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A huge collection of various drinks and eating recorded professionally over years.

Categories include:
Beer glugs and bottles, bottle clinks, cans – Eating, chewing, plate moves, fork clinks, plate and dishes down – Cup grabs, ups and downs and combinations of both – Ice in cup moves drinks, coolers, other ice foley – Pours of different kinds, small and large slurps and big gulps – Misc sounds, water bottles, screw caps, vomits, spitting, choking, peeing!

Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 418
Size 1.15 GB
Type Source
Format Mono & Stereo & MS
Metadata Yes

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Gear Used: 416, Some MS recordings using TLM170 and 416
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2 BEER BOTTLES FULLBAR TO*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:12.672
2 BEER CANS FROM FRIDGE_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.549
BEER _ GRAB AND PULL FROM*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.802
BEER BOTTLE 3 FULL TO BAR_*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.354
BEER BOTTLE DRINK _01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.623
BEER BOTTLE DRINK _02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.469
BEER BOTTLE DRINK OS_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:02.528
BEER BOTTLE DRINK OS_01_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:01.952
BEER BOTTLE DRINK OS_01_2*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.813
BEER BOTTLE DRINK OS_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:02.282
BEER BOTTLE DRINK OS_02_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.336
BEER BOTTLE DRINK-2X_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.357
BEER BOTTLE DRINK-2X_02_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.357
BEER BOTTLE DRINK-2X_03*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:09.066
BEER BOTTLE FROM ICE COOLE*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.357
Beer bottle off wood tab_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.882
Beer bottle off wood tab_2*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.882
Beer bottle off wood tab_3*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.722
Beer bottle off wood tab_4*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.098
BEER BOTTLE ON FLOOR MVT_0*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:12.202
BEER BOTTLE SLOSH DRINK-_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.530
BEER BOTTLE SLOSH DRINK-T*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.530
BEER BOTTLE SLOSH DRINK-TO*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:08.874
BEER BOTTLE SLOSH_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:12.309
BEER BOTTLE TOAST MANY FUL*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.648
BEER BOTTLE TOAST_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.794
Beer bottle_01-01_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.703
BEER BOTTLES HIT EACH OTHE*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:10.506
BEER CAN 2 BRAB FROM ICE C*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:09.482
BEER CAN CRUSH THROW TO BO*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:08.608
Beer can grab-1eqa_03*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:02.314
BEER CAN OS GRAB DOWN_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.866
beer can pop open_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.738
BEER CAN POP OPEN_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.858
BEER CAN POP OPEN_03*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.144
BEER CAN SLOSH-THROW-HIT_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.165
BEER CAN SLOSH-THROW-HIT_2*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.906
BEER CAN SLOSH_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:21.856
BEER CAN SLOSH_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000202:17.322
BEER CAN TOAST_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.949
BEER CAN-GRAB-DRINK_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:11.573
BEER CAN-GRAB-DRINK_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:09.749
Beer OS in trashcan_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.472
Beer OS in trashcan_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.525
Beer up_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.818
Beer up_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.863
Beer up_02_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.610
BOTTLE BEER DRINK_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:02.453
BOTTLES WINE COOLER HANDL*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:08.085
CAN MVT ON CONC HIT_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.682
CAN MVT ON CONC HIT_03*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.173
CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE-GRAB-C_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:11.957
CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE-GRAB-C_2*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.914
CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE-GRAB-COR*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:11.445
CUP DOWN PAPER SODA-ICE-GA*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:02.218
GLASS MUG GRAB FROM GLASS*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.546
GRAB REFRIGERATOR SIDE_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:03.818
GRAB REFRIGERATOR SIDE_02*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:10.378
HANDLE WINE BOTTLE CORK PO*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:05.962
HP-BEER BOTTLE-DRINK GRABS*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:02.922
LIQ BOTTLE GRAB DRINK DOWN*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:09.845
LIQ BOTTLE GRAB UNCORK POU* (Snippet).wav2448000200:01.614
LIQUER BOTTLE GRAB FROM ME*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.682
LIQUER BOTTLE-GRAB-UNSCREW*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:16.448
PAINT GALLON CANS FULL 2 G*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:14.517
Ping Pong Ball into Beer-0*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:01.365
PLASTIC BEER PITCHERS FU_1*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:08.629
PLASTIC BEER PITCHERS FULL*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.202
PLASTIC CUP BEER DOWN TABL*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:04.522
Refridgerator hand_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:06.005
SODA CAN DRINK TO TABLE_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:08.085
TEQ BOTTLE GRAB LID POUR P*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:11.914
WINE BOTTLE DRINK-slosh_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:10.154
WINE BOTTLE DRINK_01*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:07.029
WINE bottle pour-grab-down*.wavBeer Glugs, Bottles, Clinks, Cans2448000200:08.693
APPLE EAT BIG CRUNCHCHEW_0*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:18.079
APPLE EAT BIG CRUNCHCHEW_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:21.920
bacon crispy eat 1st to RT*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:22.495
BG EAT FRIES CARTON HAND_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:13.439
BG EAT FRIES CARTON HANDLE* (Snippet).wavChews2448000200:45.439
bite chew heart_03*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.133
BITE SNACK_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.610
BITE_EAT LIME_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.205
BURGER EAT CHEW STYROFOME*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:22.901
CERAMIC PLATE- DOWN- TABLE*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.554
CERAMIC PLATE- PUT DOWN- O*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.591
CERAMIC PLATE- PUT DOWN-_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.149
CERIAL EAT AND CHEW KID__1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:55.626
chew heart_06*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:09.567
chew heart_08*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:10.997
chew heart_11*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:03.978
chew heart_12*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.778
chew heart_13*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.522
CHICKEN LEG EAT_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.306
CHICKEN LEG EAT_04 (Snippe*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:18.293
CHICKEN LEG EAT_05*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:15.487
CHICKEN MEAT EAT_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:13.535
CHIP EAT-GAIN_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.762
CHIP EAT_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.768
CHIP GRAB AND EAT CHILD_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:11.199
COOKED BIRD CHICKEN GRAB F*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:37.045
COOKIE GRAB EAT_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:14.261
CORN CAKE PICK EAT BG GUY_*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:13.984
CRAWLFISH EAT HIM_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:09.493
CRAWLFISH SUCK EAT CHEW-_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.834
CRAWLFISH SUCK EAT CHEW-10*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.058
CRAWLFISH SUCK EAT CHEW_03*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.245
DOG EAT CHEW DRY FOOD BOWL*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.370
DOG EAT CHEW DRY FOOD_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:13.311
EAT FRENCH FRY_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:19.850
EAT SANDWICH_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:24.010
EAT TO FOOD PLATE_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.701
EAT-CHEWING_04*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:17.706
EATING FRUIT MAYBE_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.658
EGG SPIT TO SNOW_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:03.658
FOOD PIC EAT_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.477
FORK EAT NOODLE CUP CHEWIN*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:17.034
FORK KNIFE PLATE MVT DOWN*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:14.933
FORK PLATE EAT PIE FORK DO*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:10.421
FORK PLATE EAT_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000201:14.485
FORK PLATE EAT_11*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:11.402
FORK PLATE EAT_12*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.927
FORK TO SALAD- PLATE EATIN*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:03.509
FORK-PLATE EAT_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:30.314
FORK-PLATE EAT_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.858
FORK-PLATE EAT_03*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.754
FORK-PLATE EAT_04*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.879
FORK-PLATE EAT_05*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:03.626
FORK-PLATE-EAT-CHEW-PASTA-*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:25.344
fork-plate-eating-05_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:09.077
fork-plate-eating_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:18.207
fork-plate-eating_06*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:15.039
fork-plate-eating_12*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:37.482
GLASS ICE STRAW DRINK TA_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.112
GLASS ICE STRAW DRINK TABL*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.605
GUM PACK GRAB-GUN EAT_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:20.298
ICE CHEW_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:14.101
ICE CREAM CONE LICK_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:18.687
ICE CREAM CONE LICK_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.421
ICE CREAM EAT_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.733
ICE CUBE SUCK AND EAT SW_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:11.722
ICE CUBE SUCK AND EAT SW_2*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.949
ICE CUBE SUCK AND EAT SW_3*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.551
ICE CUBE SUCK AND EAT SW_4* (Snippet).wavIce grabs2448000200:23.614
ICE CUBE SUCK AND EAT SW_5*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.661
ICE CUBE SUCK AND EAT SW_6*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:23.829
ICE CUBE SUCK AND EAT SWEE*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.719
MACAROON GRAB-PAPER WRAP-*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:15.178
MONKEY GRAB-walnut eating_*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.629
paper plate down_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.570
pastry eat RT GUY_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:14.933
Peanuts EAT_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.949
Peanuts EAT_03*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:11.103
PILL FROM TABLE EAT_03*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.621
PILLS EAT_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:10.432
PIZZE GRAB FROM MOUTH EAT_*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.048
PLASTIS SPOON EAT AND CHEW*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:11.050
PLATE _ DOWN_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.162
PLATE _ DOWN_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.800
PLATE _ DOWN_03*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.181
PLATE DOWN ON WOOD TABLE_0*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.535
PLATE DOWN ON WOOD TABLE_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.855
PLATE DOWN TO MARBLE COFFE*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.639
PLATE GRAB RACK COUNTER TO*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.832
PLATE GRABS 3X TO ADDISON*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.981
PLATE WASH TO RACK_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:13.877
PLATE WASH TO RACK_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:14.816
PLATES CLEAR FROM TABLE OS*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.786
PLATES CLEAR FROM TABLE_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.125
POTATO CHIP HANDLE EAT_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.746
POTATO CHIP HANDLE EAT_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:08.938
SILVER CUTERY-EAT_04*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:10.272
SMALL PLATE OF FOOD DOWN_0*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.309
SMALL PLATE OF FOOD DOWN_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.237
SPIT CHICKEN BONES TO FIRE*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:05.109
SPOON MVT-FOOD EATING-OA_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:14.762
SPOON MVT-FOOD EATING-OATM*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.586
STACK OF PLATES- DOWN TA_1*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.469
STACK OF PLATES- DOWN TABL*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:04.992
STIRRING FOOD IN BOWL_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.018
TABLE_WOOD_PLATE DOWN_01*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:03.701
TOSS NUTS AND EAT 3X_04*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:12.693
WAFFLE EAT AND CHEW KUMAR_*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:17.600
WAFFLE EAT_02*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:07.050
WAFFLE EAT_03*.wavChews, Eats, Forks, Plate Moves2448000200:06.687
4 FULL BEERBOTTLE DOWN_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.858
Beer _01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.202
Beer _02*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:03.871
Beer _03*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.759
BEER BOTTLE GRAB FROM TABL*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.677
BEER BOTTLE MVT_03*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.727
Beer bottle off wood table*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.429
BEER BOTTLE SHOT AND DRINK*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.525
Beer bottle_02* (Snippet).wavGrab off wood2448000200:02.405
BEER CAN OS GRAB DOWN_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.133
BEER CAN OS GRAB DOWN_02*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.866
BEER GLASS GRAB DRINK DOWN*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:10.848
Beer up_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.976
BEERGLASSUPDRINKDOWNTOFA_0*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:08.768
CHAMP BOTTLE GRAB-POUR-TO*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.138
COFFE MUG-DOWN GRAB_04*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:07.498
COFFEE CUP- UP OFF SAUCER-*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:09.695
COFFEE MUG- UP SIP_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:07.018
COFFEE MUG- UP SIP_02*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:03.509
CRYSTAL LIQUER BOTTLE PO_2*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.639
CRYSTAL LIQUER BOTTLE POUR*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.290
crystal scotch bottle grab*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.533
CUP _ GRAB_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.522
CUP _ GRAB_01_1*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.522
CUP DOWN PAPER SODA-ICE-GA*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:02.208
CUP GLASS_OFF TABLE GRABS_*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:07.338
CUP GRAB_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:07.136
cup plastic grab_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.474
GLASS BEERDRINKDOWNTOBAR_0*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:08.064
glass down wood table*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:03.263
GLASS GRAB-ICE-DRINK FROMN*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.650
GLASS ICE DOWN CREDENZA_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.405
GLASS ICE STRAW DRINK TABL*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.074
GRAB ALUM WATER BOTTLE_02*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.738
GRAB COFFE MUG_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:11.669
HANDLE WINE BOTTLE_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:09.749
LIQ BOTTLE GRAB UNCORK P_1*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.610
MUG GRAB DRINK DOWN TABLE*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.208
MUG GRAB- DOWN_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.759
MUG GRAB_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.056
MUG GRAB_01_1*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.866
MUG GRAB_02*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.938
mug tea sip mug down slow*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.522
MUG UP SIP_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.101
MUG UP SIP_02*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.309
MUG UP SIP_03*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.213
OS BG PAPER DRINK CUP OS G*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:08.469
PAPER FOUNTAIN DRINK CUP M*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.970
PLASTIC CUP GRAB_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.525
PLASTIC CUP GRAB_02*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.005
PLASTIC CUP ICE WATER GRAB*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:09.301
Sip_01*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.109
sip_01_1*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:06.538
sip_02*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:03.807
SMALL ALUM THUMOUS CUP GRA*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:05.472
TEA CUP SAUCER GRAB TO TAB*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:10.933
WINE BOTTLE GRAB POUR DOWN*.wavGrabs, Ups, Downs, Combos2448000200:04.597
BEER BOTTLE FROM ICE COOLE*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:04.703
COOLER GRAB SET TO BOAT IN*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:27.157
COOLER GRAB SET TO BOAT_1*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:27.103
CUP DOWN PAPER SODA-ICE_02*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:09.941
CUP GLASS_PICK UP_ICE MVMN*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:11.071
CUP_ICE_MVMNT_01*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:05.088
DRINK ICE PLASTIC CUP MV_1*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:04.821
DRINK ICE PLASTIC CUP MVT_*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:04.735
GLASS GRAB-ICE-DRINK FROMN*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:08.106
GLASS ICE COKE GRAB DRIN_1*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:08.682
GLASS ICE COKE GRAB DRINK*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:08.000
GLASS ICE DRINK_01*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:13.226
GLASS ICE DRINK_01_1*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:09.802
GLASS ICE DRINK_04*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:05.727
GLASS ICE MVT DOWN BAR_02*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:05.663
GLASS SCOTCH ICE DRINK M_1*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:11.754
GLASS SCOTCH ICE DRINK MVT*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:21.301
GLASS-ICE MVT _01*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:22.751
GLASS-SCOTCH SLOSH ICE-DRI*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:07.392
GLASSes ICE DRINKS TO BAR*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:05.653
GLASSES ICE GRAB SET TO TA*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:07.968
ICE CUBE DRINK MVT_02*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:08.704
ICE CUBE DRINK MVT_03*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:05.919
ICE CUBE DRINK MVT_04*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:07.605
ICE CUBE SUCK AND EAT SWEE*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:08.832
ICE CUBE SUCK_01*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:09.984
ICE CUBEMVTFORDRINKS-BYS_0*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:50.218
ICE CUBES HAND DOWN HOLD A*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:06.293
ICE CUBES HAND DOWN HOLD_1*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:06.837
ICE CUBES IN GLASSES 1 OR*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:10.453
ICE DRINK MVT_01*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:11.423
ICE Sweet_01*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:06.954
ICE Sweet_02*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:07.200
ICE Sweet_03*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:06.794
ICE_01*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:07.317
METAL ICE BUCKET POUR ICE*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:08.309
OS-GLASS ICE COKE GRAB DRI*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:09.525
PLASTIC CUP ICE SODA_01 (S*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:09.855
plastic cup ice water to c*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:05.344
SCOTCH GLASS ICE GRAB DRIN*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:08.544
SCOTCH ICE DRINK TO BAR AL*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:09.109
SIP_02*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:06.485
SIP_03*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:05.781
TOWEL WRAPED ARM SET IN IC*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:05.887
TOWEL WRAPED ARM SET IN_1*.wavIce, Moves, Glasses, Coolers, Combos2448000200:06.410
after shave bottle grab ca*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:22.538
ALCOHOL BOTTLE CAP OFF TO*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:13.162
ALE SPIT HIT FACE-PiSh_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:01.237
ALE SPIT HIT FACE_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.960
ALE SPIT HIT FACE_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:05.045
BEER BOTTLE GRAB TRAY TO G*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:07.029
Beer_splash_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:05.578
BLOOD SPIT_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.554
BLOOD SPIT_01_1*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:05.706
BLOOD SPIT_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.629
BOTTLE CAP _ SCREW_01*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:07.413
BOTTLE CAP _ TWIST OFF_02*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:04.448
Bottle glass break water*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:07.946
Bottle*_1.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:03.669
Choke VOX_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:07.392
Choke VOX_03*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:11.050
Choke VOX_04*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:08.416
Choke VOX_05*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:09.077
Choke VOX_06*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:10.304
COCKTAIL SHAKER WITH ICE_*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:12.320
EGG SPIT Drop snow_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:03.658
EGG SPIT TO SNOW_03*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:03.775
EGG SPIT-HIT SNOW-BROKEN-0*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.437
fd_spit_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.682
General jumble waterbottle*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:07.168
lightbulb screw in 2x_01*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:06.346
PEEING ON WINDSHIELD_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:10.378
PEEING ON WINDSHIELD_03*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:18.943
PLASTIC CAP FLICK OFF BOTT*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:05.088
plastic water bottle dri_1*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:06.272
plastic water bottle dri_2*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:06.272
plastic water bottle drink*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:05.887
PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE FAL_1*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:07.221
PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE FALL-*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:09.279
PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE HANDL*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:24.373
PLASTIC WATERBOTTLEDRINK_0*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:09.759
PLASTIC WT BOTTLE CAP DRIN*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:04.224
PLASTIC WT BOTTLE SNATCH A*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:12.160
PUKE ON GUY_03_04*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:02.645
PUKE ON GUY_03_04_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:02.869
PUKE ON GUY_03_04_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:02.485
PUKE SWEETNER-TRASHCAN_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:07.381
PUKE SWEETNER-TRASHCAN_07*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.074
PUKE SWEETNER_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:07.146
PUKE TO DIRTCONC_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:07.551
PUKE TO LEAVES LITTLE_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.352
PUKE WINE TO CONC MAYBE_0*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:09.109
PUKE WINE TO CONC MAYBE_1*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:06.730
PUKE WINE TO CONC MAYBE_2*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:05.706
PUKE WINE TO CONC MAYBE_3*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:05.013
PUKE WINE TO CONC MAYBE_4*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:06.101
SPIT BLOOD INTO SINK_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:08.629
SPIT CHICKEN BONES TO FIRE*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:06.250
SPIT SWEETNER ___ MAYBE JU*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.522
SPIT TO CONC_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:05.663
Spit-GAIN_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:04.575
vomit to plastic pan_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:20.682
Water bottle vodka on gr_1*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:49.503
Water bottle vodka on grou*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:16.736
WT BOTTLE CAP ON TO CAR CO*.wavMisc Water bottle caps2448000200:06.879
WT CHOKE SPIT UP_02*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:07.018
WT PEE_01*.wavMisc, Vomits, Spits, Chokes2448000200:17.781
ALCOHOL POUR TO WOUND_03*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:06.048
COFFE MAKER POT GRAB POUR*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:13.375
CRYSTAL LIQUER BOTTLE PO_1* (Snippet).wav2448000200:06.852
gas cans handle drips_01*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:10.752
gasoline spout pour to gla*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:07.893
GRAB BOTTLE POUR_05*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:05.386
GRAB POUR WINE BOTTLE_02*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:07.775
GRAB POUR WINE BOTTLE_04*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:09.973
GRAB WINE BOTTLE_01*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:15.797
GRAB WINE CARAF-POUR_03*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:10.016
LIQ BOTTLE GRAB UNCORK POU*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:12.064
LIQUID _ POUR INTO SHOT GL*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:06.506
LIQUID POUR TO CUP_01*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:08.352
LIQUID_POUR SHOTS_02*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:05.706
MARTINI SHAKER POUR-GLASS*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:09.791
METAL JUG- POUR COFFEE_03*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:07.274
MILK POUR HALF GAL JUG DOW*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:09.045
OS WATER POUR TO TUB_01*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:10.122
OS WATER POUR TO TUB_02*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:15.402
OS WHISKY BOTTLE GRAB FROM*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:10.176
PLASTIC BEER PITCHERS FULL*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:14.101
PLASTIC WT PITCHER-FROM FR*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:08.565
Pour Water, Set Kettle Dow*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:13.557
Pour Water_01*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:10.421
Pour water_03*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:11.242
Pour Water_03_1*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:10.229
Pour water_06*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:08.512
Pour water_08*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:07.082
Pour_01*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:07.551
POUR_WINE_01*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:05.109
SCOTCH BOTTLE POUR GLASS I*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:08.181
TEQ BOTTLE GRAB LID POUR P*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:13.354
VODKA BOTTLE POUR TO PLAST*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:05.653
WINE BOTTLE GRAB POUR DOWN*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:10.176
WINE bottle pour-grab-down*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:08.234
WINE DRIZZLE FROM BOTTLE_0*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:04.522
WT BOTTLE POUR OUT BOTTLE*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:06.250
WT_POUR WINE IN WINE GLA_1*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:06.911
WT_POUR WINE IN WINE GLASS*.wavPours, Drizzle, Liquid2448000200:06.837
BEER GLASS DRINK_02*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:10.282
Beer_drink gulp_01*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.693
Beer_drink gulp_02*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:05.546
BG WATER- SIP TIGHT LIPPED*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.037
COFFE MUG-DOWN GRAB_05*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:05.535
COFFEE MUG FULL-SIP_02*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.666
COFFEE MUG FULL-SIP_03*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.069
COFFEE- SIP _02*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:07.488
COFFEE- SIP COFFEE _02*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.373
cut Sip_01*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:05.344
DRINK BEER_02*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.112
Drink gulp water_01*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:15.690
Gulp_01*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:05.258
Gulp_02*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:03.914
HB_SIP_03*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.384
HB_SIP_05*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.853
MUG GRAB- DRINK_04*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.421
mug tea sip mug down slow*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:09.258
OLD WOMAN- COFFEE- SIP OS*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:03.349
OLD WOMAN- COFFEE- SIP OS_*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.581
Sip beer_05*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.895
Sip shot_01*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:03.893
Sip shot_05*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.714
Sip shot_06*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.469
SIP_01*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.373
SIP_01_1*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:07.360
SIP_01_2*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.821
Sip_01_3*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:07.807
SIP_01_4*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:03.136
Sip_01_5*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:08.064
Sip_01_6*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.160
sip_01_7*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.362
SIP_01_8*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:07.456
SIP_02*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.549
SIP_02_1*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.597
SIP_03*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:07.114
SIP_03_1*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.554
SIP_04*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:07.232
sip_04_1*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.197
SIP_04_2*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:05.887
SIP_05*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.144
SIP_06*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.613
sip_06_1*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.384
SIP_09*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.938
SIP_11*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.831
WATER- DRINK FAST HARD SWA* (Snippet).wavSips and Gulps2448000200:14.773
WINE GLASS DRINK DOWN_01 G*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:08.330
WINE GLASS SIP_big sip*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:04.981
Wine sip_01*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:06.240
WINE spit*.wavSips and Gulps2448000200:03.797

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Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 418
Size 1.15 GB
Type Source
Format Mono & Stereo & MS
Metadata Yes

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