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Grab it whilst you can! This high-quality library of cut-scene transitions contains 318 royalty-free tracks of premium easy-to-edit source material.

Transitions [HD] – Volume 1’ is the first volume of a 4-volume series of [HD] high-definition transition sound effects for films, games and multimedia presentations.

Contains 317 individual stereo tracks at 48K 24 bit. 140MB .wav audio, delivered as a single Zip file download. – Easily drag and drop them into your workflow and speed up your production.

Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 317
Size 140 MB
Duration 08:02:00
Type Designed
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes
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transition misc 01.wavtransition, whoosh, airy, short, fly by2448000200:03:00
transition misc 02.wavtransition, airy, resonant, whoosh, soft2448000200:03:00
transition misc 03.wavtransition, whoosh, resonant, airy, harsh, medium speed2448000200:03:00
transition misc 04.wavtransition, flame thrower, airy, low2448000200:02:00
transition misc 05.wavtransition, shutter, accelerating, upward motion2448000200:02:00
transition misc 06.wavtransition, whoosh with impact, soft, low, reverberant2448000200:03:00
transition misc 07.wavtransition, whoosh with impact, sweeping, hard, short2448000200:02:00
transition misc 08.wavtransition, whoosh with impact, low, undulating, reverberant2448000200:03:00
transition misc 09.wavtransition, low whoosh with impact, ending, reverberant2448000200:03:00
transition misc 10.wavtransition, undulating, whoosh with impact, low, hard, reberberant2448000200:03:00
transition misc 11.wavtransition, whoosh, long, resonant, swiveling, undulating2448000200:03:00
transition misc 12.wavtransition, whoosh long, resonant, swiveling, undulating, phasy2448000200:03:00
transition misc 13.wavtransition, whoosh long, siren, doppler, fly by, low2448000200:03:00
transition misc 14.wavtransition, shutter, low, rolling cardboard sheet2448000200:02:00
transition misc 15.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, undulating2448000200:02:00
transition misc 16.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, long, rubbery2448000200:02:00
transition misc 17.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, low, smooth2448000200:01:00
transition misc 18.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, low, smooth, short2448000200:01:00
transition misc 19.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, long, harsh2448000200:02:00
transition misc 20.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, slow, low2448000200:02:00
transition misc 21.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, humming, low2448000200:02:00
transition misc 22.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, humming, interference2448000200:01:00
transition misc 23.wavtransition, shutter, melting metal, low2448000200:02:00
transition misc 24.wavtransition, shutter, metallic, low, lock click, ending2448000200:02:00
transition misc 25.wavtransition, shutter, metallic, folding in, low, ending2448000200:02:00
transition misc 26.wavtransition, shutter, electronic, quick, humming, low2448000200:02:00
transition misc 27.wavtransition, shutter, melting metal, sliding, slow2448000200:03:00
transition misc 28.wavtransition, shutter, melting metal, sliding, high2448000200:02:00
transition misc 29.wavtransition, shutter, quick, hard, closing2448000200:01:00
transition misc 30.wavtransition, whoosh, low, flare2448000200:02:00
transition misc 31.wavtransition, hard, quick, punchy, low3248000200:01:00
transition misc 32.wavtransition, shutter, hard, medium speed, abrasive2448000200:02:00
transition misc 33.wavtransition, smooth, low, quick, abrupt ending2448000200:02:00
transition misc 34.wavtransition, harsh, quick, spitty, low, ripping2448000200:01:00
transition misc 35.wavtransition, low, ripping, harsh, medium speed2448000200:02:00
transition misc 36.wavtransition, hard, sweeping, upward motion2448000200:02:00
transition misc 37.wavtransition, hard, spitty, low, downward motion2448000200:01:00
transition misc 38.wavtransition, hard, sweeping, sliding apart motion2448000200:02:00
transition misc 39.wavtransition, hard, low, sliding inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition misc 40.wavtransition, hard, medium speed, sliding apart motion2448000200:02:00
transition misc 41.wavtransition, undulating, whoosh, folding in motion2448000200:03:00
transition misc 42.wavtransition, hard, ripping, short, page turn2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 001.wavtransition, elastic, very short, popping, impact2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 002.wavtransition, elastic, tape rewind, medium length, spitty2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 003.wavtransition, elastic, tape rewind, short, undulating, shutter2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 004.wavtransition, elastic, pitch bent, short, abrasive2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 005.wavtransition, elastic, short, digital tape stop, low, smooth2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 006.wavtransition, elastic, digital, shutter, long, outward motion2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 007.wavtransition, elastic, tape stop, warm, pitch bent, low, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 008.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, low, tape stop, ending2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 009.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, glitch, digital, low2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 010.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, sweep, phasy, ending2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 011.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, inward folding motion, low2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 012.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, abrasive, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 013.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, undulating, medium length, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 014.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, outward motion, wobbly2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 015.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, long, outward motion2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 016.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, two-step, digital, harsh2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 017.wavtransition, elastic, glitch, digital, short, high pitched2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 018.wavtransition, elastic, digital, computer data readout, modulated2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 019.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, outward motion, zipper-like2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 020.wavtransition, elastic, digital, metallic, glitchy2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 021.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, tape stop, sweeping, harsh, medium length2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 022.wavtransition, elastic, electronic, buzzing, two-step2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 023.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, long, sweeping, zipper2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 024.wavtransition, elastic, tape stop, bright, harsh, short, ending2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 025.wavtransition, elastic, digital, humming, pitch bent, stopping, long2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 026.wavtransition, elastic, shutter-like sweep, low, humming, stopping, pitch bent2448000200:03:00
transition elastic 027.wavtransition, elastic, digital, morphing sweep, low, slow, very long, inward motion2448000200:05:00
transition elastic 028.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 029.wavtransition, elastic, dj scratch, tape stop, short, digital2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 030.wavtransition, elastic, digital, short, tape fx, ending, low2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 031.wavtransition, elastic, wobbly tape stop, low, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 032.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, long, modulated, low, outward motion2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 036.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, stopping inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 034.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, long, outward motion, zipper2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 035.wavtransition, elastic, tape start, short, accent, low2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 033.wavtransition, elastic, shutter or tape scratch, digital, two-step, outward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 037.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, harsh, short outward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 038.wavtransition, elastic, computer data readout, digital, sweep, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 039.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, short, harsh, modulated, stopping2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 040.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, undulating, medium, outward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 041.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, phasy, sweep, outward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 042.wavtransition, elastic, digital, sweep, fluttery, warm2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 043.wavtransition, elastic, digital, glitch, humming, melting metal, low, folding in motion2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 044.wavtransition, elastic, digital, long, humming, folding in, long2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 045.wavtransition, elastic, power core hum, electronic, long sweep2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 046.wavtransition, elastic, robot limb action, medium leng, folding in, ending2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 047.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, didgital, two-step, glitchy, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 048.wavtransition, elastic, grinding, digital, dissolve, short2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 049.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, tape stop, very short, ending2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 050.wavtransition, elastic, tape stop, digitsl, sweep, harsh, abrupt2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 051.wavtransition, elastic, tape stop, digital, harsh, abrasive, short, ending2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 052.wavtransition, elastic, tape rewind, harsh, abrupt2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 053.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, electronic, zipper-like, stopping inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 054.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, electronic, long, sweeping inward motion, folding, sliding2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 055.wavtransition, elastic, digital, glitch, tape stop, short, low2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 056.wavtransition, elastic, pop, wobbly tape start, pitch bent, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 057.wavtransition, elastic, digital, glitch, tape scratch, short, two-step2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 058.wavtransition, elastic, digital, tape wind down, two-step, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 059.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, dissolve, digital, shuffling, fluttery, medium length2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 060.wavtransition, elastic, tape scratch, digital, spitty, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 061.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, winding up, outward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 062.wavtransition, elastic, metallic, melting wobbly metal shutter, outward motion, digital, phasy2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 063.wavtransition, elastic, fold in, harsh, scene end, paper tear, quick2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 064.wavtransition, elastic, glitch, digital, short sweep, low2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 065.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, outward slide, fluttery2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 066.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, sliding text motion, wobbly, low, long2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 067.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, slow text slide, fluttery, zipper, low2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 068.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, flutter, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 069.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, outward slide, robotic tone2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 070.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, harsh, metallic, servo-like, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 071.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, servo-like, harsh, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 072.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, servo-like, short, fast, ending, phasy2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 073.wavtransition, elastic, dissolve, quick, low, sliding inward2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 074.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, long sweep, zipper, winding up2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 075.wavtransition, elastic, sweep, low, digital, winding up2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 076.wavtransition, elastic, sweep, electronic, wind up and down, long2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 077.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, digital, scratch, short, harsh2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 078.wavtransition, elastic, swep, fluttery, tape stop, short, quick2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 079.wavtransition, elastic, tape stop, digital, short, fast, low2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 080.wavtransition, elastic, digital, glitch, short, stop2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 081.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, stop, digital, hard, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 082.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, wind down, short, quick2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 083.wavtransition, elastic, springy, wind up, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 084.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, stop, medium length, digital, wind down2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 085.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, stop, very short, accent, abrupt end2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 086.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, digital, very short, harsh, abrupt end2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 087.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, digital, short, wind down, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 088.wavtransition, elastic, tape stop, harsh, digital, inward motion sweep, medium length, stopping2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 089.wavtransition, elastic, vortex, wind down, short, harsh, digital2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 090.wavtransition, elastic, tape fx, sweep, harsh, stopping2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 091.wavtransition, elastic, glitch, digital, harsh, wind down, medium length, servo-like2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 092.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, tape scratch, digital, quick, wind down2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 093.wavtransition, elastic, sweep, digital, winding up, short, harsh2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 094.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, electronic, tape stop, fast sweep2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 095.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, servo-like, harsh, digital2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 096.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, zipper, harsh, winding up, short2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 097.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, closing, fast, low, humming, sweeping2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 098.wavtransition, elastic, tape stop, analogue, warm, fast, abrupt ending accent2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 099.wavtransition, elastic, vortex, tape fx, wind up and down, long2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 100.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, electronic, glitchy, hard, modulated zipper2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 101.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, winding up, opening, fast, fat2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 102.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, fluttery, spitty, long2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 103.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, digital, fast, inward, sweeping stop2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 104.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, hi tech, sweep, digital, inward motion, fast, stopping2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 105.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, metallic tone, outward slide, fast2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 106.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, metallic tone, digital, inward slide, stopping2448000200:01:00
transition elastic 107.wavtransition, elastic, shutter, low metallic tone, folding inward, smooth, long, closing2448000200:02:00
transition elastic 108.wavtransition, elastic, low metallic sweep, outward motion, low, long2448000200:02:00
transition t03 long 001.wavtransition, long, spacecraft flyby, reverberant, wind up and down, long, smooth, doppler2448000200:06:00
transition t03 long 002.wavtransition, long, spacecraft flyby, doppler, wind up and down, resonant2448000200:04:00
transition t03 long 003.wavtransition, long, airy, whoosh, hollow, flyby, digital2448000200:05:00
transition t03 long 004.wavtransition, long, cardboard sheet roll, folding, low, smooth2448000200:02:00
transition t03 long 005.wavtransition, long, digital, page turn, low, resonant2448000200:03:00
transition t03 long 006.wavtransition, long, whoosh with impact, accent, long tail, low2448000200:04:00
transition t03 long 007.wavtransition, long, fluttery, airy, wind down and up, flyby, long tail2448000200:05:00
transition t03 long 008.wavtransition, long, vortex, spinning, resonant2448000200:04:00
transition t03 long 009.wavtransition, long, vortex, whoosh with impact, resonant, flyby2448000200:04:00
transition t03 long 010.wavtransition, long, build-up, low whoosh, inward motion, reverberant, after sizzle2448000200:06:00
transition t03 long 011.wavtransition, long, wind down, sliding inward motion, stopping2448000200:02:00
transition t03 long 012.wavtransition, long, wind down, inward motion, stopping, modulated2448000200:02:00
transition t03 long 013.wavtransition, long, sliding inward motion, shutter-like, low, metallic tone2448000200:03:00
transition t03 long 019.wavtransition, long, shutter, vortex, metallic, low, undulating, wind down2448000200:01:00
transition t03 long 015.wavtransition, long, vortex, spinning, hi tech, shutter-like, wind-up, stopping2448000200:03:00
transition t03 long 016.wavtransition, long, wind-up, spinning, hi tech, shutter-like, stuttering, stopping2448000200:02:00
transition t03 long 017.wavtransition, long, airy, low, resonant, whoosh with impact2448000200:04:00
transition t03 long 018.wavtransition, long, shutter, low, smooth, speeding up, logo2448000200:02:00
transition t03 long 014.wavtransition, long, wind up, sliding outward motion, smooth shutter, low2448000200:03:00
transition t04 soft 001.wavtransition, soft, whoosh with impact, muffled, medium length , logo2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 002.wavtransition, soft, unveiling, low, fabric or paper turn, panning1644100200:02:00
transition t04 soft 003.wavtransition, soft, page turn, resonant, pass by2448000200:01:00
transition t04 soft 004.wavtransition, soft, swoosh, vortex, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t04 soft 005.wavtransition, soft, tape stop, inward motion, wobbly, low, short2448000200:01:00
transition t04 soft 006.wavtransition, soft, whoosh by, airy, low, panning2448000200:01:00
transition t04 soft 007.wavtransition, soft, page turn, airy, low, smooth, short2448000200:01:00
transition t04 soft 008.wavtransition, soft, resonant, humming, electricity, inward motion2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 009.wavtransition, soft, page turn, whoosh, low, inward motion, muffled2448000200:01:00
transition t04 soft 010.wavtransition, soft, shutter, fluttery, low, smooth, hi tech door closing2448000200:01:00
transition t04 soft 011.wavtransition, soft, muffled page turn, undulating, low, smooth, short3248000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 012.wavtransition, soft, page turn, airy, low, smooth, short, panning3248000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 013.wavtransition, soft, power dond, airy, low, muffled, inward motion, panning3248000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 014.wavtransition, soft, muffled shutter, hi tech door, panning, low, resonant3248000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 015.wavtransition, soft, shutter, hi tech door, undulating, breathy2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 016.wavtransition, soft, shutter, hi tech door opening, outward motion2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 017.wavtransition, soft, whoosh with impact, smooth, long tail, ending, logo2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 018.wavtransition, soft, shutter, heavy hi tech door closing, inward motion, metallic tone2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 019.wavtransition, soft, shutter, heavy hi tech door, force field, pass by, inward motion2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 020.wavtransition, soft, shutter, muffled hi tech door, closing, folding inward motion2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 021.wavtransition, soft, shutter, airy, whoosh, inward motion, stopping2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 022.wavtransition, soft, page turn, paper tear, low, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t04 soft 023.wavtransition, soft, page turn, quick, low, outward motion, unwrapping2448000200:02:00
transition t04 soft 024.wavtransition, soft, page turn, muffled, short1644100200:01:00
transition t04 soft 025.wavtransition, soft, page turn, low, panning, pass by, low1644100200:02:00
transition t05 hard 001.wavtransition, hard, whoosh, metallic tone, flyby, logo2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 002.wavtransition, hard, shutter, zipper, hard, fast, closing2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 003.wavtransition, hard, shutter, digital, winding up, panning, opening2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 004.wavtransition, hard, page turn, whoosh by, low, fast2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 005.wavtransition, hard, shutter, hi tech door, latch, metallic tone, sliding inward2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 006.wavtransition, hard, shutter, page turn, ending2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 007.wavtransition, hard, hi tech door, heavy, metallic tone, latch, robot limb action2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 008.wavtransition, hard, chopper, digital, shutter, low2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 009.wavtransition, hard, page turn, punchy, fast inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 010.wavtransition, hard, wrapping, chopper, digital, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 011.wavtransition, hard, whoosh with impact, punchy, after sizzle, buzz2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 012.wavtransition, hard, heavy whoosh with impact, page turn, low, short, long tail2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 013.wavtransition, hard, whoosh with impact, foldin inward motion, long tail, resonant2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 014.wavtransition, hard, vortex, whoosh, resonant, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 015.wavtransition, hard, disappear, whoosh, low, resonant, outward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 016.wavtransition, hard, robot limb action, abrasive, metallic tone, outward motion2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 017.wavtransition, hard, page turn, inward motion, stopping, low whoosh2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 018.wavtransition, hard, tape stop, punchy, low, stopping, short2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 019.wavtransition, hard, low whoosh with impact, heavy, smooth2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 020.wavtransition, hard, shutter, digital, fast, abrupt2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 021.wavtransition, hard, shutter-like, ceramic tone, resonant, wind down, fast2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 022.wavtransition, hard, shutter, harsh, panning, wrapping, next scene2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 023.wavtransition, hard, shutter, sweep, winding up and stopping, resonant, panning2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 024.wavtransition, hard, shutter, chopper, digital, smooth, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 025.wavtransition, hard, whoosh, page turn, folding in motion, fast2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 026.wavtransition, hard, page turn, ending, wrap up, fast2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 027.wavtransition, hard, whoosh with impact, spacecraft nozzle flame, fast2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 028.wavtransition, hard, page turn, digital, stopping, scene ending2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 029.wavtransition, hard, page turn, fast, unwrapping, outward motion, short, punchy2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 030.wavtransition, hard, shutter, stuttering metal tone, hi tech door, sliding outwards2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 031.wavtransition, hard, page turn, heavy, smooth, whoosh by, short2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 032.wavtransition, hard, swep, page turn, wrapping, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 033.wavtransition, hard, heavy robot limb action, ceramic tone, tape fx, stop2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 034.wavtransition, hard, whoosh with stop, metallic tone, next scene2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 035.wavtransition, hard, page turn, fast, sweeping, punchy2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 036.wavtransition, hard, shutter, hi tech door, sliding motion, impact2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 037.wavtransition, hard, tape scratch, page turn, resonant, fast2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 038.wavtransition, hard, shutter, punchy, closing, sliding in with impact2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 039.wavtransition, hard, shutter, chopper, folding in action, punch with short after sizzle2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 040.wavtransition, hard, tape fx, punchy, page turn, heavy, with after sizzle2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 041.wavtransition, hard, page turn, two-step, closing, inward motion, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 042.wavtransition, hard, shutter, wrapping whoosh with impact, after sizzle, next scene2448000200:02:00
transition t05 hard 043.wavtransition, hard, hard shutter, panning motion with impact, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 044.wavtransition, hard, tonal resonant whoosh by, wind up and stop, after sizzle2448000200:03:00
transition t05 hard 045.wavtransition, hard, page turn, abrasive, fast, tape fx2448000200:01:00
transition t05 hard 046.wavtransition, hard, tape scratch, resonant, fast, stopping2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 001.wavtransition, quick, whoosh with impact, airy, short2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 002.wavtransition, quick, whoosh by, airy, smooth, wide2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 003.wavtransition, quick, resonant whoosh with impact, punchy2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 004.wavtransition, quick, chopper, heavy shutter, disappear, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 005.wavtransition, quick, page turn, whoosh by, airy, smooth2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 006.wavtransition, quick, shutter-like, low whoosh with impact, next scene, wrap up2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 007.wavtransition, quick, page turn, tape fx, airy, wrap up2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 008.wavtransition, quick, page turn, punchy, next scene, sudden change2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 009.wavtransition, quick, wrap up, sudden change, abrasive2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 010.wavtransition, quick, wrap up, whoosh with impact, scene ending2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 011.wavtransition, quick, page turn, whoosh with impact, scene ending2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 012.wavtransition, quick, page turn, accent, punch, sudden change2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 013.wavtransition, quick, low whoosh, page turn, heavy, ending2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 014.wavtransition, quick, whoosh with impact, fast, punchy, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 015.wavtransition, quick, whoosh with impact, low, heavy, wrap up2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 016.wavtransition, quick, whoosh, digital, glitchy, heavy, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 017.wavtransition, quick, whoosh with impact, heavy, airy, stopping2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 018.wavtransition, quick, whoosh, ripping, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 019.wavtransition, quick, heavy whoosh by, sudden change2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 020.wavtransition, quick, whoosh, ripping, heavy, sudden change, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 021.wavtransition, quick, wrap up, page turn, analogue, sudden change2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 022.wavtransition, quick, tape stop, heavy, wobbly, accent, impact2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 023.wavtransition, quick, whoosh with impact, didgital, long in, stopping2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 024.wavtransition, quick, spacecraft whoosh by, resonant, low, power core hum2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 025.wavtransition, quick, shutter, digital, modulated page turn, scene ending2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 026.wavtransition, quick, page turn, sudden change, wrap up, inward motion, punchy2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 027.wavtransition, quick, tape fx, sudden change, page turn, punchy2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 028.wavtransition, quick, shutter, chopper, panning, hi tech door2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 029.wavtransition, quick, shutter, impact, sliding motion2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 030.wavtransition, quick, low punch, whoosh with pronounced impact, stop2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 031.wavtransition, quick, airy whoosh with impact, inward motion, smooth, heavy2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 032.wavtransition, quick, low whoosh with impact, sudden scene change, smooth2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 033.wavtransition, quick, shutter, heavy, smooth, low flare2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 034.wavtransition, quick, low page turn, smooth, heavy, swift wrap up2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 035.wavtransition, quick, whoosh with impact, powerful stop2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 036.wavtransition, quick, shutter, organic tone, otward motion, grinding, panning2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 037.wavtransition, quick, whoosh with impact, sudden wrap up, ending2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 038.wavtransition, quick, sweep, digital, phasy2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 039.wavtransition, quick, low whoosh, airy heavy, inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 040.wavtransition, quick, shutter, soil moving tone, impact, stopping effect2448000200:01:00
transition t06 quick 041.wavtransition, quick, blade whoosh, liquid, unwrapping2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 001.wavtransition, two-step, powerful combo page turn2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 002.wavtransition, two-step, whoosh, digital, heavy, phasy2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 003.wavtransition, two-step, whoosh, giant wing flap, warm, heavy2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 004.wavtransition, two-step, double whoosh, wind down, resonant, ending2448000200:02:00
transition t07 two-step 005.wavtransition, two-step, page turn, warm organic tone, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 006.wavtransition, two-step, low heavy warm whoosh, outward motion2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 007.wavtransition, two-step, flame roar whoosh, after sizzle2448000200:02:00
transition t07 two-step 008.wavtransition, two-step, resonant double whoosh, outward motion, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 009.wavtransition, two-step, soft whoosh, warm, heavy, winding down2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 010.wavtransition, two-step, whoosh, airy, winding down and up, next scene2448000200:02:00
transition t07 two-step 011.wavtransition, two-step, shutter, double flip, heavy powerful, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 012.wavtransition, two-step, resonant whoosh with impact, shutter, powerful slide2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 013.wavtransition, two-step, impact, build-up, electronic, powerful shutter2448000200:02:00
transition t07 two-step 014.wavtransition, two-step, grinding page turn whoosh2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 015.wavtransition, two-step, whoosh, resonant, smear transition2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 016.wavtransition, two-step, punchy flip or page turn, next scene2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 017.wavtransition, two-step, whoosh, next scene, heavy, airy2448000200:01:00
transition t07 two-step 018.wavtransition, two-step, abrasive whoosh by, spin, outward motion2448000200:02:00
transition t07 two-step 019.wavtransition, two-step, low airy whoosh, stopping, winding down, heavy2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 001.wavtransition, shutter-like, hi tech door, sliding outward motion2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 002.wavtransition, shutter-like, hi tech door, sliding inward motion2448000200:01:00
transition shutter 003.wavtransition, shutter-like, chopper, metallic tone, zipper, latch2448000200:01:00
transition shutter 004.wavtransition, shutter-like, hi tech, mechanical, sweep, inward motion2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 005.wavtransition, shutter-like, heavy sci-fi sliding door, impact, inward motion2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 006.wavtransition, shutter-like, sliding latch, metallic tone, hi tech door, opening2448000200:01:00
transition shutter 007.wavtransition, shutter-like, hi tech pneumatic door, inward motion2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 008.wavtransition, shutter-like, digital, folding inward motion, fast2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 009.wavtransition, shutter-like, hi tech door, latch, outward motion with click2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 010.wavtransition, shutter-like, digital, sci-fi door, closing, inward motion2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 011.wavtransition, shutter-like, hi tech sliding door, latch clicks, outward motion2448000200:02:00
transition shutter 012.wavtransition, shutter-like, ratchet, long folding in motion, hi tech2448000200:03:00
transition shutter 013.wavtransition, shutter-like, camera-like powerful shutter click, closing2448000200:01:00
transition shutter 014.wavtransition, shutter-like, camera-like shutter click, powerful, closing2448000200:01:00
transition shutter 015.wavtransition, shutter-like, camera-like shutter click, heavy, closing2448000200:01:00
transition shutter 016.wavtransition, shutter-like, camera-like heavy shutter click, closing, snap, shot2448000200:01:00
transition shutter 017.wavtransition, shutter-like, powerful sliding shutter, metallic tone, wide, with ringout2448000200:01:00

All of the sound assets contained within this library are fully enriched with well-labeled ‘easy on the eye’ Metadata so that you can always find what you are looking for – as quickly as possible. Download your files instantly at super-fast speeds.

Whether you need to do a scene change on your latest film or enhance your presentation slides with an impactful transition, this sound library is exactly what you need.


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Bitdepth 24
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Size 140 MB
Duration 08:02:00
Type Designed
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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