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DRONE is a new soundscape pack allowing you to create emotional tension easily.

The library is made up of 36 high quality loops. Which you can drag and drop into your project.

By looping the audio you have complete control over the length and fade times.

The sounds range from warm drones that fill the sonic spectrum to ominous thin drones which pierce the soundscape.

Sample rate 44.1
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 36
Size 130 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata No

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Gear Used: Ableton Live Max 7 Arturia Prophet 5 Various Plugins
01 Drone.wav2444100200:12
02 Drone.wav2444100200:06
03 Drone.wav2444100200:06
04 Drone.wav2444100200:12
05 Drone.wav2444100200:12
06 Drone.wav2444100200:14
07 Drone.wav2444100200:16
08 Drone.wav2444100200:12
09 Drone.wav2444100200:12
10 Drone.wav2444100200:05
11 Drone.wav2444100200:08
12 Drone.wav2444100200:16
13 Drone.wav2444100200:16
14 Drone.wav2444100200:09
15 Drone.wav2444100200:16
16 Drone.wav2444100200:14
17 Drone.wav2444100200:14
18 Drone.wav2444100200:16
19 Drone.wav2444100200:14
20 Drone.wav2444100200:14
21 Drone.wav2444100200:14
22 Drone.wav2444100200:14
23 Drone.wav2444100200:14
24 Drone.wav2444100200:16
25 Drone.wav2444100200:16
26 Drone.wav2444100200:16
27 Drone.wav2444100200:16
28 Drone.wav2444100200:16
29 Drone.wav2444100200:16
30 Drone.wav2444100200:16
31 Drone.wav2444100200:16
32 Drone.wav2444100200:16
33 Drone.wav2444100200:16
34 Drone.wav2444100200:16
35 Drone.wav2444100200:16
36 Drone.wav2444100200:16

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Sample rate 44.1
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 36
Size 130 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata No

Licensing information

This library comes with a royalty-free single user license. No attribution is required. Once purchased you can use this library on an unlimited number of projects.

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