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Rainfall recorded from an interior perspective.

This library contains various types and intensities of rain, from soft dripping to downpour, and the files are long enough to cover the rain bursts from start to end.

Some of the sounds are recorded with closed windows for a realistic indoor perspective.

In other takes, a window is left ajar to enhance the sound of the rain outside and four files give you an exterior perspective from a porch.

Locations covered: two greenhouses, two cars, a privy, a shed, a boathouse, a variety of rooms and roof materials.

Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 26
Size 3.33 GB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes
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Gear Used: Neumann km185 pair, Röde NT4, Sound Devices 744t, Sony PCM D-100
Rain EXT_Porch barrel, Light rain increase.wavRain Ext, Porch Barrel, Metal Roof, Light Rain Increase To Downpour, Distant Traffic2496000203:19.521
Rain EXT_Porch, Downpour, Intense bursts.wavRain Ext, Porch, Metal Roof, Downpour, Intense Rain Bursts, Spatter In Barrels, Deciduous Trees, Rain Decrease 02.30-03.30, Starts Pouring Again 05.002496000205:28.730
Rain EXT_Porch, Heavy rain.wavRain Ext, Porch, Felt Roof, Heavy Rain, Deciduous Trees, Short Bursts 04.00, Distant Traffic, Moderate Wind, Birdsong2496000204:35.506
Rain EXT_Porch, Soft rain.wavRain Ext, Porch, Plastic Roof, Soft and dense rain, Dripping Deciduous Trees, Puddles2496000203:45.597
Rain INT_Boathouse, doors closed, Moderate rain.wavRain Int, Boathouse, Doors Closed, Felt Roof 40M2, Moderate Rain, Dripping On Porch, Thunder Rolls2496000203:42.061
Rain INT_Boathouse, doors open, Moderate rain, Thunder.wavRain Int, Boathouse, Door Ajar, Felt Roof 40M2, Moderate Rain, Dripping On Porch, Thunder2496000204:05.003
Rain INT_Car C4, Backseat, Moderate rain.wavRain Int, Citroen C4 2007, Trunk Window, Moderate Rain2496000204:03.733
Rain INT_Car C4, Front Seat, Downpour.wavRain int, Citroen C4 2007, Front Seat, Downpour, Intensity Decrease Towards End2496000204:35.556
Rain INT_Car C4, Front seat, Light rain.wavRain int, Citroen C4 2007, Front Seat, Light Rain, Under Tree, Intensity Rise 4.00-4.15, Decrease 5.00-5.30, Big Drops on Car Roof2496000205:42.453
Rain INT_Car C4, Front seat, Moderate rain.wavRain Int, Car, Citroen C4 2007, Moderate Rain, Front Window2496000203:17.199
Rain INT_Car VW Golf, Backseat, Bursts.wavRain Int, Volswagen Golf Variant 2012, Backseat, Varying Intensity, Short Bursts Of Rainfall2496000204:01.448
Rain INT_Car VW Golf, Front seat, Moderate rain.wavRain Int, Car, Volswagen Golf Variant 2012, Front seat, Moderate Rain, Varying intensity2496000203:16.070
Rain INT_Cottage bedroom, window ajar, Rain increase.wavRain Int, Cottage Bedroom, Window Ajar, Increase Slowly To Downpour, Tin Roof, Waterspout, Close To Window Opening2496000204:00.225
Rain INT_Cottage bedroom, window closed, Downpour to moderate rain.wavRain Int, Cottage Bedroom, Windows Closed, Downpour increase to Moderate Rain2496000203:15.761
Rain INT_Cottage bedroom, window half closed, Steady soft rain.wavRain Int, Cottage Bedroom, One Of Two Window Layers Open, Steady Soft Drops On Windowsill, Puddles Outside2496000202:50.104
Rain INT_Cottage hallway, window ajar, Steady rain.wavRain Int, Cottage Hallway, Window Ajar, Steady Rain, Deciduous Trees Outside, Dripping In Barrels, Tin Roof, Some Distant Traffic2496000203:22.780
Rain INT_Cottage hallway, window closed, Steady rain.wavRain Int, Cottage Hallway, Window Closed, Steady Rain, Dripping In Barrels, Tin Roof2496000203:27.734
Rain INT_Cottage kitchen, window closed, Steady rain.wavRain Int, Cottage Kitchen, Windows Closed, Steady Rain Outside, Flies Buzzing Against Windows, Puddles, Tin Roof2496000203:22.784
Rain INT_Cottage porch, Heavy rain.wavRain Int, Cottage Porch, Door Closed, Heavy Rain, Dripping On Metal Roof And Wooden Terrace, Varying intesity2496000203:11.679
Rain INT_Cottage porch, Light rain.wavRain Int, Cottage Porch, Door Ajar, Light Rain, Metal Roof, Dripping In Barrels2496000203:08.491
Rain INT_Glass greenhouse 5m2.wavRain Int, Glass Greenhouse 5M2, Doors Closed, Soft Dense Rainfall, Dripping On Roof, Windy Deciduous Trees In Background2496000203:06.163
Rain INT_Glass greenhouse 10m2.wavRain Int, Glass Greenhouse 10M2, Doors Closed, Moderate Rain, Small Bursts, Light Dripping On Glass, Rain Fading Out 03.002496000204:00.921
Rain INT_Privy, Felt roof.wavRain Int, Privy With Felt Roof, Door Closed, Moderate Rain, Bursts, Drops Spatter2496000203:06.858
Rain INT_Room 30m2, Window ajar, Moderate rain.wavRain Int, Room 30M2, Window Ajar, Moderate Rain, Modern Shed2496000202:16.540
Rain INT_Room 30m2, Window closed, Moderate rain.wavRain Int, Room 30M2, Window Closed, Moderate Rain, Isolated Modern Shed2496000202:50.157
Rain INT_Shed, Metal roof, Heavy rain increase.wavRain Int, Shed, Metal Roof, Heavy Rainfall Increasing Intensity2496000203:57.333

Most of the files are also easily loopable.

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Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 26
Size 3.33 GB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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