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You get empty streets and construction sites, office exteriors and the port of Aarhus. You get plastic that flutters or thrashes, metal fences that clatter and vibrate, pipes and cavities resonating in the gusts.

You get ambiences and specifics. I have tried to strike the balance between variety and nuance, to give you sound pros something to build a scene around. In that sense, this really is a construction kit of sorts.

You will hear very little human activity – other than distant traffic. I recorded mostly at night, and in large, undisturbed areas – and on one occasion in the aftermath of a violent storm (the kind that rips the tiles off the roofs). Had a good time standing in the relative safety of my doorway, recording stuff getting blasted down the street!

In some of the recordings, you will hear wind buffeting – more of the windscreen than the microphones – but there is some. In some cases, I opted to tame the most violent events, but others I left in. In many cases, wind noise reduction simply took away too much of the forcefulness, so I left it as is.

Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 38
Size 1.13 GB
Type Source
Format Mono & Stereo
Metadata Yes
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Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH 60/30 microphones in M/S setup SQN 4S Series II mixer Sony PCM M10 recorder
Wind,Ext,Alley,Urban,Howl,Drip,Splat,Echo.wavsNOTE=Wind blowing, howling in alley, water dripping, echoing off the walls 2496000203:46.208WAVE
Wind,Ext,Alley,Urban,Howl,Pronounced,Metal,Clinking.wavsNOTE=Wind blowing, pronounced howling in alley, some metal clinking faintly 2496000201:08.679WAVE
Wind,Ext,Alley,Urban,Howl,Whoosh,Splat.wavsNOTE=Wind blowing, howling, whooshing loudly in alley, raindrops splatting 2496000202:44.425WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,City drone,Even noise,Diffuse .wavsNOTE=Even mix of wind and urban drone, a bit of plastic crumpling now and then 2496000201:02.264WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,City drone,Plastic flutter,Metal clinking,Wind blasts.wavsNOTE=Wind and urban drone, plastic fluttering, wind howling, metal clinking 2496000201:41.441WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,City drone,Plastic,Flutter,Metal clinking,Sirens,Wind blasts.wavsNOTE=Wind and urban drone, plastic fluttering, metal clatter, sirens off in the distance 2496000202:48.682WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,City drone,Plastic,Flutter,Near,Wind blasts,Violent,Howling.wavsNOTE=Wind and urban drone, plastic fluttering, violent wind, howling, clatter, some buffeting 2496000200:36.765WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,City drone,Plastic,Flutter,Near.wavsNOTE=Wind howling, plastic fluttering 2496000200:17.272WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Corrugated metal,Torn,Scraping,Scuffing.Mono.wavsNOTE=Wind tearing at corrugated metal sheet, making crumpling, scraping sounds 2496000102:27.902WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Flagpole,Beating,Urban drone.wavsNOTE=Flagpole line beating in the wind, urban drone also heard 2496000200:41.477WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Flagpole,Flag,Beating,Whipping,Crisp,Busy.Mono.wavsNOTE=Flagpole line beating and whipping in the wind, a crisp and busy sound 2496000100:47.722WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Flagpole,Rope,Beating,Jittery.Mono.wavsNOTE=Flagpole line beating in the wind, a jittery sound 2496000100:55.554WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Howl,Whoosh,Wash.wavsNOTE=Wind howling, whooshing, a wash of noise, plastic adding to the din 2496000200:51.554WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Metal,Fence,Distinct clanking,Howling,Nervous.Mono.wavsNOTE=Metal fence clanking nervously in the sometimes howling wind 2496000101:14.912WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Metal,Signpost,Distinct clanking,Howling,Nervous.Mono.wavsNOTE=Metal signpost clanking distinctly in the sometimes howling wind 2496000100:23.458WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic pipe,Resonance,Flute,Whistle.Mono.wavsNOTE=Wind blowing over plastic pipe, with a resonant, flutey whistle 2496000100:51.491WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Flutter,Ruffle.wavsNOTE=Wind ruffles plastic, makes random fluttering, flapping sounds 2496000200:16.579WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Heavy,Flapping,Urban drone.wavsNOTE=Wind in heavy plastic, flutters, flaps, thrashes. Urban drone as well 2496000203:40.300WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Paperthin,Flutter,Nervous,Howl.Mono.wavsNOTE=Paperthin plastic fluttering nervously while wind howls 2496000101:23.990WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Paperthin,Flutter,Nervous.Mono.wavsNOTE=Paperthin plastic fluttering nervously 2496000100:52.000WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Fluctuating intensity.Mono.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic fluttering with fluctuating intensity.Traffic also heard in BG 2496000100:18.763WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Leisurely.Mono.wavsNOTE=Thin plastin flutters leisurely 2496000101:11.500WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Nervously,Variation.Mono.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters nervously 2496000100:14.595WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,City drone,Moped,Traffic,Wind blasts.wavsNOTE=Wind and urban drone, traffic noise and a moped passing in the distance. Some wind buffeting 2496000202:13.222WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Marina,Wires oscillating,Whistle,Wailing,Blasts of wind.Mono.wavsNOTE=Wind at marina, wires and cables whistling, wailing in the blasts of wind 2496000100:39.972WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Nervously,Variation.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters nervously 2496000200:14.589WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Nervously.Mono.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters nervously 2496000100:12.936WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Nervously.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters nervously 2496000200:12.939WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Placid.Mono.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters placidly 2496000101:22.049WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Placid.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters placidly 2496000201:22.049WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Vigorously.Mono.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters vigorously 2496000100:21.760WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Violent,Varied.Mono.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters violently 2496000101:10.897WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Violent,Varied.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters violently 2496000201:10.900WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Violent.Mono.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters violently 2496000101:10.075WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Plastic,Thin,Flutter,Violent.wavsNOTE=Thin plastic flutters violently 2496000201:10.069WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Street,Howl,Whoosh,Metal,Clatter.wavsNOTE=Wind howls in empty street, signpost clatters, debris is blown by 2496000203:26.069WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Street,Howl,Whoosh,Plastic,Flutter.wavsNOTE=Wind whooshes in street, plastic flutters 2496000202:11.439WAVE
Wind,Ext,Urban,Whoosh,Whistle,Resonance.wavsNOTE=Wind blows in metal railing, with pipe-like resonance, waterfront in BG 2496000202:11.289WAVE

Urban Winds is 49 minutes/1,33 GB of medium and high-wind sounds in 38 separate files - recorded in 24bit/96kHz M/S stereo (decoded to X/Y stereo and mono).

Some specifics appear in both mono and stereo versions, where the stereo version are X/Y derived from the M/S source files and the mono versions are simply the Mid channel. I did this, because most people seem to prefer X/Y files for post-work, rather than M/S - but a down-mix of X/Y to mono would be inferior to using the original Mid-mic signal. All sounds were captured in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 38
Size 1.13 GB
Type Source
Format Mono & Stereo
Metadata Yes

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