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Collection of Nature and Mechanical Water and Ice sounds.

Natural water sound from coastlines and rivers recorded in the UK countryside.
Mechanical Water sounds including; showers, washing machines, faucets, drains, etc.

Sounds recorded and mastered at 24 bit (a few exceptions at 32bit), from 48kHz to 192 kHz.
All sound within the collection are stereo (2.0)

Number of Files: 77 High Quality WAVS (2.5 hours)
Size Unpacked: 5.1 GB
Sample Rate: 96-192kHz/24-32bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

Sample rate 96 & 192
Bitdepth 24 & 32
Number of files 77
Size 5.1 GB
Duration 2hr 30min
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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Gear Used: Zoom F4 / SQN 4s & Tascam DR40 Rode NTG2, sE Electronics 4400a, Audio Technica ATM350cW, JRF Hydrophone, AKG 414 Mixed in Pro Tools and Mastered using Waves & iZotope RX
atmos heavy rain 1.wav2496000209:16.349
atmos heavy rain 2.wav2496000204:03.541
Bushy park Water Garden atmos.wav24192000206:19.705
Clay pipe water dain quiet.wav32192000200:16.466
Clay pipe water dain.wav32192000201:25.507
Drain pipe into river woodland .10m.wav24192000201:21.856
Drain pipe into river woodland .25m.wav24192000200:56.259
Drain pipe into river woodland 5m.wav24192000203:00.980
drain pipe pooling water stream.wav2496000200:36.414
Exmoor beach waves shoreline left to right.wav2496000202:14.359
Exmoor beach waves shoreline.wav2496000204:00.475
Exmoor coastline Rockpool swell.wav2496000200:07.009
Exmoor stream fast.wav2496000203:38.158
Exmoor stream slow.wav2496000203:36.483
Farm drain pipe stream.wav2496000200:38.522
Hafod y Llan River Medium Waterfall.wav2496000201:36.529
Heavy rain onto tarmac road.wav2448000200:41.242
Heavy rain thunder.wav2448000203:23.228
Heavy Rainfall through trees.wav2496000203:39.626
Ice crush under foot.wav2496000200:01.215
Ice impact on concrete block smash roll.wav2496000200:02.160
Ice impact on concrete Blunt impact crack.wav2496000200:01.240
Ice impact on concrete Blunt impact smash.wav2496000200:01.802
Ice impact on concrete blunt scatter.wav2496000200:01.005
Ice impact on concrete crack scatter.wav2496000200:01.429
Ice impact on concrete multiple scatter.wav2496000200:00.994
Ice impact on concrete mutiple light shuffling.wav2496000200:01.213
Ice impact on concrete quick blunt.wav2496000200:01.151
Ice impact on concrete sheet smash shatter.wav2496000200:01.578
Ice impact on concrete single strike.wav2496000200:00.941
Ice impact on concrete small light.wav2496000200:00.722
Ice impact on concrete small multiple shatter.wav2496000200:01.570
Ice impact on concrete small shards.wav2496000200:01.133
Ice impact on concrete smash bounce.wav2496000200:01.157
Ice impact on concrete smash shatter.wav2496000200:01.077
Ice impact on conctete crack light smash.wav2496000200:00.917
Ice impact on conctete crack smash shatter.wav2496000200:00.709
Ice impact on conctete double light small.wav2496000200:01.826
Ice impact on conctrete large block thump.wav2496000200:00.914
Large deep pond overflow drain.wav24192000202:08.595
Large fast river flowing under bridge.wav2496000200:23.656
Large Iceberg moving creaking cracking 1.wav2496000202:06.634
Large Iceberg moving creaking cracking 2.wav2496000201:08.138
Large Iceberg moving creaking cracking 3.wav2496000201:10.485
Light rain thunder car pass-by 2.wav2496000202:55.402
Lundy Island distant waves at cliff edge.wav2496000209:25.853
Lundy Island eastcoast waves rock pools.wav2496000203:53.793
Lundy Island waves east shorline.wav2496000208:34.023
Lundy SE loading dock ocean sea atmos birds gulls.wav2496000208:16.385
Pentelli small stream drain.wav2496000200:53.008
Pentelli stream waterfall close up.wav2496000202:17.663
Pentelli stream waterfall.wav2496000201:23.942
quiet section of river Afon Merch.wav2496000200:07.434
Rainfall in trees.wav2496000204:49.706
Rainfall Teddington.wav2496000204:12.878
River Afon Merch flowing under bridge.wav2496000200:33.527
Teddington Lock 10m distant large fast flowing water.wav2496000201:02.118
Teddington Lock 20m distant large fast flowing water.wav2496000201:54.367
Teddington Lock large fast water flowing 10m.wav2496000200:25.959
Teddington Lock Overflow 5am.wav2496000202:44.125
Teddington Lock Rock Pools industrial setting.wav24192000202:09.437
Teddington Lock waves crashing industrial background.wav24192000205:53.448
Thunder car pass-by.wav2448000200:42.646
Thunder distant light rain.wav2448000200:20.124
Thunder light rain car pass-by.wav2448000200:36.887
Thunder light rain.wav2448000202:29.639
Undercroft Shower 01.wav2448000201:00.986
Undercroft Shower 02.wav2448000200:55.997
Underwater splashing movement 1.wav2496000200:21.282
Underwater splashing movement 2.wav2496000200:33.469
Underwater splashing movement 3.wav2496000200:26.450
Underwater thud impact.wav2496000200:29.590
Washing machine filling turning.wav2448000201:07.742
Washing machine filling.wav2448000200:36.694
Washing machine full cycle.wav2448000218:27.649
Washing machine slowly turning.wav2448000201:28.451
Washing machine turning.wav2448000201:30.199

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Sample rate 96 & 192
Bitdepth 24 & 32
Number of files 77
Size 5.1 GB
Duration 2hr 30min
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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