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Various squeeks, scratches and creaks doors produce.

Mostly old wooden ones. If it opens, it’s here.

In the last update I’ve added a few extra sounds, plus a recording of an old elevator door (Big Mechanical Door.wav) with its mechanisms sliding, skirring and clatter.

Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 181
Size 117 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes
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Gear Used: Zoom H2n
Big Mechanical Door 1.wav2496000200:04.675
Big Mechanical Door 2.wav2496000200:04.666
Big Metal Door Hinges 1.wav2496000200:03.414
Big Metal Door Hinges 2.wav2496000200:01.542
Big Metal Door Hinges 3.wav2496000200:03.563
Big Metal Door Hinges 4.wav2496000200:00.931
crackle 1.wav2496000200:00.435
crackle 2.wav2496000200:00.196
Creak 1.wav2496000200:02.120
Creak 2.wav2496000200:00.974
Creak 3.wav2496000200:01.021
Creak 4.wav2496000200:01.364
Creak 5.wav2496000200:00.248
Creak 6.wav2496000200:00.155
Creak 7.wav2496000200:00.248
Creak 8.wav2496000200:00.719
Creak 9.wav2496000200:00.930
Creak 10.wav2496000200:00.391
Creak 11.wav2496000200:00.603
Creak 12.wav2496000200:00.967
Creak 13.wav2496000200:04.096
Creak 14.wav2496000200:07.769
Creak 15.wav2496000200:04.206
Creak 16.wav2496000200:03.225
Creak 17.wav2496000200:00.519
Creak 18.wav2496000200:02.577
Creak 19.wav2496000200:00.630
Creak 20.wav2496000200:01.685
Door Closed 1.wav2496000200:00.393
Door Closed 2 (auto).wav2496000200:00.289
Door Closed 3 (auto).wav2496000200:00.240
Door Closed 4 (auto).wav2496000200:00.279
Door Closed 5 (auto).wav2496000200:00.195
Door Handle 1.wav2496000200:00.708
Door Handle 2.wav2496000200:00.595
Door Handle 3.wav2496000200:00.771
Door Handle 4.wav2496000200:00.784
Door Handle 5.wav2496000200:00.808
Door Handle 6.wav2496000200:01.584
Door Handle 7.wav2496000200:00.743
Door Handle 8.wav2496000200:00.744
Door Handle 9.wav2496000200:00.559
Door Handle 10.wav2496000200:00.668
Door Handle 11.wav2496000200:00.566
Door Handle 12.wav2496000200:00.709
Door Handle 13.wav2496000200:00.417
Door Handle 14.wav2496000200:00.972
Door Handle 15.wav2496000200:00.830
Door Handle 16.wav2496000200:00.609
Door Handle 17.wav2496000200:01.004
Door Handle 18.wav2496000200:00.870
Door Handle 19.wav2496000200:00.707
Door Handle 20.wav2496000200:00.832
Door Handle 21.wav2496000200:00.989
Door Handle 22.wav2496000200:00.986
Door Handle 23.wav2496000200:00.671
Door Handle 24.wav2496000200:00.998
Door Handle 25.wav2496000200:00.767
Door Handle 26.wav2496000200:00.511
Door Handle 27.wav2496000200:00.600
Door Handle 28.wav2496000200:00.517
Door Handle 29.wav2496000200:01.068
Door Handle 30.wav2496000200:00.582
Door Handle 31.wav2496000200:01.004
Door Handle 32.wav2496000200:00.702
Door Handle 33 click.wav2496000200:00.399
Door Handle 34 click.wav2496000200:00.239
Door Handle 35 (auto).wav2496000200:00.489
Door Handle 36 (auto).wav2496000200:00.726
Door Handle 37.wav2496000200:00.539
Door Lock 1.wav2496000200:00.320
Door Lock 2.wav2496000200:00.305
Door Lock 3.wav2496000200:00.289
Door Locked 1.wav2496000200:00.625
Door Locked 2.wav2496000200:00.347
Door Slam 1.wav2496000200:00.354
Door Slam 2.wav2496000200:00.560
Door Slam 3.wav2496000200:00.480
Door Slam 4.wav2496000200:00.524
Door Slam 5.wav2496000200:01.306
Door Slam 6.wav2496000200:01.778
Door Slam 7 empty metal box.wav2496000200:00.722
Door Slam 8.wav2496000200:01.959
Door Slam 9.wav2496000200:00.409
Door Slam 10.wav2496000200:00.501
Drawer 1.wav2496000200:01.259
Drawer 2.wav2496000200:01.062
Drawer 3.wav2496000200:01.138
Drawer 4.wav2496000200:01.265
Drawer 5.wav2496000200:01.001
Drawer 6.wav2496000200:00.955
Drawer 7.wav2496000200:01.003
Drawer 8.wav2496000200:01.192
Drawer 9.wav2496000200:01.255
Drawer 10.wav2496000200:01.255
Drawer 11.wav2496000200:01.137
Drawer 12.wav2496000200:01.375
Drawer 13.wav2496000200:01.497
Drawer 14.wav2496000200:01.404
Drawer 15.wav2496000200:01.373
Drawer 16.wav2496000200:01.438
Drawer 17.wav2496000200:01.348
Drawer 18.wav2496000200:01.502
Drawer 19.wav2496000200:01.346
Drawer 20.wav2496000200:01.485
Hinges Tension 1.wav2496000200:03.319
Hinges Tension 2.wav2496000200:05.753
Hinges Tension 3.wav2496000200:05.770
Hinges Tension 4.wav2496000200:03.065
Hinges Tension 5.wav2496000200:02.019
key into a lock.wav2496000200:00.289
keys 1.wav2496000200:00.645
keys 2.wav2496000200:00.487
keys and a lock 1.wav2496000200:04.406
keys and a lock 2.wav2496000200:04.491
latch 1.wav2496000200:00.307
latch 2.wav2496000200:00.269
latch 3 Big.wav2496000200:01.301
latch 4.wav2496000200:00.623
latch 5.wav2496000200:00.631
Latches tight.wav2496000200:03.179
Lock 1.wav2496000200:00.420
Lock 2.wav2496000200:00.721
Lock 3.wav2496000200:00.701
Lock 4.wav2496000200:00.858
Lock 5.wav2496000200:00.669
Lock 6.wav2496000200:00.420
Lock 7.wav2496000200:00.400
Lock 8.wav2496000200:00.471
Lock 9.wav2496000200:00.382
Lock 10.wav2496000200:00.188
Lock 11.wav2496000200:00.238
Lock 12.wav2496000200:00.453
Lock 13.wav2496000200:00.198
Lock 15.wav2496000200:00.258
Lock 16.wav2496000200:00.685
Lock 17.wav2496000200:00.477
Lock 18.wav2496000200:00.336
Lock 19.wav2496000200:00.449
Lock 20.wav2496000200:00.378
Lock 21.wav2496000200:00.970
Lock 22.wav2496000200:00.516
Lock 23.wav2496000200:00.630
Lock 24.wav2496000200:00.184
Lock 25.wav2496000200:00.609
Lock 26.wav2496000200:00.681
Lock 27.wav2496000200:00.742
Lock Rattle 1.wav2496000200:00.590
Lock Rattle 2.wav2496000200:00.680
Lock Rattle 3.wav2496000200:09.782
Old Desk Door 1.wav2496000200:01.501
Old Desk Door 2.wav2496000200:00.492
Oven Door 1.wav2496000200:00.598
Oven Door 2.wav2496000200:00.740
Oven Door 3.wav2496000200:00.654
Oven Door 4.wav2496000200:00.679
Rasp 1.wav2496000200:01.454
screak 1.wav2496000200:01.369
screak 2.wav2496000200:00.830
screak 3.wav2496000200:01.526
screak 4.wav2496000200:01.182
screak 5 and thump.wav2496000200:01.089
screak 6.wav2496000200:00.642
screak 7.wav2496000200:00.848
screak 8.wav2496000200:01.326
Spring 1.wav2496000200:02.456
Spring 2.wav2496000200:01.702
Spring 3.wav2496000200:01.508
Spring 4.wav2496000200:01.681
Spring 5.wav2496000200:01.701
Squeek 1.wav2496000200:00.239
Squeek 2.wav2496000200:00.348
Squeek 3.wav2496000200:00.221
Squeek 4.wav2496000200:00.990
Squeek 5.wav2496000200:00.687
Squeek 6.wav2496000200:00.724
Squeek 7.wav2496000200:00.767
Squeek 8.wav2496000200:00.444
Squeek Grind Slam.wav2496000200:02.727
Squeek Spring Thud.wav2496000200:02.229

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Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 181
Size 117 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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