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Located on the beautiful Vancouver Island, Black Stone Press houses the German made Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press built somewhere around 1940.

The machine’s old working mechanism gives it a very unique sonic characteristic.

We have tried to capture this machine from various perspectives thereby being able to present its various characteristic sounds like the hydraulics, grinding and rhythmic clanks.

Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 14
Size 91.4 MB
Type Source
Format Mono & Stereo
Metadata No

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Gear Used: Recorder used: Sound Devices 722 Mics used: Neumann KMR 81i/ Rode NTG3
Printing Press,Fast,Arm,Hydraulics,Close Perspective.wav2448000100:24.467WAVE
Printing Press,Fast,Arm,Hydraulics,Medium Perspective.wav2448000100:48.890WAVE
Printing Press,Fast,Front Perspective,Rhythmic.wav2448000101:18.739WAVE
Printing Press,Fast,Grinding,Hydraulics,Whirring.wav2448000100:43.000WAVE
Printing Press,Fast,Grinding,Hydraulics.wav2448000100:25.063WAVE
Printing Press,Fast,Start.wav2448000100:05.439WAVE
Printing Press,Fast,Stereo.wav2448000201:13.983WAVE
Printing Press,Hydraulics,Stop.wav2448000100:32.877WAVE
Printing Press,Rhythmic,Front Perspective.wav2448000100:13.101WAVE
Printing Press,Slow, Hydraulics, Suction.wav2448000100:57.311WAVE
Printing Press,Slow, Machine, Start.wav2448000100:12.184WAVE
Printing Press,Slow,Arm Grinding,Muffled Hydraulics.wav2448000100:53.961WAVE
Printing Press,Slow,Hydraulics,Release.wav2448000100:45.076WAVE
Printing Press,Stop.wav2448000100:23.614WAVE

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Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 14
Size 91.4 MB
Type Source
Format Mono & Stereo
Metadata No

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