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Industrial Disquiet by Kpow Sounds

Ambient Audio recorded in Industrial Locations

All tracks recorded and edited at 24bit, 96kHz

Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 58
Size 7.3 GB
Duration 17:57:00
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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01 INDUSTRIAL DAY Loud hum Birds Forklift Horn and Drive bys.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Loud Hum, Air Releases, Occasional Birds, Distant Horns, Distant Engine, Regular Forklift Drivebys with Horn2496000204:09:00
01 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Crickets - Reversing Beeps - Air Releases.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Industrial Estate, Crickets, Reversing Beeps, Air Releases, Mechanical Movement Sounds, Car Passes2496000204:22:00
02 INDUSTRIAL DAY Loud Hum Subtle Buzz and Movement.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Loud Hum, Subtle Buzzy Phasey Movement2496000202:08:00
02 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Bass Hum - Close Air Releases - Constant Wash.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Bass Hum Close Air Releases, Constant Wash, Distant Mechanical Movement Sounds2496000204:18:00
03 INDUSTRIAL DAY Close Buzz - Electrical Box - Birds in Background - Occasional Car Pass.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Buzz Closeup, Electrical Box, Birds in Background, Occasional Car Pass2496000202:33:00
03 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Light Wash - Subdued Tone.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Subdued Tone, Industry Wash, Plane Pass, Car Passes, Regular Air Releases2496000204:09:00
04 INDUSTRIAL DAY Wind - Distant Crickets Construction Traffic Wash.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Wind, Distant Traffic Wash, Distant Crickets, Distant Construction Sounds, Some Wind Buffets2496000204:24:00
04 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Sewage Treamtent Plant Grounds - Recurring Metal Tone Squeal - Cricket - Fan Noise.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Recurring Metal Tone Squeal, Sewage Treamtent Plant Exterior, Cricket, Extraction Fan Noise2496000203:40:00
05 INDUSTRIAL DAY Wasteland plastic rustles and wind Distant Traffic.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Industrial Wasteland, Day, Crickets, Plastic Bag with Glass bottle in it on Fence Post, Swinging and Rustling in Wind, Far Distant Industry in Background2496000202:02:00
05 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Sewage Treamtent Plant Grounds - Recurring Metal Tone Squeal - Cricket - Hum.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Recurring Metal Tone Squeal, Sewage Treatment Plant Exterior, Occasional Crickets, Hum2496000203:42:00
06 INDUSTRIAL DAY Wasteland Wind - Plastic Bag Rustles on Fence - Distant Factories.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Industrial Wasteland, Day, Plastic Bag with Glass bottle in it on Fence Post, Swinging and rustling in Wind, Far Distant Industry in Background2496000202:59:00
06 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Quiet - Low Hum - Crickets - Far Distant Subtle Traffic Wash.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Quiet, Distant Fans, Crickets, Far Distant Subtle Traffic Wash2496000203:52:00
07 INDUSTRIAL DAY Factory Ext - Distant Reverse Beeps - Occasional Car Pass.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Industrial Estate, Isolated, Far Distant Reversing Beeps, Distant Factory Sounds, Car Passbys, Distant Traffic Wash, Occasional Distant Insects, Occasional Wind Leaves Rustling2496000203:01:00
07 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Warehouse - Crickets - Occasional Yell and Sliding Produce.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Warehouse, Close Crickets, Occasional Distant Voices Yell, Quiet Area2496000202:45:00
08 INDUSTRIAL DAY Factory Ext - Wind Buffets.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Industrial Estate, Isolated Windy, Far Distant Reversing Beeps, Distant Factory Bangs, Car Pass, Leaves Rustling, Bass Overloads from Wind, Distant Traffic Wash2496000202:09:00
08 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Varying Hums - Sporadic Buzzes - Distant Highway Wash.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Distant Varying Hums, Sporadic Buzzes, Quiet Open Sound in Distance, Far Distant Low Traffic Wash2496000205:01:00
09 INDUSTRIAL DAY - Factory Whines and Bumps - Distant Traffic - Occasional Voices.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Light Hum, Soft Constant Shifting Squeal, Constant Distant Traffic, Reverberant Bangs, Factory Sounds, Some Close Car Passes2496000204:25:00
09 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Heavy Sound - Distant Traffic Wash - Occasional Crickets.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Industrial Estate, Distant Traffic Wash, Occasional Crickets, Distant Truck Approach2496000204:34:00
10 INDUSTRIAL DAY Factory Ext - Buzzy Whine - Constant Distant Light Air Release.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS High Buzzy Whine, Constant Distant Light Air Release, Utility Vehicle Pass, Some Distant Voices Reverberant, Subtle Plane Passby, Machinery On and Off Changes2496000203:55:00
10 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Light Buzz - Constant Electrical Flutter - Distant Traffic Wash - Open sound.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Light Buzz, Constant Electrical Flutter, Far Distant Quiet Traffic, Open Sound2496000204:23:00
11 INDUSTRIAL DAY Airy Exhaust Fans - Distant Reverse Beeps - Occasional Voice.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Airy Exhaust Fans, Distant Reverse Beeps, Occasional Voice, Truck Engine, Distant Beeps, Open Feel2496000204:46:00
11 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Open Quiet - Distant High Frequency Shimmer.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Open, Quiet, Distant High Frequency Shimmer, Distant Harley on a Bridge, Truck Passby2496000204:59:00
12 INDUSTRIAL DAY Warehouse Exterior - Hum - Exhaust Fans - Birds - Movement and Bangs.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Warehouse Exterior, Hum, Exhaust Fans, Birds, Reversing Beeps, Movement and Bangs, Occasional Subtle Car Pass2496000204:06:00
12 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Fuel Pipes - Tanks - Constant Distant Dripping or Tapping - Some Hum.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Fuel Pipes Tanks, Constant Distant Dripping or Tapping, Some Hum, Distant Traffic and Trains, Far Distant Traffic Wash, Distant Metal Squeaks2496000204:34:00
13 INDUSTRIAL DAY Reverberant - Buzzy Hum - Some tones and Squeals - Occasion Reversing Beeps.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Reverberant, Buzzy Hum, Suffocating Warm Feel, Occasional Reversing Beeps, Some Tones and Squeals, Occasional Voice, Occasional Distant Traffic Audible in Background, Occasional Bird Audible, Plane fly over near end2496000204:38:00
13 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Fuel Pipes Tanks - Constant Close Dripping or Tapping - Chainmetal fence rattle.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Fuel Pipes, Tanks, Constant Close Dripping or Tapping, Some Hum, Distant Traffic and Trains, Chainmetal Fence Rattle from Wind2496000204:47:00
14 INDUSTRIAL DAY Open Warehouse - Hum - Fan Wash - Occasional Distant Vehicles.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Outside Open Warehouse, Hum, Fan Wash, Occasional Distant Vehicles, Occasional Distant Voices, Occasional Distant Reversing Beeps, Distant Phone Ring, More Voices at End2496000204:10:00
14 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Loud - By Docks - Ship Refuleing in Distance.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Near Docks, Ship Refuleing in Distance, Loud Area2496000204:04:00
15 INDUSTRY DAY Hum and Buzz - Close Birds - Some car passes - Occasional Voices Footsteps.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Hum and Buzz, Close Birds, Day, Some Car Passes, Occasional Voices and Footsteps, Distant Traffic, Background Construction Sounds2496000204:22:00
15 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Hum - Crickets - Occasional Truck Sounds - Distant Refuleing Ship.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Hum, Crickets, Occasional Truck Sounds and Slow Drivebys, Distant Ship Refueling, Far Distant Traffic Wash2496000204:47:00
16 INDUSTRY DAY - Buzz - Reverberant Birds - Two car passes - Distant construction bangs.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Buzz, Birds in Enclosed Space, Two Car Passes, Distant Construction Bangs, Far Distant Traffic Wash2496000203:23:00
16 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Fans Whine Buzz - Interior Clanking.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Exhaust Fans, Whine, Buzz, Interior Clanking, Overhead Acrid Steam Billows From Chimney2496000204:05:00
17 INDUSTRY DAY - Constant Hum - Regular Air Releases - Birds - Occasional Car Pass - Buzz Midway Through.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Regular Air Releases, Engine Hum, Close Leaves on Road, Birds, Occasional Car Pass, Buzz Midway Through2496000204:13:00
17 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Quiet - Electrical Buzz - Open Sound.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Electrical Buzz, Some Gentle Car Passes, Open Sound2496000204:45:00
18 INDUSTRY DAY - Low Hum - Distant Beeps - Buzz - Light Machinery Movement.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Light Distant Reverse Beeps, High-Pitched Squeal, Beeps, Occasional Bird, Light Machinery Movement2496000204:16:00
18 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Open Sound - Soft Air Expulsions - Distant Whine - Hums - Crickets.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Open Sound, Continuous Soft Air Expulsions, Distant Turbine Whine, Hums, Crickets2496000204:11:00
19 INDUSTRY DAY - Truck Refueling Depot - Quiet to Loud Refueling Roar.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Truck Refueling Depot, Quiet to Loud Refueling Roar, a Truck Passes, Some Close Foley Clicks Towards End2496000204:38:00
19 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Quiet Open - Cricket - Distant Warning Siren.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Outside Courier Company Sorting Warehouse, Quiet, Gentle Movement, Cricket, Occasional Distant Warning Siren, Occasional Far Distant Voices, Birds Disturbed by Air Release, Open Feeling2496000204:00:00
20 INDUSTRY DAY - From Exterior Internal Mechanical Stamping - Hell's Industrial Machine.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Distant Interior Mechanical Stamping, Hell's Industrial Machine Beast2496000203:00:00
20 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Exhaust Fans - Constant Wash - High Pitched Tone.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Close Exhaust Fans, Constant Wash, Some High Pitched Tone, a few Truck Passes2496000204:20:00
21 INDUSTRY DAY - High Swirly Hum, Distant Engine, Birds.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS High Swirly Hum, Distant Engine, Birds, Some Movement Midway, Distant Vehicles, Some Wind Buffets Near End2496000204:04:00
21 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Side of Factory - Distant Traffic Wash - Distant Squeals -pigs or metal squeal very unsettling-.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Side of Factory, Distant very Faint Squeals (pigs or metal squeal, very unsettling) Distant Exhaust Fans, Distant Highway Wash2496000204:14:00
22 INDUSTRY DAY - Light Wind - Constant Birds - Distant Gentle Bangs from Workshop - Soft Hum.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Constant Birds, Light Wind, Distant Bangs from Workshop, Soft Hum2496000204:00:00
22 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Cement Factory - Distant Exhaust Fan - Occasional fork-lift Reverse Beeps - PA Announcements.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Cement Factory, Occasional Fork-Lift Reverse Beeps, Door Close, Distant Exhaust Fan, Some Truck and Car Passes, Occasional PA Announcement2496000205:07:00
23 INDUSTRY DAY - Quiet, Occasional Dog Barks with Nice Echo - Birds - Wind - Distant Traffic Wash.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Industrial Estate, Occasional Dog Barks with Nice Echo, Birds, Quiet Hum, Quiet Distant Traffic Wash, Wind in Nearby Trees2496000202:57:00
23 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Soft Hum - Distant Traffic Wash - Musical Tones.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Diesel Pipes and Tanks, Constant Rhythmic Metal Hits through Pipes, Musical Tones, Distant Traffic, Far Distant helicopter Wash Drifts in and out of Audibility, Tonal, Two Truck Passes2496000204:22:00
24 INDUSTRY DAY - Distant Hum and Buzz - Close Plastic Flags - Distant Traffic Wash.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Industrial Estate, Distant Hum and Buzz, Close Plastic Flags, Distant Individual Vehicles, Occasional Leaf Blown Past on Ground, Wind in Trees, Quiet Birds2496000204:27:00
24 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Leather Tanning Factory - Distant Traffic Wash - Distant Metal Squeal and Moan - Spooky.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Leather Tanning Factory, Distant Traffic Wash, Distant Metal Squeal and Moan, Occasional Mid-Distance Traffic, Distant Crickets and Elecrical Buzz, Spooky Scary Subtle Horror Tones2496000204:38:00
25 INDUSTRY DAY - Distant Refrigeration Storage Hum and Buzz - Distant Traffic, Occasional Air Releases.wavINDUSTRY DAY EXTERIORS Buzz, Multiple Car Passes, Treed Area, Distant Birds, Some Air Releases, Across Road from Refrigerated Customs Warehouse in Small Carpark2496000204:50:00
25 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Near Cool Stores - Hum - Hiss - Distant Traffic Wash - Open Area.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Industrial Estate, Across From Refrigeration Unit, Whine, Hum, Hiss in Air, Far Distant Traffic Wash, Open Area, One Truck and One Car Pass Close2496000206:12:00
26 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Distant Traffic Wash from Large Bridge - Whine - Gentle Crickets.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Distant Traffic Wash from Large Bridge Overpass in Distance, Occasional Close Trucks Pass By, Distant Whine, Occasional Gentle Crickets,2496000204:07:00
27 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Machinery in Far Distance - Track Work - Gentle Distant Traffic Wash.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Distant Trackwork, Machinery in Far Distance, Grading, Scraping, some Distant Traffic2496000205:14:00
28 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Large Field - Far Distant Traffic Wash and Industry - Insects and Crickets.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Middle of Large Field in Industrial Area, Far Distant Traffic Wash, Insects and Crickets, Occasional Wind Gust2496000204:08:00
29 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Loud Refrigeration Unit - Distant Highway Wash - Buzz - Gas Refill Sounds.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Industrial Estate, Across Road from Loud Refrigeration Unit, Distant Highway Wash, Subtle Electrical Buzz, Some Gas Refill Sounds2496000204:17:00
30 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Fuel Loading Hum - High Freq Buzz - Trucks - Metal Clinks.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Fuel Loading Hum, Hi Freq Buzz, Fuel Loading Trucks, Occasional Metal Clinks, Subtle Plane By in Middle2496000204:20:00
31 INDUSTRY NIGHT - Harsh Sounding - Reversing Beeps - Hum.wavINDUSTRY NIGHT EXTERIORS Harsh Edge to Environment, Reversing Beeps, Hum, Circket Occasionally Audible, Occasional Factory Sounds, Truck Idling in Background Throughout, Drives Off at End2496000205:07:00
INDUSTRY DAY - Dog Barks Close bonus track.wavINDUSTRY DAY - Industrial Estate, Dog Barks, Close Perspective, Aggressive2496000202:13:00
INDUSTRY DAY - Dog Barks Distant bonus track.wavINDUSTRY DAY - Industrial Estate, Dog Barks, Mid to Distant Perspective, Aggressive2496000201:05:00

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Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 58
Size 7.3 GB
Duration 17:57:00
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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