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SCL – New York Ambience (Surround)

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This year we ventured across the Atlantic to capture the soundscape of ‘the city that never sleeps’ – New York, USA. Spanning across the island of Manhattan, and beyond, this collection captures a wealth of sounds from New York’s most iconic parks, streets, shops, stations and tourist hotspots – all recorded in 5.1 surround at the highest quality, 24 bits, 96 kHz.


With almost 100GB of material, this library is the most detailed, thorough and complete collection of sounds from New York on the market. This answers the calls from sound designers, engineers and post-production gurus from all over the globe to be able to faithfully reconstruct an audible representation of the city that never sleeps.

Number of Files: 90 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 78.75 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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SCL_NewYork_Ambience_01_Aircraft_Cabin_5.1.wavInside the cabin of an airplane on a flight to New York. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000605:52
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_02_Taxi_Journey_5.1.wavTraveling in a New York city taxi across bumpy and smooth road surfaces, with the sound of a satellite navigation guidance system. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:07
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_03_Bryant_Park_5.1.wavSitting in Bryant Park, Manhattan. The sounds of passersby, birds in the trees, and distant music. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000607:33
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_04_Chrysler_Building_Traffic_5.1.wavOutside the Chrysler building, with the sounds of New York City traffic, and passersby. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000605:39
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_05_Inside_Ess_A_Bagel_5.1.wavSitting inside a busy bagel shop, with servers taking orders, and conversations going on all around. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000604:49
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_06_Grand_Central_Food_Hall_5.1.wavInside the food hall at Grand Central, Manhattan. General chatter all around as people dine. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:02
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_07_Grand_Central_Main_Terminal_5.1.wavInside Grand Central Main Terminal. Announcements made over the tannoy. Commuters pass by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:27
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_08_Grand_Central_Terminal_pt2_5.1.wavInside Grand Central Main Terminal. Announcements made over the tannoy. Commuters pass by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:29
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_09_Grand_Central_Taxi_Rank_5.1.wavWaiting at the Grand Central taxi rank. Taxi doors opening and slamming shut. Vehicles driving by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000607:54
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_10_On_The_Subway_5.1.wavA subway journey. Fast underground train with a rattling carriage. Automated voice announcing the trains stops. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000603:54
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_11_Outside_NY_Public_Library_Morning_5.1.wavOutside the New York Public Library in Midtown. Traffic noise accompanied by more natural ambience. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:43
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_12_Theater_District_5.1.wavThe busy streets of the Theater District. Distant traffic accompanies the sounds of pedestrians walking by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000604:58
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_13_Times_Square_5.1.wavStanding in the busy Times Square. Tourists talking and moving all around. Traffic noise in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:47
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_14_China_Town_Streets_5.1.wavOn the streets in China Town. Many passersby talking. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000605:28
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_15_China_Town_Market_Stalls_5.1.wavMarket stalls in China Town. Pedestrians walk by talking. Plastic bags flutter in the wind. Background traffic noise. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000607:43
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_16_Katzs_Deli_5.1.wavDining in the busy Katz’s Deli in Lower Manhattan. A server directs people to the counter to place their orders. The sounds of scraping plates and cutlery, whilst diners converse. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:43
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_17_Little_Italy_5.1.wavOn the streets in Little Italy, Lower Manhattan. Pedestrians walk by.background traffic noise. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000612:48
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_18_NY_City_Hall_5.1.wavOutside the New York City Hall. Distant traffic and construction noise. A few passersby. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:38
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_19_NY_Supreme_Court_5.1.wavOutside the New York Supreme Court. Loud construction works mingle with traffic noise and the sound of pedestrians. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000606:46
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_20_Outside_The_Tenement_Museum_5.1.wavOutside the Tenement Museum in Lower Manhattan. Heavy traffic noise. A siren is heard in the distance. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:53
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_21_SoHo_Intersection_5.1.wavStanding at an Intersection in SoHo, Manhattan. General road noise with tweeting birds in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:52
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_22_Tenement_Museum_5.1.wavInside the Tenement Museum in Manhattan. The conversations of museum-goers in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000605:18
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_23_Washington_Square_5.1.wavAt Washington Square Park in Lower Manhattan. The sounds of birds tweeting, with some light background traffic. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000611:51
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_24_Newark_Int_Terminal_B_5.1.wavAwaiting departure in Newark International Airport, Terminal B. Large trollies and small suitcases roll by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:52
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_25_Subway_Overpass_5.1.wavStanding in a subway overpass. Trains come and go, a siren sounding as they depart. Bird tweets reverberate in the reflective space. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:39
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_26_911_Memorial_5.1.wavBy the 9/11 Memorial in the Financial District of New York. The sound of running water from the fountain dominates the soundscape, while some light traffic noise can be heard in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000604:55
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_27_Aboard_The_Staten_Island_Ferry_5.1.wavRiding on the Staten Island Ferry. Passengers talking. Safety announcements heard over the tannoy. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000616:11
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_28_Battery_Park_Salesmen_5.1.wavSalesmen in Battery Park, guiding passersby to the last boat leaving for the Statue of Liberty. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:18
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_29_Battery_Park_5.1.wavBirds singing in Battery Park, as pedestrians pass by, and helicopters fly overhead. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:25
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_30_Brooklyn_Bridge_5.1.wavVehicles driving across Brooklyn Bridge, in the Financial District of New York. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000602:42
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_31_Brooklyn_Bridge_pt2_5.1.wavVehicles driving across Brooklyn Bridge, in the Financial District of New York. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000601:09
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_32_Charging_Bull_Wall_Street_5.1.wavStanding by the Charging Bull landmark on Wall Street. A number of people crowd nearby, talking. Traffic noise in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000603:48
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_33_Federal_Hall_5.1.wavInside Federal Hall in the Financial District. A large, reverberant space with the sound of distant, muffled conversation. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000607:22
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_34_Oculus_With_Market_5.1.wavAt the Oculus shopping centre in the Financial District of New York. Passersby shop at market stalls. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:57
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_35_Oculus_5.1.wavAt the Oculus shopping centre in the Financial District of New York. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:04
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_36_One_World_Observatory_5.1.wavAt the top of the One World Observatory in the World Trade Center. The conversations of those nearby dominate the soundscape. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000606:37
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_37_Outside_NY_Stock_Exchange_5.1.wavStanding outside the New York Stock Exchange. Feet scuffing on the sidewalk as people walk by. Light construction works going on nearby. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:35
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_38_Staten_Island_Ferry_Terminal_5.1.wavWaiting in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. A soft musical tune plays far in the background, as pedestrians wander around the terminal. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:09
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_39_Wall_Street_Traffic_5.1.wavThe sound of traffic on Wall Street, with Pedestrians walking by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000603:31
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_40_Wall_Street_Traffic_pt2_5.1.wavThe sound of traffic on Wall Street, with Pedestrians walking by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000606:47
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_41_Newark_Int_Outside_5.1.wavOutside the entrance to Newark International Airport. Security announcements play over the speaker system. Airport-goers wander past with rolling suitcases. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:15
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_42_Rockefeller_Atlas_5.1.wavStanding outside the Rockefeller Atlas. Heavy traffic noise. An emergency services vehicle passes by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000607:40
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_43_Queensboro_Bridge_Traffic_5.1.wavMoving traffic on the busy Queensboro bridge. Loud engine noises and car horns firing aplenty. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:14
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_44_Radio_City_In_The_Snow_5.1.wavStanding in the snow outside Radio City Music Hall in Midtown Manhattan. General road noise accompanied by footsteps crunching in the snow. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:19
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_45_Rockefeller_Coffee_Shop_5.1.wavSitting in the coffee shop at the Rockefeller Center, conversations taking place all around. We hear the rattling of plates and cups, and the sound of food and drink being prepared. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:24
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_46_Rockefeller_Escalators_5.1.wavStanding by a set of escalators in the Rockefeller Center. The polished floors give rise to the sound of squeaky shoes as people walk by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000606:41
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_47_Rockefeller_Ice_Rink_5.1.wavStanding by the Rockefeller Ice Rink. Water running from a large fountain nearby dominates the soundscape. Nearby road noise spills on to the scene. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000606:20
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_48_Rockefeller_Lobby_5.1.wavInside the lobby of the Rockefeller Center, as people walk past, talking and laughing. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:38
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_49_Roosevelt_Tram_Station_5.1.wavWaiting at the Roosevelt Tram Station. Traffic noise mingles with the conversations of others waiting for the tram. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000602:46
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_50_Aboard_The_Tram_5.1.wavAboard a New York City tram. Muffled traffic noise from outside the tram is largely overpowered by the conversations of others onboard. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000604:17
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_51_St_Patricks_Cathedral_5.1.wavInside St Patrick’s Cathedral - a large and quiet space with very few people around, highlighting the Cathedral’s natural ambience. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:36
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_52_5th_Ave_Traffic_5.1.wavThe gentle natural ambience of birds, tweeting and flying, mingles with the noise of city traffic on 5th Avenue in New York. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000604:51
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_53_CP_Alice_In_Wonderland_5.1.wavPeople come to observe the Alice In Wonderland statue in Central Park. Gentle natural ambience of birds, and background road noise. Tourists stop to take photos. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000607:21
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_54_CP_Bethesda_Fountain_5.1.wavPeople come to observe the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Gentle natural ambience of birds, and footsteps crunching on the snow. Tourists stop to take photos. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:53
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_55_CP_Bow_Bridge_5.1.wavPedestrians walk across Bow Bridge in Central Park. Feet scuff across the bridge crossing. The sound of the city traffic is heard in the distance. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000606:25
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_56_CP_Cherry_Hill_5.1.wavPeople come to observe the Cherry Hill Fountain in Central Park. A gentle natural ambience of bird noise fills the scene, whilst the sound of tourists walking past completes the soundscape. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:53
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_57_CP_Ramble_Brook_5.1.wavStanding by a small stream in the Ramble woodland area of Central Park. Water rushes over the rocks as tourists walk by, and birds call out from the trees. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:18
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_58_CP_Strawberry_Fields_5.1.wavIn the Strawberry Fields in Central Park, birds call loudly to one another. The occasional horse trots by. City traffic is heard in the distance. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:41
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_59_CP_The_Mall_5.1.wavPedestrians walking down The Mall in Central Park. Children play as helicopters fly overhead, and birds sing in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:44
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_60_Geffen_Hall_Lobby_5.1.wavWaiting in the Geffen Hall lobby, observing the casual discussions of concert-goers. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000610:49
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_61_Hotel_Elevator_5.1.wavTaking the hotel lift. Doors open and close. A constant electrical hum fills the space. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000603:26
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_62_Inside_The_Guggenheim_5.1.wavMuseum-goers admire works of art in the bustling Guggenheim museum in Manhattan. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:15
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_63_Inside_The_Met_5.1.wavVisiting the Met Museum in New York. The busy crowds result in a gentle sea of conversation heard all around. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000611:41
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_64_The_Lincoln_Centre_Fountain_5.1.wavThe Lincoln Center fountain dominates the recording with the sound of rushing water. Traffic noise can be heard in the background. A small number of pedestrians walk by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:03
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_65_NHM_Milstein_Ocean_Hall_5.1.wavIn the Milstein Ocean Hall area of the Natural History Museum. Talking and laughter all around, as excited children explore the exhibit. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:38
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_66_NHM_Roosevelt_Hall_5.1.wavIn the Roosevelt Hall area of the Natural History Museum. The excited chatter of tourists fills the large, reflective space. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:30
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_67_Outside_Carnegie_Hall_5.1.wavOutside Carnegie Hall in Upper West Manhattan. The road outside is busy and filled with the sounds of idling engines, and impatient car horns. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:29
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_68_Outside_The_Guggenheim_5.1.wavOutside the Guggenheim Museum in Upper West Manhattan. Cars drive past quickly on the adjacent road. A helicopter passes overhead. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000604:07
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_69_Outside_The_Met_5.1.wavOutside the Met Museum in Upper West Manhattan. A calm exterior ambience of birds tweeting in a light breeze is interrupted by the impatient horns of nearby motorists. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:59
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_70_Met_Opera_House_Ticket_Hall_5.1.wavA quiet ticket hall in the Met Opera House. A staff member is vacuuming. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:35
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_71_Outside_The_NHM_5.1.wavOutside the Natural History Museum in Upper West Manhattan. Loud running motors accompanied by more general traffic sounds. The conversations of pedestrians blur into the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000611:28
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_72_Subway_Journey_5.1.wavAboard the New York City subway. Automated messages announce the trains stopping points. The train rattles loudly while moving, and screeches to a halt at each station. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:36
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_73_Taxi_Rank_At__The_Plaza_Hotel_5.1.wavWaiting at the taxi rank at The Plaza Hotel. Taxi’s drive smoothly across the wet road surface. Later, the sirens of emergency service vehicles cut through the air. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000611:02
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_74_Upper_West_Suburbia_5.1.wavOn the quiet streets of Upper West Suburbia. The occasional car cruises past and a sparse number of pedestrians wander by. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:43
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_75_Chelsea_Market_5.1.wavInside Chelsea Market in Manhattan. Shoppers wander by taking in all the market has to offer. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000604:06
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_76_Chelsea_Market_pt2_5.1.wavInside Chelsea Market in Manhattan. Shoppers wander by taking in all the market has to offer. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000612:59
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_77_Chelsea_Market_Water_Pump_5.1.wavStanding next to a water pump in Chelsea Market in Manhattan, whilst shoppers wander nearby. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:46
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_78_Empire_State_Building_5.1.wavInside the Empire State Building, surrounded by tourists. A large fan runs in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000611:56
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_79_Flatiron_District_5.1.wavOn the streets of the Flat Iron District in Manhattan. The sounds of New York City traffic reign supreme. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:20
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_80_The_Highline_10th_Ave_5.1.wavConstruction work on 10th Avenue. Builders work, drilling and hammering loudly. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000612:11
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_81_the_Highline_Interim_Walkway_5.1.wavThe Walkway of the Manhattan High Line on a windy day. Light traffic noise from below. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:28
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_82_The_Highline_Falcone_Flyover_5.1.wavOn the Falcone Flyover, with construction works taking place. Metallic hits and rattles are heard throughout. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:55
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_83_Inside_Macy's_5.1.wavInside Macy’s department store. Busy crowds of shoppers wander nearby. Indistinguishable music is heard in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:00
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_84_Madison_Square_Garden_5.1.wavAt the entrance to Madison Square Garden in Midtown Manhattan. Distant voices reverberate in the reflective space. Light street noise can be heard from outside. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:04
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_85_NY_Library_Astor_Hall_5.1.wavThe entrance hall of the New York Public Library. Voices echo in the large, reflective space. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000608:52
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_86_NY_Library_Reading_Room_5.1.wavIn the reading room of the New York Public Library. Wooden chairs scrape across the floor, the sound reflecting off the large stone walls. The electronic beep of scanning books is heard in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000606:15
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_87_Outside_Macys_5.1.wavOutside Macy’s on the streets of Manhattan. A man is shouting as pedestrians walk past. Road noise and car horns are heard in the background. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000607:27
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_88_Outside_NY_Library_5.1.wavPedestrians walk by the New York Public Library in Manhattan, talking and laughing. Traffic noise spills from the adjacent road. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:42
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_89_Outside_The_Empire_State_Building_5.1.wavThe busy street which hosts the Empire State Building teems with both vehicles and pedestrians. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000609:02
SCL_NewYork_Ambience_90_Penn_Street_Station_5.1.wavStanding by the entrance to Penn Street Station, where a busy stream of commuters hustle by. Traffic noise from the adjacent street spills onto the scene. The sound of someone sweeping is nearby. http://www.soundtrack-creation.com2496000611:05

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