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Collection features Sound Postcards from four locations across the UK;

Lundy Island
River Thames – Twickenham
Bushy Park

Collections include animal sounds, ambient backgrounds, and featured natural sounds from all locations (waves, wind, ect.)

Sample rate 96 & 192
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 40
Size 7.44 GB
Duration 2hr 30min
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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Gear Used: SQN 4s Zoom F4 sE Elctronics 4400a Rode NTG3 DPA 4060
Bushy Park Morning Atmos birdsong(1).wav24192000217:22.885
Bushy park Water Garden atmos.wav24192000206:19.705
Lundy Island Bird.wav2496000203:36.228
Lundy Island Cliff distant waves gulls.wav2496000206:17.834
Lundy Island distant waves at cliff edge.wav2496000209:25.853
Lundy Island eastcoast waves rock pools.wav2496000203:53.793
Lundy Island waves east shorline.wav2496000208:34.023
Lundy SE loading dock ocean sea atmos birds gulls.wav2496000208:16.385
single propeller plane fly over.wav2496000202:01.393
Bushy park atmos birdsong deer locking antlers.wav2496000201:34.837
Bushy park atmos leaves high wind.wav2496000202:08.385
Bushy park atmos low wind birdsong(1).wav2496000204:42.399
Bushy park atmos low wind birdsong.wav2496000204:42.399
Bushy park high wind atmos dog barking chrildren.wav2496000202:32.151
Bushy park Woods woodland birdsong wind atmos.wav24192000207:55.830
Drain pipe into river woodland .10m.wav24192000201:21.856
Drain pipe into river woodland .25m.wav24192000200:56.259
Drain pipe into river woodland 5m.wav24192000203:00.980
Large deep pond overflow drain.wav24192000202:08.595
Canadian Geese multiple on Thames.wav2496000201:27.410
Canadian Geese singing flying by.wav2496000200:14.291
Corvus corone Crow on the Thames birds.wav2496000200:45.455
Distant birds on the Thames gulls geese ducks.wav2496000200:57.966
Teddington Lock 10m distant large fast flowing water.wav2496000201:02.118
Teddington Lock 20m distant large fast flowing water.wav2496000201:54.367
Teddington Lock large fast water flowing 10m.wav2496000200:25.959
Teddington Lock Rock Pools industrial setting.wav24192000202:09.437
Teddington Lock waves crashing industrial background.wav24192000205:53.448
Thames Morning dawn chorus atmos birds cros geese ducks .wav2496000206:44.252
Thames River Twicneham May 4am.wav2496000212:02.233
Birdsong Troglodytidae Wren.wav32192000200:56.811
Exmoor beach waves shoreline left to right.wav2496000202:14.359
Exmoor beach waves shoreline.wav2496000204:00.475
Exmoor coastline Rockpool swell.wav2496000200:07.009
Exmoor stream fast.wav2496000203:38.158
Exmoor stream slow.wav2496000203:36.483
North Devon Field Atmos birdsong.wav32192000205:26.888
Sheep and lambs in field bleeting.wav32192000201:47.558
Wind blowing leaves.wav32192000200:15.626
Wind blowing through tree leaves.wav32192000200:45.721
Bushy park Morning Atmos birdsong.wav24192000217:22.885

All recordings are Stereo, presented in most cases at 24bit/96kHz with the occasional 32/192 recording.

Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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Sample rate 96 & 192
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 40
Size 7.44 GB
Duration 2hr 30min
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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