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The Sonomar Collection: Trains is a collection of 53 train recordings that is sure to embolden your projects with the raw power of a 200-ton diesel locomotive. Explore the vast array of steam hisses, metal clanks, and squeals that this library has to offer.

Use this versatile collection to provide your scenes with train arrivals, departures, and idles, or enhance them with crossing bells, air valve releases, and passenger walla.

This library features a wide variety of trains including a 1907 steam train, modern electric commuter trains, diesel freight trains and more. From simple pass bys and horn blasts to the unique rattles of wagon couplings connecting, supply your project with the specific train sound your scene requires.

Lengthy onboard recordings and train station ambiences allow you to supplement your scenes with an authentic backdrop.

Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 53
Size 2 GB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes
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Train_Station_Europe_Electric_TGV_SC-T_01-051.wavTrain Station, Gare du Nord, Paris, Train Idle, Squeaks, Air Hiss, P.A., Voices, Turbine Vibration, Reverberant, Echoes2448000203:40
Train_Station_Europe_Prague_SC-T_01-052.wavTrain Station, Prague, Horns Honk, Electric Luggage Carts, Voices, TGV Arrival, Pass By, Rumbles, Maneuvers, Rumble, Wheel Grind, Footsteps, Reverberant, Echoes2448000203:50
Train_Station_Europe_Prague_SC-T_01-053.wavTrain Station, Prague, Engine Rumble, Whistles, Steam Hiss, Horns, Ventilation, P.A., Squeaks, Reverberant, Echoes2448000204:00
Train_Diesel_Freight_Crossing_Away_SC-T_01-017.wavDiesel Freight Train, Very Distant Pass By, Crossing, Interior Barn Perspective, Horn Blasts, Rumble, Room Tone2448000201:33
Train_Diesel_Freight_Crossing_Away_SC-T_01-018.wavDiesel Freight Train, Distant Pass By, Exterior Crossing, Horn Blasts, Rumble, Whine, Roar, Birds Chirp2448000205:15
Train_Diesel_Freight_Crossing_Away_SC-T_01-019.wavDiesel Freight Train, Pass By, Exterior Crossing, Expansion Joints Clank, Rattle Rhythmically, Engine Roar2448000200:59
Train_Diesel_Freight_Crossing_Bell_SC-T_01-020.wavDiesel Freight Train, Crossing, Bell Chimes Rhythmically, Horn Blast, Fast Pass By, Metal Vibration, Rapid Clanking Wheels2448000202:01
Train_Diesel_Freight_Crossing_Bell_SC-T_01-021.wavDiesel Freight Train, Crossing, Bells Chime Rhythmically, Horn Blast with Doppler, Rumble, Clanks, Expansion Joint Impacts2448000202:03
Train_Diesel_Freight_Horn_Pass_Doppler_SC-T_01-022.wavDiesel Freight Train, Pass By, Medium Speed, Horn Blasts, Doppler, Decelerate, Rhythmic Chugs, Hiss2448000201:09
Train_Diesel_Freight_Pass_Rails_Wheels_SC-T_01-023.wavDiesel Freight Train, Pass By, Medium Slow, Rhythmic Clunks, Track Railway Joints Pop, Squeals, Rumble2448000202:06
Train_Diesel_Freight_Pass_SC-T_01-016.wavDiesel Freight Train, Distant Pass By, Horn Blasts, Massive Rushing Rumble, Squeals, Clanks, Rattles, Reverberant2448000204:30
Train_Diesel_Freight_Rumble_SC-T_01-024.wavDiesel Freight Train, Very Distant Pass By, Horn Blasts, Rushing Rumble, Metal Clatter, Slow Away2448000201:16
Train_Electric_Commuter_Pass_SC-T_01-034.wavElectric Commuter Train, Pass By, Medium Speed, Whistling Whine with Doppler, Scrape, Whirring, Squeals2448000200:43
Train_Electric_Commuter_Pass_Whistle_SC-T_01-035.wavElectric Commuter Train, Pass By, Medium Speed, Whistling Whine with Doppler, Cables Ring, Rhythmic Track Clunks, Bumps2448000200:53
Train_Electric_Europe_Onboard_Riding_SC-T_01-036.wavElectric Train, Europe, Onboard Exterior Constant, Beneath Wagon Perspective, Wheels Roll, Rushing Hum, Clunks, Clatter, Electric Cables Hiss2448000202:53
Train_Electric_Europe_Onboard_Exterior_SC-T_01-038.wavElectric Train, Europe, Onboard Exterior Constant, Outside Window Perspective, Arrive at Station, Slow to Stop, Other Pass By, Depart, Clanks, Squeals, Rumble2448000203:21
Train_Electric_Europe_Onboard_SC-T_01-039.wavElectric Train, Europe, Onboard Exterior Constant, Outside Window Perspective, Slow To Stop, Rumble, P.A., Metal Brake Squeals, Track Impacts2448000204:50
Train_Electric_Europe_Onboard_SC-T_01-037.wavElectric Train, Europe, Onboard Exterior Constant, Beneath Wagon Perspective, Fast then Decelerate, Wheels Roll, Rushing Hum, Clunks, Clatter, Electric Cables Hiss2448000202:43
Train_Electric_Europe_TGV_Pass_SC-T_01-041.wavTGV, Electric Train, Europe, Fast Pass By, Doppler, Whistling Whir, Wind, Track Clunks2448000200:11
Train_Electric_Europe_Onboard_SC-T_01-040.wavElectric Train, Europe, Onboard Constant, Cabin Interior, Muffled Creaks, Carpet and Metal Furniture Shake, Rumble2448000203:39
Train_Electric_Europe_TGV_Pass_SC-T_01-042.wavTGV, Electric Train, Europe, Fast Pass By, Multiple Wagons, Cables Vibrate, Doppler, Whistling Whir, Wind, Track Clunks2448000200:22
Train_Electric_Europe_TGV_Pass_SC-T_01-043.wavTGV, Electric Train, Europe, Fast Pass By, Multiple Wagons, Cables Vibrate, Doppler, Whistling Whir, Wind, Track Clunks2448000200:15
Train_Station_Europe_Electric_SC-T_01-047.wavElectric Train, European Station, Ramp Perspective, Slow Arrival to Stop, Passenger Voices, Hum, Whir, Clunks, Squeals2448000200:34
Train_Station_Europe_Electric_SC-T_01-050.wavElectric Train, European Station, Ramp Perspective, Departing, Passenger Voices, Hum, Whir, Clunks, Squeals, Expansion Joint Impacts2448000200:43
Train_Station_Europe_Electric_TGV_SC-T_01-048.wavTGV, Electric Train, Europe, Steam Release, Slow Train Departure, Turbine Away, Electric Cables Rattle, Some Voices2448000200:44
Train_Station_Europe_Electric_TGV_SC-T_01-049.wavTGV, Electric Train, Europe, Stop, Slow Arrival, Scraping Hum, Clunks, Squeals, Passenger Movement, Walla2448000200:34
Train_Diesel_Locomotive_Engine_SC-T_01-025.wavDiesel Train, Locomotive, Slow Distant Away, Rumble, Horn Blast, Rhythmic Chugging, Birds and Insects2448000201:35
Train_Diesel_Locomotive_Passes_Roary_SC-T_01-030.wavDiesel Train, Locomotive, CU Pass By, Rumble, Whine, Metal Squeals, Industrial Roar2448000201:41
Train_Diesel_Locomotive_Yard_Coupling_SC-T_01-028.wavDiesel Trains, Locomotive Yard, Couplings Connect, Metal Impacts, Engines Rev, Various Maneuvers, Brake Squeals2448000204:50
Train_Diesel_Locomotive_Yard_SC-T_01-027.wavDiesel Train, Locomotive Yard, Slow Pass By, Engine Rumble, Metal Grind, Rhythmic Shakes and Rattles, Wagon Couplings Connect, Clanks, Clunks2448000204:43
Train_Diesel_Locomotive_Yard_SC-T_01-029.wavDiesel Train, Locomotive Yard, Long Distant Pass By, Light Acceleration, Soft Rumble, Clunks, Reverse Beeps, Calm2448000202:19
Train_Diesel_Locomotive_Yard_Distant_SC-T_01-026.wavDiesel Train, Locomotive Yard, Distant Activity, Idle, Engine Revs, Accelerate and Slow to Stop, Metal Squeaks, Slow Pass By, Crickets2448000204:22
Train_Diesel_Yard_Locomotive_Passes_SC-T_01-032.wavDiesel Trains, Locomotive Yard, Long Wagon Pass Bys, Slow, Squeaks and Rattles, Metal Impacts, Scrapes, Couplings Shake, Calm2448000203:40
Train_Diesel_Yard_Locomotive_Maneuvers_SC-T_01-031.wavDiesel Train, Locomotive Yard, Slow Maneuvers, Revs, Fat Engine Grinds, Horn Blasts, Metal Clunks, Brake Squeals, Steam Hiss, Industrial2448000202:41
Train_Diesel_Yard_Wagons_Pass_SC-T_01-033.wavDiesel Trains, Locomotive Yard, Wagons Pass By, Rhythmic Clunks, Rattles, Metal Grinds, Doppler, Squeals, Vibrate, Wheel Impacts on Expansion Joints2448000204:26
Steam_Train_American_1907_at_Station_SC-T_01-004.wavSteam Train, Pass By, Slow, CU Bell Rings, Idle, Revs, Chugs, Bursting Air Hiss2448000201:33
Steam_Train_American_1907_Go_Whistle_SC-T_01-001.wavSteam Train, Depart from Station, Onboard, Exterior, Rhythmic Chugging Engine, Whistle Blasts, Clattering, Rumble2448000202:30
Steam_Train_American_1907_Go_Whistle_SC-T_01-002.wavSteam Train, Depart from Station, Pass By, Rhythmic Chugging Engine, Bells, Whistle Blasts, Hiss2448000200:49
Steam_Train_American_1907_Go_Whistle_SC-T_01-003.wavSteam Train, Depart from Station, Idle, Whistle Blasts, Pass By, Rhythmic Chugging Engine, Bells, Squeaks2448000201:18
Steam_Train_American_1907_Go_Whistle_SC-T_01-005.wavSteam Train, Depart from Station, Idle, Whistle Blasts, Valve Release, Hiss, Slow Away, Rhythmic Chugging Engine, Wheels Clank on Track2448000201:13
Steam_Train_American_1907_Idle_Int_SC-T_01-006.wavSteam Train, Idle, Interior, Before Departure, Whine, Hiss, Rumble, Passenger Walla, All Aboard2448000202:06
Steam_Train_American_1907_Locomotive_SC-T_01-007.wavSteam Train, Idle, Start Up, Accelerate, Pass By, Rhythmic Engine Chugs, Metal Screeches, Distant Whistle Blasts, Some Passenger Voices2448000201:19
Steam_Train_American_1907_Maneuvers_SC-T_01-008.wavSteam Train, Slow Pass By at Station, Rhythmic Bells, Engine Chugs, Clunks, Steam Release, Clatter on Tracks, Voices on Ramp2448000201:16
Steam_Train_American_1907_Pull_Up_SC-T_01-009.wavSteam Train, Slow In to CU, Pull Up at Station, Whistles Blasts, Bells, Air Hiss, Metal Squeals2448000202:04
Steam_Train_American_1907_Riding_Chugs_SC-T_01-010.wavSteam Train, Riding, Slow, Soft Interior Creaks, Whistle Blast, Accelerating Chugs, Hiss2448000201:53
Steam_Train_American_1907_Riding_Rattle_SC-T_01-014.wavSteam Train, Riding, Slow, Interior, Between Passenger Wagons, Squeaks, Creaks, Metal Rattle, Clunks, Clatter2448000201:46
Steam_Train_American_1907_Riding_To_Stop_SC-T_01-015.wavSteam Train, Arrive at Station, Interior, Slow Rolling, Gentle Clanks, Track Grinds, Metal Brakes Squeal to Stop, Voices, Whistle, Air Hiss2448000201:34
Steam_Train_American_1907_Riding_Wagons_SC-T_01-012.wavSteam Train, Interior, Slow Riding on Track Joints, CU Metal Clunks, Rub, Grind, Whistle Blasts at Tail2448000201:51
Steam_Train_American_1907_Riding_Wagons_SC-T_01-013.wavSteam Train, Interior Riding, Medium Speed, Rhythmic Chugging Acceleration, Deep Clunks, Squeaks, Vibration, Air Hiss2448000201:22
Steam_Train_American_1907_Riding_Whistles_SC-T_01-011.wavSteam Train, Exterior Riding, Medium Fast, Whistle Blasts, Wheels Roll on Tracks, Clank, Squeak2448000201:19
Train_Metro_Europe_Paris_SC-T_01-044.wavMetro Train, Paris, Pass By, Metal Squeals with Doppler, Reverberant, City Traffic2448000200:20
Train_Metro_Europe_Paris_SC-T_01-045.wavMetro Train, Paris, Distant Pass By, Slow, Metal Squeals with Doppler, Reverberant, City Traffic2448000200:34
Train_Metro_Idle_SC-T_01-046.wavMetro Train, Idle, Steam Jets, Roaring Diesel Engine, Valve Air Releases, Large Space, Industrial Machinery2448000203:47

Each sound file is embedded with diligent metadata to help you find the exact sound effect you need with fast, pinpoint search. Enable creativity with detailed descriptions of each recording encompassing both literal sonic qualities as well as the images they invoke. Advanced metadata fields ensure compatibility across any database search platform such as Search by PSE, Soundminer, BaseHead, Netmix, Workspace (Pro Tools), Find Tool (Media Composer), Media Bay (Nuendo), Reaper, Adobe Premiere, and beyond.

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Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 53
Size 2 GB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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