallic Ringing.1644100200:18
045 - CoinMovementSevera.wavCoin, Movement; Several Heavy Coins Clinking, Stacked Together, Small Jingle And Picked Up From Table. Coins Pushed Across Table And Grabbed.1644100200:11
049 - CoinsDropManyCoins.wavCoins, Drop; Many Coins Dropping Onto Wood, Hollow Sounding Surface. Fast Drop Onto Table. Fewer, Slower Coin Drop. Couple Coins Drop Onto Wood Surface. Coins Drop And Hit Other Coins.1644100200:23
050 - CoinSpin.wavCoin, Spin; Coin Spin With Small Flick And Small Metal Ring Out As It Spins.1644100200:08
051 - CoinSpinHeavy.wavCoin, Spin; Heavy Coin Spin On Counter Or Table. Slow To Fast Spin.1644100200:07
052 - DieselDrillMechani.wavDiesel Drill; Mechanical Slow Start-up With Metallic Rolls And Clanks. Small Backfiring And Cycling Of Drill With Chain Spins And Clanks—starts-up, Runs Slow, And Whines Down. Close-up.1644100201:00
053 - DieselWheatGrinder.wavDiesel Wheat Grinder; Metal Clanks / Chain Movement, Small Backfires And Spits. Slow Start Up, Run And Idle, Medium-fast Run And Slows With Quicker Backfires—and Slow Down To Stop. Close-up.1644100201:09
054 - EggsOnGriddleEggCr.wavEggs On Griddle; Egg Crack And Open Onto Griddle With Medium Sizzle, Spits And Bubbles. Flip Egg Over With Light Metal Spatula Movement Scrapping Up Egg And Sliding It Onto Plate—ight Metallic Taps. Close-up.1644100200:58
055 - FlintSteelStrikeMe.wavFlint And Steel Strike; Metallic Clicks In A Row, Light With Flick At End—cracking Almost. Medium-close.1644100200:43
056 - FoodSizzleHeavyImp.wavFood Sizzle, Heavy; Impact Onto Griddle—sizzles. Fast, Close-up.1644100200:09
057 - GasLampLightGasWho.wavGas Lamp, Light; Gas Whoosh Low Tone With Hiss And Bursts To Steady Burning. Close-up.1644100201:01
058 - GeneralStoreDoorBe.wavGeneral Store, Door Bells; Jingling Bells Clanking With Abrupt Clank To Stop.1644100200:06
059 - GeneralStoreDoorBe.wavGeneral Store, Door Bells; Clanky Small Bells Jingling. Medium.1644100200:08
060 - GlassBreakSingleGl.wavGlass Break; Single Glass Or Mirror Break, Crash. Close-up.1644100200:06
061 - GlassBreakSingleGl.wavGlass Break; Single Glass Break, Crash. Close-up.1644100200:06
062 - GlassBreakSingleLg.wavGlass Break; Single Large Glass Breaking. Close-up.1644100200:06
063 - GuitarPlaysRedRiv.wavGuitar Plays “red River Valley”; Single, Acoustic Guitar Medium Tempo “red River Valley.” Close-up.1644100200:58
064 - GuitarTuningSingle.wavGuitar Tuning; Single Acoustic Guitar Twangy Version Of “home On The Range.” Close-up.1644100201:02
065 - GuitarTuningSingle.wavGuitar Tuning; Single Acoustic Guitar Being Tuned, With Strum And Tuning Peg Dropping Pitch Of Strings. Various Chords Into Tune With Fret Movement. Low E-note Twangs. Close-up.1644100200:47
066 - HammerDropSingleSm.wavHammer Drop; Single Small Metallic Hammer Drop Onto Metal Surface. Close-up.1644100200:06
067 - HammerOnMetalMetal.wavHammer On Metal; Metal Clanks And Hits With Some Rattle And Movement—slight Echo. Close-up.1644100200:13
068 - HandoperatedMachin.wavHand-operated Machine; Metal Rolling / Clanks With Creaks And Squeaks. Medium.1644100200:31
069 - HandoperatedMachin.wavHand-operated Machine; Squeaks And Metallic Rolling, Repetitive, Back And Forth With High-pitched Squeaks. Steady, Fast, Slow And Stops. Close-up.1644100200:51
070 - HandSawCuttingWood.wavHand Saw Cutting Wood; Very Reverberant Hand Sawing With Some Light Metallic Squeaks—medium, Steady Pace. Close-up.1644100200:39
073 - HorsesSteadyHorses.wavHorses Steady; Horses Trotting Steady On Dirt With Busy Bridle And Saddle Movement Throughout. Close-up.1644100201:50
072 - HorsesSlowSteadyHo.wavHorses Slow Steady; Horses Walking On Dirt / Rocks With Saddle / Leather Creak And Bridle Movement. Steady Walk With Slight Misstep At End. Medium Perspective.1644100200:36
075 - HorseThroughMedium.wavHorse Through Medium Water; Steady, Light Water In Stream With Horse Walking On Wet Rocks And Into Water And Away. Medium.1644100200:26
076 - HorseThroughShallo.wavHorse Through Shallow Water; Light Hoof Hits On Rocks Into Shallow Water, Quicker Walk By And Away With Steady Stream In Background. Medium.1644100200:23
077 - IronCoolWaterStead.wavIron Cool In Water; Steady Single Impacts Of Hot Iron Into Water With Loud Sizzle And Steam With Light Water Drips Some Reverberant Deep Water Basin Taps. Close-up.1644100200:19
078 - JailCellBarRattleB.wavJail Cell Bar Rattle With Baton; Wood Baton Dragged Across Cell Bars. Quick, With Echo.1644100200:06
079 - KeysJingleMetalKey.wavKeys Jingle; Metal Key Movement, Clanks And Low Jingling. Heavy.1644100200:41
074 - HorseThroughDeepWa.wavHorse Through Deep Water; Single Horse On Wet Rocks And Into Deep Water Sloshing In And By From Right To Left And Away. Medium.1644100200:22
071 - HorsesGroupGallops.wavHorses, Group Gallops By; Several Horses Gallop In And By With Light Bridal Movement, Light Horse Panting. Medium.1644100200:12
080 - MatchStrikeMatchBo.wavMatch Strike; Match Box Open, Take Out, Box Close And Match Strike, With Quick Gas Ignite On Stove. Close-up.1644100200:10
081 - MatchStrikeQuickMa.wavMatch Strike; Quick Match Strike Only. Close-up.1644100200:07
082 - MatchStrikeSmallMa.wavMatch Strike; Small Match Strike With Other Matches Igniting After. Close-up1644100200:15
085 - MeatSizzleSizzling.wavMeat Sizzle; Sizzling And Crackling With Meat Moving Around In Pan. Close-up.1644100200:30
084 - MeatSizzleSizzleSt.wavMeat Sizzle; Sizzle, Steady With Small Pour And Louder Sizzle And Bubbles. Close-up.1644100200:28
083 - MatchStrikeSmallRa.wavMatch Strike; Small Rattle Of Box With Single Hard Match Strike Burn And Fall To Floor. Close-up.1644100200:08
086 - MeatSizzleStartSiz.wavMeat Sizzle; Start Of Sizzle And Crackles. Close-up.1644100200:08
087 - MeatSizzleSzzleCra.wavMeat Sizzle; Szzle And Crackles With Small Fire And Light Cooking Movement—stirring. Close-up.1644100201:02
088 - MetalFileScrapingM.wavMetal File Scraping; Metal Scraping Against Metal, Sawing Motion With High Creaks, Squeaks. Close-up.1644100200:18
089 - OrganChurchSingle.wavOrgan, Church; Single Small Pipe Organ With Peddle Taps, Pumping Whooshes In Background. Medium.1644100200:23
090 - PanningForGoldWate.wavPanning For Gold; Water Trickling With Sand And Pebbles Moving And Then Swirling In Metal Pan - Slight Echo. Close-up.1644100200:43
091 - PianoPlaysBicycleB.wavPiano Plays Bicycle Built For Two; Upright Piano In Saloon Ambience, Sloppy Playing With Some Mistakes. Medium.1644100200:43
092 - PianoPlaysClementi.wavPiano Plays Clementine; Saloon Piano Playing Tune. Cheery, Bouncy Feel With Mistakes. Close-up.1644100200:45
095 - PianoPlaysWorkinOn.wavPiano Plays Workin On The Railroad; Saloon Piano Playing Tune Very Badly, Obvious Mistakes, Very Dramatic, Strident Style. Medium.1644100201:00
094 - PianoPlaysShellBeC.wavPiano Plays She'll Be Comin Around The Mountain; Saloon Piano Playing Very Cheery With Mistakes. Close-up.1644100200:49
093 - PianoPlaysOhSuzann.wavPiano Plays Oh Suzanna; Saloon Piano Playing Very Cheery With Mistakes. Close-up.1644100200:49
096 - PickAxHitdragSingl.wavPick Ax Hit / Drag; Single Hit With Light Debris And Scrape—high Pitch Hit, Slight Reverberant Quality. Close-up.1644100200:06
097 - PickAxImpactsMetal.wavPick Ax Impacts; Metal Hits Into Dirt / Rock Surface With Light Metal Slide On Dirt And Debris. Slight Reverberant Quality. Medium.1644100200:17
098 - PistolFire3xSmallG.wavPistol Fire 3x; Small Gun Firing With Slight Echo, Light Debris Falling And Distant Birds. Medium, Exterior.1644100200:17
099 - PistolFireRicochet.wavPistol Fire With Ricochet; Single Pistol Firing With Ricochet Whine. Medium.1644100200:06
100 - PistolFireRicochet.wavPistol Fire With Ricochet; Single Pistol Firing Bang, Bullet Whiz By, With Ricochet, Light Debris Falling. Close-up, Exterior.1644100200:06
101 - PistolFireRicochet.wavPistol Fire With Ricochet; Single Pistol Fire With Ricochet, Echo. Birds In Background. Medium, Exterior.1644100200:06
102 - PistolFireRicochet.wavPistol Fire With Ricochet; Single Pistol Firing With Ricochet Whining And Small Crackles. Close-up.1644100200:06
103 - PlayingCards.wavPlaying Cards; Card Deck. Flips Through, Taps On Table, Shuffles Cards, Taps, Dealing Cards. Single Card Deal, Card Pull From Deck, Several Cards Together Tapped On Table.1644100200:32
104 - RailroadCarsCoupli.wavRailroad Cars Coupling; Low Echoey Rumble, Metal Scraps And Clanks Of Freight Cars Coupling With Impact, Small Steam Release. Close-up.1644100200:34
107 - RailroadCrossingBe.wavRailroad Crossing Bell; Smaller Bell Rings, Quick, High-pitched, Constant To End, Ringing Out.1644100200:19
106 - RailroadCrossingBe.wavRailroad Crossing Bell; Slower Steady Bell Rings, Varying In Speed And Pitch. Close-up.1644100200:20
109 - RevolverBarrelSpin.wavRevolver Barrel Spin, Fast; Small Metal Gun Barrel Spin—short. Close-up.1644100200:06
108 - RevolverBarrelSpin.wavRevolver Barrel Spins And Clicks; Gun Barrel Spins With Slight Echo. Multiple.1644100200:07
105 - RailroadCrossingBe.wavRailroad Crossing Bell; Crossing Bell Steady With Slight Slowing To Stop, With Last Bell Ringing Out To End. Close-up.1644100200:27
110 - RevolverCockDryFir.wavRevolver Cock And Dry Fire; Gun Cock, Metal Clicks, And Quick Dry Fire—small Echo.1644100200:06
113 - RevolverDrawCockDr.wavRevolver Draw, Cock, Dry Fire And Replace; Gun Pulled From Holster, Cock And Dry Fire And Replace Back Into Holster. Close-up.1644100200:06
112 - RevolverDrawCockDr.wavRevolver Draw, Cock And Dry Fire; Gun Pulled From Holster With Multiple Rapid, Dry Fires. Close-up.1644100200:06
111 - RevolverCockDryFir.wavRevolver Cock And Dry Fire; Small Gun Cock, Metal Clicks, Dry Fire.1644100200:06
114 - RevolverDrawCockDr.wavRevolver Draw, Cock And Dry Fire; Gun Pulled From Holster, Whoosh, Fast And Two Dry Fires. Close-up.1644100200:06
115 - RevolverDrawCockUn.wavRevolver Draw, Cock, Uncock, Replace; Gun Pulled From Holster With Cock And Two Dry Fires, Fast Replace. Close-up.1644100200:07
116 - RevolverDrawCockUn.wavRevolver Draw, Cock, Uncock, Replace; Gun Pulled Fast From Holster With Cock And Dry Fire, Replace. Close-up.1644100200:06
117 - RevolverDrawDryFir.wavRevolver Draw, Dry Fire, Replace; Gun Pulled From Holster Fast With Dry Fire And Replace.1644100200:06
118 - RevolverQuickDrawD.wavRevolver Quick Draw, Dry Fire; Gun Pulled From Holster—lower Tone Pull And Replace. Close-up.1644100200:09
119 - RevolverQuickDrawD.wavRevolver Quick Draw, Dry Fire; Gun Pulled From Holster Fast And One Dry Fire.1644100200:06
120 - RifleCockDryFire3x.wavRifle Cock And Dry Fire 3x; Rifle Pump, Pulling Back Barrel, Slow Fire, Pump And Fire. Close-up.1644100200:10
121 - RifleCockDryFireSh.wavRifle Cock, Dry Fire, And Shell Thud To Floor; Rifle Cocks, Slow With Dry Fire And Shell Thud To Floor. Close-up.1644100200:15
122 - RifleCockEmptyBull.wavRifle Cock And Empty Bullets; Rifle Metal Movement With Shells Dropping To Wooden Floor With Last Shell Roll On Floor. Close-up.1644100200:08
125 - SaloonDoorOpenClos.wavSaloon Door Open, Close; Wooden Saloon Doors With Big Hinge Creak, Thud Push And Open, Swinging. Medium.1644100200:11
124 - RifleCockSingleSin.wavRifle Cock, Single; Single Rifle Cock, Clicks, Metallic Quality. Close-up.1644100200:06
127 - ShovelDigDirtFastD.wavShovel Dig Dirt; Fast Digging Of Dirt With Light Metal Ring And Small Fly Buzz By. Close-up.1644100200:28
126 - SaloonDoorOpenClos.wavSaloon Door Open, Close; Wooden Saloon Doors Swinging Back And Forth With Squeaks, Creaks And Squeak. Medium.1644100200:12
129 - ShovelDigDirtSlowD.wavShovel Dig Dirt; Slow Digs Of Shovel Into Dirt—slower Toned, Bigger Digs And Slower Debris Fall Drop Into Metal Container —some Metal Ring, Loud Crunching On Impact. Close-up.1644100201:04
128 - ShovelDigDirtShove.wavShovel Dig Dirt; Shovel Into Dirt With Scraping Sound And Debris. Small Metal Ring Of Shovel Flinging Away Debris And Dropping Debris Onto Ground.1644100200:26
123 - RifleCockRapidDryF.wavRifle Cock And Rapid Dry Fire; Rifle Pump, Dry Fire, Repeats Into Rapid Pump And Dry Fires. Close-up.1644100200:10
130 - ShovelDigGravelDig.wavShovel Dig Gravel; Digs With Shovel Into Dirt / Rocks - Fling Away With Some Metal Ring And Debris Falling. Medium.1644100200:19
131 - ShovelDigGravelMet.wavShovel Dig Gravel; Metal Digs Into Gravel / Dirt—small Rock, Debris Falling. Shovel Scoops With Metal Ringing As It Is Slung Away. Medium.1644100200:27
132 - ShovelingCoalMetal.wavShoveling Coal; Metal Scrapes As Coal Is Scooped And Dropped—echo. Distant Steady Steam Hiss. Close-up.1644100200:36
133 - ShovelingCoalScoop.wavShoveling Coal; Scoop Coal Up With Metal Scrapes. Echoey Clanks In Background With Pounding And Constant Steam Hiss. Breaking Up Coal Impacts, More Scooping And Drops With Metal Clanks And Impacts.1644100201:02
134 - ShovelScrapesMetal.wavShovel Scrapes; Metallic Rattle, Heavy Clanks, Drag Across Hard Gravel Surface, Slight Metal Ringing With Sweeping Motion. Close-up.1644100200:10
135 - ShovelThrowDirtSin.wavShovel Throw Dirt; Single Shovel Dig And Toss Out Dirt / Debris With Metal Ring At End. Close-up.1644100200:06
136 - SingleSnareDrumPla.wavSingle Snare Drum Plays; Night, Light Crickets, Birds In Distance With Reverberant Quality. Medium, Exterior.1644100200:38
137 - SingleSnareDrumPla.wavSingle Snare Drum Plays; Reverberant Single Light Snare—light Birds In Distance. Medium, Exterior.1644100200:46
138 - SingleSnareDrumRol.wavSingle Snare Drum Roll; Single Drum Slow Steady Roll. Close-up.1644100200:10
139 - SledgeHammerHitRoc.wavSledge Hammer Hit Rock; Steady Single Hits, Low Thud With High Metal Ring Out —light Debris Falling With Slight Reverberant Quality. Medium.1644100200:11
140 - SledgeHammerShatte.wavSledge Hammer Shatter; Light Hits With Dirt / Rock Debris Breaking Apart On Impact. Higher Pitch Impacts. Medium.1644100200:08
141 - SpitSpittoonSpitMe.wavSpit In Spittoon; Spit With Metal Ring On Impact. Close-up, Fast.1644100200:06
142 - SpitSpittoonSpitSp.wavSpit In Spittoon; Spit Into Spittoon. Close-up, Quick.1644100200:06
143 - SpitSpittoonSpitSp.wavSpit In Spittoon; Spit Into Spittoon With Hollow Ring Out. Close-up, Slow.1644100200:06
144 - SpursPaceMediumOnD.wavSpurs Pace Medium On Dirt; Boots On Dirts With Metal Movement Walking Steady With Spur Jingles On Impact Walk, Stop, Walk, Turn And Away. Close-up.1644100200:30
147 - StagecoachAwayWood.wavStagecoach Away; Wood And Metal Creaks Wheels Turning Moving In And Away. Close-up.1644100200:15
148 - StagecoachByWoodMe.wavStagecoach By; Wood And Metal Rattles Of Coach In By And Away. Distant To Close-up.1644100200:31
149 - StagecoachCreaksSt.wavStagecoach Creaks; Steady, Slow Moving, Wood Creaks Light Chain Rattle, Leather Creaks. Close-up.1644100200:15
146 - SpursWalkByFastOnD.wavSpurs Walk By Fast On Dirt; Boots Walk Fast On Dirt With Metal / Spur Jingle.1644100200:16
145 - SpursPaceSlowOnDir.wavSpurs Pace Slow On Dirt; Slow Impact Of Boots On Dirt With Metal / Spur Jingle. Heavier Steps With Low Insect Buzz By. Walk, Stop Turn, Walk.1644100200:58
150 - StagecoachInterior.wavStagecoach Interior, Slow; Heavier Rattles And Heavy Chain Movement / Hits; Some Hoof Movement On Dirt / Leather And Wood Creaks. Close-up.1644100201:01
151 - StagecoachInterior.wavStagecoach Interior, Slow; Stagecoach Chain Dragging, Rattling And Wood / Leather Creaks - Steady Rattles And Hits. Close-up, Interior.1644100201:24
152 - StagecoachInterior.wavStagecoach Interior; Fast Wood Rattles And Light Chain Movement. Constant. Medium, Interior.1644100200:53
153 - StagecoachInterior.wavStagecoach Interior; Steady Creaks, Squeaks, And Rattles Of Wood And Metal Bouncing Chain Movement. Quick, Steady With Intermittent Bangs On Wood. Close-up, Interior.1644100200:49
154 - StagecoachInterior.wavStagecoach Interior, Fast; Fast Rattles Of Chain With Wood And Metal Creaks - Constant. Close-up.1644100200:42
155 - StagecoachInterior.wavStagecoach Interior, Slow; Wood Creaks And Rattles With Light Sparse Chain Rattles - Slower And Steady. Close Up Perspective, Interior.1644100201:00
156 - StagecoachThroughW.wavStagecoach Through Water; Chain Rattles, Horses Into Water With Light Splashes, Wheels Rolling, Wood Creaks And Rattles—in And Away. Exterior.1644100200:29
157 - SteamBlowDownBigLo.wavSteam Blow Down; Big Long Air Blasts With Some Echo And Steam Hiss.1644100200:20
158 - SteamBlowDownInter.wavSteam Blow Down; Interior, Low Roar Of Air Release With Constant Hiss. Echo.1644100200:25
159 - SteamBlowDownLongS.wavSteam Blow Down; Long Steady Steam Whoosh / Air Blast To Cut Off. Close-up.1644100200:16
160 - SteamBlowDownMulti.wavSteam Blow Down; Multiple, Double Air Blasts In Echoey Atmosphere With Steam Hiss And Rumble. Close-up.1644100200:25
161 - SteamBlowDownSever.wavSteam Blow Down; Several Large Air Blasts And Steam Hiss Constant. Close-up.1644100200:24
164 - SteamTrainBoxcarSt.wavSteam Train Boxcar, Steady; Box Car, Empty, Airy Quality With Creaks And Squeak Of Car. Low Rumble On Tracks. Close-up, Interior.1644100200:47
163 - SteamTrainAwayHeav.wavSteam Train, Away With Heavy Steam Blow And Whistle Toot; Train Whistle Blows, Steam Release, Hiss And Blasts, Train Moving Slow. Echoey And Away. Close To Distant Fade Out With Distant Chugging.1644100200:50
162 - SteamTrainAwayBell.wavSteam Train, Away With Bell Ring; Steam Train, Away With Low Steam Blasts, Bell Rings, And Chugging Increasing In Speed. Train Slow Moving As Boxcars Pass, Wheels Clanking On Track, Crossing Bell Gets Faster And Away.1644100200:53
165 - SteamTrainBoxcarSt.wavSteam Train Boxcar, Steady; Train Creaks And Metal Clanks While Moving Over Tracks—steady Wood Creaks And Bumps, Noisy Squeaks, Growing In Volume. Close-up, Exterior.1644100201:00
166 - SteamTrainBoxcarSt.wavSteam Train Boxcar, Steady; Between Train Cars On Fast Moving Train, Steady With Distant Horn Blows And Loud Rail Noise. Various Clanks And Impacts On Track. Exterior.1644100201:57
167 - SteamTrainBoxcarSt.wavSteam Train Boxcar, Steady; Steady, Slow Moving Train With Squeaks And Creaks, Rail Noise. Various Clanks And Chain Rattle. Close-up.1644100201:10
168 - SteamTrainBoxcarSt.wavSteam Train Boxcar, Steady; Box Car, Low Track Rumble. Light Movement In Car With Creaks And Distant Voices. Close-up, Interior.1644100201:37
169 - SteamTrainBoxcarSt.wavSteam Train Boxcar, Steady; Box Car, Steady, Very Low, Muffled Rumble, Moving Over Tracks With Light Clicks And Creak Movement. Exterior Sound Muffled By Window On Train. Close-up, Interior.1644100202:13
170 - SteamTrainBoxcarSt.wavSteam Train Boxcar, Steady; Box Car Moving With Distant Horn Blast. Various Creaks, Squeaks, Chain Rattle. Echoey Atmosphere With Fast, Low Rumble On Tracks. Close-up, Interior.1644100201:16
171 - SteamTrainBy.wavSteam Train, By; Steam Train By, Low Rumble, Long Whistle Blasts, Doppler, Bell Clangs, Rail Noise In And Away.1644100200:33
172 - SteamTrainByBellRi.wavSteam Train, By; Bell Rings And Low Rumble Of Steam Train In, By And Away. Steam Whistle Blasts, Clanking And Steady Creaks Of Wheels On Tracks. Birds In Background. Distant To Close-up.1644100201:07
173 - SteamTrainByBigSte.wavSteam Train, By; Big Steam Hiss, Low End, Smooth Rail Clanks, As Train Passes From Left To Right. Close-up.1644100200:27
174 - SteamTrainByTrain.wavSteam Train, By; Train In And Away With Steam Hiss, Rail Clicks, Doppler Bell. Boxcars Pass With Rail Click. Single Echoey Whistle Blast.1644100200:36
175 - SteamTrainDepartur.wavSteam Train Departure Bell With Steam Hiss; Multiple Bell Rings With Double Clanking, Steam Hiss Constant. Close-up.1644100200:13
176 - SteamTrainDepartur.wavSteam Train Departure Bell, Close-up With Steam Hiss; Multiple Train Bell Rings, Constant Steam In Background, Echoey Rings. Close-up.1644100200:25
177 - SteamTrainInStop.wavSteam Train, In And Stop; Train In, Slow With Steam Hiss And Release, Rail Clanks, Creaking, Very Close Perspective With Echo. Soft Air Brake Release Creaks To Stop. Close-up.1644100200:36
178 - SteamTrainSteadyEn.wavSteam Train, Steady With Engine Chugs; Steam Train Steady Motion With Steam Gusts / Chugging With Rail Noise. Some Squeaks And Clanks Of Box Cars Passing. Close-up.1644100200:31
179 - SteamTrainSteadyEn.wavSteam Train, Steady With Engine Chugs; Steady Chugging Steam Train Moving With Metal Clanks Of Wheels Over Track. Several Short Whistles Blasts.1644100200:55
180 - SteamTrainWhistle.wavSteam Train Whistle, Close-up, Long; Two Big, Short Blasts Rising In Pitch. Close-up.1644100200:10
181 - SteamTrainWhistle.wavSteam Train Whistle, Close-up, Long; Two Long Whistle Blasts Rise And Fall In Pitch With Whoosh. Close-up, Slight Echo.1644100200:16
182 - SteamTrainWhistle.wavSteam Train Whistle, Close-up, Short; Three Slow Whistle Blasts With Slight Steam Whoosh.1644100200:06
183 - SteamTrainWhistle.wavSteam Train Whistle, Close-up, Short; Two Quick Whistle Blasts With Steam In Background. Close-up.1644100200:06
184 - SteamTrainWhistle.wavSteam Train Whistle, Close-up, Long; Single Large, Long Whistle Blast Rising In Pitch And Quick Fall-off With Echo. Close-up.1644100200:08
185 - SteamTrainWhistleD.wavSteam Train Whistle, Distant; Single Distant Steam Whistle Blast.1644100200:09
188 - TelegraphTapsSmall.wavTelegraph Taps; Small Taps, Slight Hollow Thud Impacts With Clicks.1644100200:16
187 - SteamTrainWhistleM.wavSteam Train Whistle, Medium, Distant; Two Shorter Steam Whistle Blows.1644100200:07
186 - SteamTrainWhistleM.wavSteam Train Whistle, Medium Distant; Multiple Steam Whistle Blows Rise And Fall In Pitch. Medium.1644100200:12
189 - TelephoneHangupOld.wavTelephone, Hang-up; Old Style Phone Receiver Quick Lift Up, Place Down In Cradle, Small Metal Ring Out On Impacts.1644100200:13
190 - TelephoneRingsOld.wavTelephone Rings; Old Style Phone Rings With Rattle Of Bell, Ringing Out, Small Thuds Of Metal Hitting Bell.1644100200:29
191 - TriangleHigherTone.wavTriangle; Higher Toned Fast Hits On Triangle.1644100200:08
192 - TriangleHitsOnTria.wavTriangle; Hits On Triangle Bell With Metal Object—cycling Pattern. Slow.1644100200:08
193 - TriangleRandomMult.wavTriangle; Random Multiple Hits On Triangle With Metal Object—repetitive Pattern. Faster.1644100200:08
194 - VictrolaClickOnRun.wavVictrola; Click On And Run With Slow Whirling, More Switches Clicking. Needle Down And Very Distorted Song Playing With Female Voices, Warbly Speed Variation, Machine Clicks In Background, Stop Music And Turn Off.1644100201:54
195 - VictrolaCueSingle.wavVictrola Cue; Single Click With Small Ring Out, Needle Down, Hiss And Whirl, Loop.1644100200:19
196 - VictrolaCuesSingle.wavVictrola Cues; Single Click, Switch On. Quiet Hum, Whirl Of Victrola, Needle On Record - Hiss From Speaker, Various Record Hiss With Rotation Of Record. Switch On With Clanks. Crank Turning. Multiple Clicks, Switches.1644100201:32
197 - VictrolaLoopVictro.wavVictrola Loop; Victrola Hand Crank Turning, Switch On, Low Hum, Whirl, Needle On Record - Hiss - Scratchy Rotation, Loop And Slow Stop.1644100201:16
198 - WaterLappingWaterL.wavWater Lapping; Water Lapping / Movement Like A Steady Small Stream. Close-up To Medium.1644100202:00
199 - WineBottlePopCork.wavWine Bottle Pop Cork; Pop Cork From Bottle Fast. Close Perspective.1644100200:06
200 - WineBottleUncork.wavWine Bottle Uncork; Cork Twisted From Bottle. Various Bottles, Squeaks, Tones. Close-up.1644100200:16

These sounds are all hand-picked from the Hollywood Edge Burtis Bills' Sounds of the American West sound effects collection.

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